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BYS Matte Maven Glamourbox – Unbox With Me

Happy Blogmas Day 12! I will be doing a unboxing for you today on another Glamourbox in collaboration with yet again BYS but this time it has a certain theme unlike last time which was a mix of their products. I was so excited to be getting this one because I loved the last one so I thought it would be worth it to get another and see what’s inside. I am considering this as an early Christmas present for myself and I did an unboxing video and you can genuinely see me so excited to open these things up. So you can go ahead and watch the video on my Youtube channel or read on to see close up pictures and a few of my thoughts and first impression of everything that was inside this box.

To start off with when you get the box there is a product that wouldn’t fit into it so it was tied around the actual box with a bow and wrapped in tissue paper. I ended up opening that up first and I started off there. You can see me open it in the video but here I couldn’t wrap it up again so I just put it back by tying it back on. I will get more on with the product later but you got a sneak peek now.

The initial unboxing of it all. The box is the same one from last time so you’ve seen it in the last one I did. It has the same packaging and tissue paper and the overall colors are the same. I tried to reenact the pictures to make it look the same but I had already opened it on camera so the pictures aren’t really that nicely displayed like how it was originally packaged. It was all wrapped up nicely and nothing is broken inside or anything got damaged which is always great.

The cards for this box. It describes the theme this month which if you didn’t know already by the title it is a matte box. It is called Matte Maven and all the products inside are relating to anything matte. I was intrigued by that when I found out the theme because I don’t own so many mate things and it would be nice to try and have a few more products. I know it is such a big trend so I wanted to jump i and try some myself. I have a lot of matte lipsticks but nothing else seems to be matte besides a few eyeshadow shades I have in eyeshadow palettes I own. So the card has what’s it about and a welcome then on the back all the products it has inside. I seriously freaked out that I ruined the card and stained it and it will look so bad on pictures but it actually is printed on so that gave me a good laugh.

Ta-da! Here is inside the box all opened up. It was packed all well as I said and all fit into the box nicely with the tissue paper. It is nice and packaged and all of it comes safe and secure. So let’s just dive in and see in detail what is inside. Just from this preview and the first glimpse I got I was so excited for all the fun items it had in it but everything I get to try out this time. It is different from the last box and you can see has different items or same item in a different color variation which is great so let me just show you the rest.

BYS Nail Enamel in Matte Pink // Price: 199php // Size: 14ml

You will love this quick-drying nail polish with a matte finish. Long lasting color which glides on velvety smooth but dries to a super flat finish giving you that chic look. A must have in your beauty bag!

First off is a nail polish. When I got this I was so excited and in the video because it is a hot pink nail color. I have to give big props to Glamourbox for always getting me the perfect nail polish shade. I feel like they just know anything pink makes me so happy. It is a matte version and I don’t have many of those types of polishes and I do have a top coat kind of one but not many that are literally matte when you apply it so I’m looking forward to using this. I know I am going to have these on my nails non-stop in the spring and summer. So I’m really liking that and what a great selection.

BYS Eyeshadow 8 Palette Neutrals // Price: 449php // Size: 8g

Contains 8 perfectly curated, easy to wear neutral shades to take your look from day to night. The silky smooth formula offers a true, rich color payoff every time.

Another eye palette to play with. I am obsessed with them and now I have a matte version of an eyeshadow palette now. I have a variety of neutral palettes now with full of different kinds of shades and finishes now. I actually don’t own one that has all matte ones so I feel like this was perfect for me. There is 8 to choose from in the palette and range from so many nice colors. This would have been great for my makeup class I feel but glad I got to learn some looks and maybe recreate what I did learn from there.

BYS Matte Lipstick in Latte To Go // Price: 299php // Size: 3.5g

Swipe this richly pigmented matte lipstick on those kissers for an instant lip pick-me-up!

There is a lipstick again in this box and it is the same one as last time but a different shade this time. Now I have a matte red and a matte nude. This is another first of mine and I don’t own a color like this so I’m excited to try and see if it will suite me. I am so intrigued with this color and love the name as well. I think this is what I am most looking forward to rying becuase it is a color I have not experimented with yet. 

BYS Liquid Brow Pen in Light Brown // Price: 449php // Size: 1.5ml

This waterproof liquid brow pen provides natural-looking brow color that lasts all day. It can be used as a base or to fill in sparse areas for a fuller look with a promises of no messy wax or powder build up.

Brows!  Of course a brow product and this time it is a brow pen which again I haven’t tried. It is a liquid light brown pen that can fill the eyebrows in. I don’t know if it will be too light for me but I hope it can be my color. I do have quite dark hair but it is light in the sun so I am not sure if I could pull this off but I am excited to try it. I think it would be quite easier to use than the brow powder because it can be easier to draw and fill it in too. 

BYS Eyeliner Gel with Brush in Black Magic // Price: 549php // Size: 14ml

fabulous kit is everything you need to create winged eyeliner
perfection! Just dip the angled design brush into the pot of rich black
color and perfectly lined eyes will be yours in seconds!

We have a gel liner here and I own a brown one that I got in another monthly box before. This one however is a black one and I have tried gel liners before and love the look of them and how they could make the eye look way more special so now that I have a black is so exciting and cannot wait to use it and maybe review this one. I am not that good at using these but it is always fun to practice and try different things out with. It will be fun to use and looking forward to that.  

BYS Contour & Highlighting Kit in Daring // Price: 1,099php // Size: 12g

This kit contains skin-flattering tones to define and sculp facial-features. Blends effortlessly into skin and provides an expert finish every time.

The last item and the biggest item which is technically the first thing I opened as it didn’t fit inside the box itself. This is a contour and highlight palette which has two blushes. It is perfect and I get to have another palette to practice with. I for some reason have a selection to choose from now and can really get my contour on and be all sculpted.I really like the blushes and the colors are so pretty. I am hoping the bronzer color looks good on my skin tone and also the highlight gives me that fancy look I see all the time. Now this is something I want to crack open an start swatching as well.

That is it for this box! Another great one if I have to say.There was a total of 6 full size products from BYS. The original price of the box was 1,100php or $23.00 but excluding shipping which was 100php and that was 1,200php for it all so I think that is amazing and you get 3,044php or $64.00. I totally would recommend it if you are in need of a gift for someone and don’t have any idea what to get your loved one on Christmas. It is already half wrapped so all you need to do is put some festive wrapping paper and you are good to go. If they still have some boxes left I think you should totally get one and I’m glad I picked up both the boxes.

That’s it for today’s blogmas! It was a fun unboxing to start off the Chrsitmas season.I really enjoyed this box and have such fun filming and writing them as well so let me know if you did too. There as so much fun stuff inside and all worth while and I know have more makeup o add to my collection. Also you can watch my reaction in real life and me as happy as a child in the video here and please subscribe if you drop by.I hope you liked today’s blogmas and I’ll see you in tomorrow’s one. Only 12 days!

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Disclaimer: I bought this with my
own money but I wanted to do an unboxing on my blog and Youtube channel
because I really wanted to share with you what a great deal it was. I am
not paid nor was I sent this box for free to do an unboxing post. Read
more about my disclaimer here.

What is a favorite matte product of yours?

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