A Christmas Wedding Inspiration

A Festive Christmas Wedding Inspiration

Happy Blogmas day 10! I wanted to do a inspiration kind of post for today’s blogmas and I wanted to do something festive and holiday themed. What inspired this post was I was watching a holiday movie and did not catch the name of as it was on local TV but it had this most gorgeousness wedding of a winter wonderland and all of a sudden I thought about it a lot. I have a cousin planing her wedding but I wondered if it was a Chrsitmas or in the winter what theme would be it. If you happen to be planning maybe a holiday themed wedding I came up with a few dress choices to inspire your day. I’m really excited about this blogmas post because I get to pick out some pretty dresses and they are a festive theme so on to the good stuff.

If you asked me and I was the one with a wedding I think a festive theme in December would be fun. Personally I have seen myself with a winter wedding that is like a winter wonderland around me. If it isn’t snowing then I wouldn’t want one but if it is than it is somehow my dream. I don’t see to many but they just seem amazing and a rustic barn in the middle of a snowy field seems so pretty a and fantasy. That’s why I chose to do some dresses for that time of year and made them a very Christmas colors as well. Then when Rosa Novias AU asked if I wanted to pick a couple of either wedding dresses or bridesmaid dresses from their site and I came up with this.

Wedding Dresses

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For the wedding dresses I went with a sleeved dress. I think that just seems winter to me. I know it isn’t anything new and to keep you from the cold but it does seem logical. I love these and if I did have a winter wedding I don’t think I could have one without lace sleeves. I guess it just might be me but it feels more snugly if that makes any sense at all. The first has amazing details on the sheer sleeves and it really isn’t full sleeves and not all around your neck so it isn’t too warm and stuffy as well. I just love that it looks like a light sheer coverup you threw on that doesn’t look bad but compliments the dress. For the second I do like it doesn’t have full sleeves to it so it doesn’t go all the way own your arms.It has the pretty lace neckline and I do love that in a wedding dress for myself. Before I thought I was the princess neckline and strapless kind of girl but I’ve been really drawn to the closed lace neckline more now. Lastly, this for me is a winter wedding. The sleeves and the neckline and everything just seems like a perfect press at a holiday themed wedding especially one in the snow. I don’t know why but it just feels like it has that vibe. The sleeve detailing is amazing and you are just drawn to look at it. The rest is simple and feminine but than the sleeves and it just attracts to it. All the detailing is so pretty and has the perfect festive spirit to it. I cannot pick m favorite out of the three this time and I thought I would but they all are perfect in their own way.

Bridesmaid Dresses

The bridesmaid dresses I went for a gold and red theme. I couldn’t decided but I could kind of see combining the two colors and maybe alternating them with the bridesmaid and the decorations. I can just see white, red and gold with twinkle lights and those gold glitter bows everywhere and that’s really how I could picture it and it made me choose these colors. So here are the choices and a special Christmas themed color ones at the end just to throw in there for the perfect holiday wedding.

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The first is really a gold dress I feel like and I do love the color and if I did go with the gold theme than this would be the exact color I would pick. I do love the one shoulder and the simpleness to it and it will hopefully suite a lot of people. The next is my favorite dress shape. I can totally see me wearing it and I love the tiny bow in the middle of the waist. The neckline is so flattering and no need for heavy jewelery. The only thing is the color seems to yellow and too beige so I’d much rather have it in the first dress color. The last gold dress is something that reminds me of a winter wedding and I do love the tulle. I like the color of the gold here but maybe it is too yellow and brassy than what I hoped for but it is more gold than the second one. I love the embellishments on the waist in the middle as it adds just the right amount of shine to the dress and can go well with the theme.

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The next color are the red dresses and I went with a classic red color. I think of this color during the holidays and the pop of red seems nice at a wedding and a very bold statement. The first one is just a strapless gown and has a little out to it. I think I would add something on top so it wouldn’t be too cold but as for the dress it can be just so simple and not fussy. As for the second dress this one is very out there and I do love the diamonds. The embellishments could really add to the theme of the wedding and it is frilly and can dance around in and prance in. I would love them more like this and more out there as it is more fun dress for the wedding.

| here |

Then the Christmas color theme. I mean who wouldn’t want a Christmas color theme because look how pretty it can be. This is more Christmas themed than the last two as the other one I picked is just like very festive and clssic but this could be one of those that really has the spirit of Christmas. These two colors together just scream Chrsitmas for me and just having the bridesmaid alternate wearing them and than having everything decorated to match would looks so cute. I don’t know if people would actually do this kind of theme but I do find it so fun and very holiday appropriate and kind of cool if you had your wedding on Christmas day itself. The dress is so pretty too and I love the shape and ruffles it has on it especially the ribbon on the waist. It is just so holiday themed it makes you want it for a holiday dress or maybe it is just me.

That is it for today! I really loved this and I secretly can’t wait to either plan something like this for me one day or even attend one would be magical. It is really fun putting this together and I feel like it would be exciting to do some wedding planning since I always was intrigued by it. Hope you liked today’s blogmas and I have a lot more festive and holiday themed one coming at you in the next few days. Only 15 days!

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What would your winter wonderland wedding look like?

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