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Happy Wednesday! I finally am putting out a post after so long. I’ve been doing updates and stuff but it seems like it has been a while since doing an actual post if that makes any sense at all. I lost my ability to write since I’ve been doing Nano all this month and focused on that but now that I finished and doing the final touches it has brought back my blog writing mojo back. I also been writing and preparing for Blogmas so I’m getting a head start on that so it inspired me to get my blogging mojo back as well. I love that feeling when it suddenly comes back to you so that’s why I’m here today. Now enough about that but I have my fashion find series back and will be doing a few more in my Blogmas post but since this one has been in my drafts and doesn’t seem that appropriate for the festive season I thought it would be perfect for Autumn and since it is still November it can still be Autumn I guess. I searched my archives and cannot believe I didn’t do one of these yet so here is my fashion finds on blazers.

If you didn’t know I love wearing blazers. I have quite a good collection and they are just something to dress the outfit up either for business or just something to add a little to the outfit when its just looking plain. I learned it to be a fun piece especially in fashion school there were so many ways to wear it.

First is my favorite so I wanted it to go first instead of saving it for last. I love blush pink. It is my color. It isn’t my favorite color it’s actually my second but with clothes this is my favorite to wear. It is strange but if you see my outfits than I have a pop of blush pink here and there. So when I saw this of course it caught my eye. Not only is the color amazing but the cut of this. I don’t own one like this but seeing this and having that peplum out kind of thing on the bottom reminds me of a princess dress almost. I absolutely love it and seems so flattering. Find it here.

Next is maybe more fall appropriate instead and I think could even double as a fancy coat if it gets cold but not too cold in your area. I love the flap collar of this and it seems like it has perfect texture. I also love blazers that have pockets because I use them as coats as I said and it makes it easier to carry my phone and stuff like that. I also do love the straight cut of all of it because I need some that aren’t and I like that it can be more casual than an actual blazer. Find it here.

The third I choose one that should be plain and I went for a white instead of standard black one. I think it is just classic and though it might get dirty easily it can still go with so many things. I use to love wearing white coats, jackets and cardigans but I never had a white blazer so I just want to try one now. I love that this looks like a blazer and can be styled with so many things and is so professional at the same time. Find it here.

Lastly is the most adventurous out of the bunch and it is a printed blazer. Another thing I love is floral print and in blazer form sounds awesome and something you think I should own one but I don’t. I think this is just fun to have and any printed blazer sounds so stylish. I think I would find this to be awesome and the style and cut of it looks like it can be s fun for a day out or hanging with friends. Find it here.

That was all the blazers I picked for today’s fashion finds. I choose these blazers from Dresslily and found the selection so great and had so many to chose from but I stuck with my favorites. I am so glad that my blogging mojo is coming back but the break was nice. I hope you liked this and I will see you in my next post.

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What style of blazer do you like wearing?

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  1. Summer
    November 26, 2015 / 12:51 pm

    Love your picks ♥

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