Curvy Halloween Look Book

Curvy Halloween Look Book

Happy Halloween! Today’s post is a spooky look book of my three costumes I wore for Halloween week. This year I had plans for Halloween and spent the whole week celebrating which I haven’t done in years so it made me really happy. So here’s a blog post of my three costumes from the week  also with some details and a look book video up on my channel!

Playful Cat

The first costume I wore on Wednesday to my first tap class was no other than a cat. I think everyone is dressing up as cats and I was no exception. I changed my plans last minute and of course everyone’s go to is some animal and mostly cats so this is what I came up with.I love how it turned out and I just threw it together last minute and it came out better than I thought. I went with the sexy cat route unintentionally but it gave me a reason to wear this dress out again. I just paired it with some black tights and black shoes and I got the accessories from the local department store which I was surprised they had. It is getting quite big here and it is exciting to get so many decorations and such. I quickly painted on a nose and whiskers and I really liked how it turned out. Maybe I can even recycle this for next year and be a sexy bunny.     

Black Swan

My go to costume for the last few years as I was it last year too. This is what I wore on Thursday to my ballet class so of course it was perfect for it. I wanted a reason to wear my tutu to class but it’s so huge to dance in that I couldn’t but this special occasion worked out great. I wore my leotard that actually I’ve had for 11 years now when I was 11 and it is actually the top to the poodle skirt in my next costume. The tutu I had custom made and the tights and ballet shoes are my actual accessories for ballet class. The headpiece was another DIY and I’m s happy I made it myself. I did a post on this last year if you’d like to see that here. The makeup was really simple with just outlining my eyes and then black and green eyeshadow. I was going to do a tutorial but decided against it and it was really quick. The lips however were my favorite since it is the perfect autumn burgundy color. I’m hoping not to wear it again next year as I’m a little tired of it now but it’s always a fun backup costume I have ready. 

50’s Poodle Girl

The last costume was a 50’s girl and it’s sort of like grease inspired. I love this costume and it is so quick to put together and quite comfortable out of the three or that’s how I feel. The poodle skirt as I said was a recital costume 11 years ago and it matches the leotard but I didn’t want to wear them both together because it looks to dancey so I paired it with a simple black top. So the accessories there was supposed to be more but I didn’t have time to find them. If I did I have a matching scarf for my neck, lace socks and a leather jacket. I did pull of the bow in my hair and the high ponytail and to be honest it was my fave part of the costume. The shoes are my tap shoes and they are also 11 years old as well but still fit me which is crazy. I will always love this poodle skirt and the detailing of it is so pretty. 

Those were my Halloween costumes this year and it was fun shooting them as well. I loved putting them together and to be honest cannot pick which is my fave. I really enjoyed getting to dress up not once but three times this year. I took my baby nephew and it was his first time trick or treating which is just the cutest thing. I have so much candy it is crazy and going trick or treating again after all these years is the best feeling. Hope you liked this post and had a fun Halloween as well!

You can watch the look book below and maybe subscribe to my channel.

Also this is my 500th post so I would like to celebrate and mention it here. I can’t believe that number and really glad this was the big 500!

What were your Halloween plans this year?

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  1. Jasmine Riel
    November 1, 2015 / 7:20 pm

    Super cute! I especially love that 50's poodle girl costume :)Jasmine | The Sixth Disney Princess

  2. Olivia Cheryl
    November 1, 2015 / 9:32 pm

    These are fab! I love the ballet one!

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