September Highlights | Month in Pictures

September Highlights – Month in Pictures

Happy Sunday! It is a photo diary and monthly highlights post today and it falls on a Sunday this time so it was a perfect catch up lifestyle post to write to wrap up the week and tell you what my highlights were in September. It wasn’t too big but a few exciting things happened including blog events, birthdays and finding new shoes (you’ll understand that one when you read on) so I guess a pretty eventful month. I show you the
moments I documented and see what I did this month. Let’s rewind
and take a look at my September! Here
are some of my highlights:

  • Last bubble tea of the season. Well probably not last as I’m sure it will warm up again and then get rainy again because of the bipolar Manila weather but I like to think summer drinks are on the back burner until next summer. Bubble tea is an obsession. It is already a big thing here and it really isn’t called bubble tea like in other places but called Zagu and that’s the name of the shop. Whenever I am out running errands this is a fun treat to get and they come in so many flavors. The one above is strawberry but my other favorites are vanilla, watermelon and cookies and cream if I am in a chocolate mood.
  • Winter dance wear. I went out to buy some new accessories for dancing and shopping for dance clothes is as much fun as regular clothes. Also I got a new shawl, some new tights and thinking about purchasing some new tap shoes too. I can just go to that store and want everything and I have a mile long wish list from that store as well. I had to show off my purchases by wearing them to my next ballet class and taking a mirror selfie of me wearing the outfit. Another thing is would you be interested in a ballet OOTD because I was thinking about showing you what I wore to class as it is something I wear a lot nowadays. Let me know in the comments and I can show you a few of those. 
  • Getting my nails done. I finally got my nails done at a salon again and it was a magical and relaxing day. I picked a pretty color, got my toes done too as they were in serious need of TLC after dancing on them so much. I treated myself to it and I really liked it and want to go back now. I did a post about my experience at that nail salon if you are in my area and want to try it out you can read it here
  • Filming more videos for my channel. I have gotten in the swing of things and have a lot filmed and set for a month before my camera goes off for repairs. I am having so much fun and talking in front of a camera isn’t as bad after all and I’m getting quite used to it that I have to edit out a lot of me sitting there and rambling. If you haven’t you can subscribe to my channel as I have a lot of fun videos coming up on there. 
  • Going to the Global Glam Beauty Social. I haven’t been to a BDJ event in a while and you know last year I was going to so many. I had such a fun day since I vlogged about it, filmed a haul of what I got and also posted two blog posts about that here and here if you missed it.
  • Attending the Pond’s No Makeup Look Workshop. This surely was a highlight and I will have more about that next Friday with a vlog and blog post about that day. I jut edited both and so excited to post them. Also it wasn’t everyday I could hang out with my favorite fashion bloggers all together and learn about new makeup looks so that was surely so much fun.
  • Finding my favorite shoes again. I know this is a small highlight but don’t you love it when you find a pair of shoes again. I sure do and giant diamond bow flats were one of them. I also wore a very autumn outfit that day as it was very cold and rainy and everything was so snuggly and comfy while doing errands.
  • Outfit Shoots. It is so fun starting them again and just getting into the groove after taking a few months off from them. I am also playing with styling again and tried something new and really miss how fun it was. I’m hoping I can do more this month to make up for the lack of them.
  • My nephew’s 2nd Birthday. He is two. I can’t believe the little guy is two. I remember holding him as a newborn and not knowing whether I was holding him right to him running and talking up a storm. e had his birthday at our house and we decorated the place for him with balloons as it is his favorite thing ever. His mom, Lynn is in the UAE so I vlogged it and might put up on my channel for her and the rest of the family to see. He enjoyed his cake and we all had a fun day but we might go to an amusement park as well over the weekend. As a matter of fact while writing this post he is sat beside me bugging me to watch Youtube to watch those nursery rhymes and can I tell you how sick I am of hearing those songs but he is not. He is growing up so fast and he may be annoying at times but I still love him and I’m so sad he calls me “Ninang” now (which is godmother in Filipino) instead of “Nanang” cause he couldn’t pronounce it before, Now he can pronounce so many words, is great at creating sentences and is starting to be bilingual and can understand me in English and Filipino. He is just so smart and seeing these milestones are so cool. Happy birthday Marcus and though you are not reading this yet know that I love you and you make my day and make me smile.

 As for fashionxfairytale in the month of September, I did pretty well with posting and sticking to my schedule and that is a big accomplishment for me. I have also been taking so many batches of blog photos before my camera goes into the shop for repairs. You should see me every single day I am out on my porch and so happy with my set up. This is the first time I am planning blog posts a month in advance or even two months since I am way into November and almost December posts now. I pretty much am set for pictures in October and just need to start writing them. I feel very organized and have a desk calender with all my posts set out for me to see. I usually just plan a week in advance sometimes if I am lucky two but I feel so accomplished for sticking with it and taking blog pictures. I am also maybe going to do a blog post on how I take my pictures and a day in the life of a blogger post so that’s in the schedule as well if you were curious. So I’m hoping to be covered and will have blog posts out even without a camera for a month. It is also nice planning things out and seeing my blog in the long run and I should have done it sooner.

The month of September was quite busy I feel like but you might not see it with my blog posts. I did have a great start to my Ber months and cannot believe this month is Halloween and then it will be November and then Christmas. I seriously can’t seem to find where the time is going. I don’t know what is in store for October but I sure hope it is exciting. Until next month!

What has been an accomplishment in life or your blog in September?

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  1. Mary Field
    October 4, 2015 / 7:37 pm

    oh my goodness your blog is so cute!! You know it really reminds me of Louise's blog Sprinkle of glitter (I don't know if you know who that is but she is really amazing!) I loved reading your September highlights! And I know what you mean with the posting and sticking to schedule! Its a lot harder then people think!! šŸ™‚ I love that feeling of organization and being prepared for blogging that is seriously the best, you feel so proud of yourself haha anyways thanks so much for sharing!! you blog is so, so cute!an accomplishment for my blog is actually currently still in process- but I am trying to raise money for a new camera because mine broke!! šŸ™ which is really devastating especially for a blogger!loved reading, will check back in soon! xoxo{my blog}

  2. Samantha Betteridge
    October 5, 2015 / 9:00 am

    I love instagram diaries and seeing little snippets of someone's life! Looks like you had a lovely September, I've never tried bubble tea! Will definitely do that next summer xxSam // Samantha Betteridge

  3. Heather Nixon
    October 5, 2015 / 2:06 pm

    It sounds like you had a great month xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  4. Rocio
    October 6, 2015 / 2:51 pm

    Lovely pictures dear!! I invite you to visit our new website where you will find a discount voucher to redeem at our fashion store! Don't miss it! :)http://www.bossane.comCheers! xx

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