September Favorites 2015 | Beauty & Lifestyle

September Favorites 2015 – Beauty & Lifestyle

Happy Friday! It is October. I repeat it is October! How is it October? I seriously think 2015 went by too fast and I thought 2014 was but no this year was here and now it is almost Christmas again. I thought I just got done Christmas shopping but now I need to do it again (another thing I need to add to my to do list.) So enough about the time I think you know what post it is by now because of that intro and I’ll just jump into my favorites of September. Not too many this month but I decided to share it anyways.


MUA Eyeshadow Palette in Undressed

First is a neutral eyeshadow palette and this one is the MUA eyeshadow palette in Undressed. I’ve been quite bored lately and so I decide to pull out my train case from fashion school and play with makeup. Doesn’t that sound fun? I’ve been watching a few YouTube videos and recreating looks with them and I’ve just been practicing on myself different looks. I’m still not into the quite colorful looks so a neutral eye has been my go to and I find it quite easy and fun. This is a great palette for what I’m doing and the colors are nice and pigmented. It comes with a lot of different shades and finishes as some are shimmery and some are matte and I like to combine them and they create unlisted combinations.

Benefit Cosmetics Porefessional

This has been my go to primer lately and it is the perfect texture and it makes my makeup stay longer. I have a tiny sample that I have a few of and it lasts about three faces worth so it is worthwhile. I love the texture and the powder finish it leaves and makes my pores disappear. I’m really liking it and will be buying the full size later on.

Rimmel Kate Moss Lipstick in 101

The lip color of the month was a pinky nude. I was loving the Rimmel Kate Moss in 101 because you may think it is a spring color and it can be but I’ve been not building it up to its a full color and just dabbing it on to give some color. It actually created a your lips but pinker lip shade which I’ve been loving doing. I don’t own many nude lips or neutral colors so this one is the closets I have. I can’t believe I haven’t done a lipstick review on this yet but if you’d like I can still do one as you know they are my fave. 


Bifesta Miracle Water

With me using so much makeup lately I am needing a good remover and I know this was featured before but it is the best I have ever tried. It is perfect for oily skin and leaves my skin so soft after use. I am also going to be doing a review on it so look out for that. It removes makeup in one go and leaves no trace of makeup.


Fresh Baked Cookies Candle

It is the candle time of year and I’ve always been jealous of other bloggers with their candles and I finally found some in a local store and I had to pick up a scent. I saw this and saw it was cookie scented and I love cookies and the smell of them so this was made for me. It is an addicting scent and I just love it and I feel so proud having one. I wish you can get a whiff of this as it is the most delicious thing I have smelt.

Girl Meets World // TV SHOW

This is my TV show fave of the month. Not sure if I featured it before but I know I tweet about it way too much. It is such a nostalgic show and coming home everyday from school and watching Boy Meets World was my absolute favorite. I do love they continued the story and the old characters coming back. I just love it and it is one of those feel good shows. 

Those were all my favorites for the month.Not that many as last month and I wasn’t that into trying anything new. I really did enjoy doing this months one and since it is fall TV shows are all coming back so I might have more TV show favorites next month. You can watch my video of it on my channel as well and it was easier to film this month as it wasn’t as much. Until next month’s favorites post!

What 90s show did you come home from school wanting to watch?

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  1. Anne M
    October 3, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    Benefit's Porefessional is really good! I like the shade of that lippie too!

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