Pond's No Makeup Look Beauty Workshop

Pond’s No Makeup Look Beauty Workshop

Happy Monday! This is probably going to be the most exciting blog post I’m doing
this month. That’s because I was invited by Ponds to one of their beauty
workshops with five of the Philippines fashion bloggers who are also
the brand ambassadors for them. This was now a month ago but if you
couldn’t tell there was a lot of pictures to go through, narrow down and
then edit. I also vlogged the event so I tried to edit that even more
special to watch. I am so proud of it so watch that below or you can just see all my photos from the event instead if you continue reading.

First here is my outfit I wore to the event. I didn’t have time to take separate outfit picture since I had my nephew who loves running around with me but my aunt manage to snap a few to at least show you a little but of what I wore. I was told to wear white so this is the only thing I could manage to put together in a span of a few hours of being told to. I don’t have a full white outfit which I need to now buy one but I managed and it kind of made the theme. So my top and skirt are both Forever 21, my bag is Dresslink* and my shoes are Brash. If I do have time next time I go I am taking my outfit pictures in front of this gorgeous marble wall and the lighting was amazing so definitely going back. Also can you believe this was outside an H&M so it was perfect and I need to go in and have a browse as I didn’t go there to shop but of course the event.

The start of it all. Here was a glimpse of the set up and where it was held when I first got there. It was a little too early so we passed by and I got a few snaps. When it was time I waited in line for a while when everything gets the final touches so I stood there filming a bit and just watching the crew take behind the scenes pictures and also see the media do there thing. It was a big press event so they had to do the interviews and all that. Once it was time though we got accepted in and I gave my name and forgot it was registered as my blog name. I need to remember these things but when that was taken care of we were seated and it was just so pretty and the chairs are the clear acrylic chairs that I see everywhere and totally want. Each seat had their own kit and while we waited for it to begin we could either play with them. I didn’t so I just took some pictures while we had some time. They came together to create the perfect No
Makeup Look since it is so popular. With good flawless skin from the
Pond’s products you will be able to go out with minimal makeup and the Happy Skin products are good for your skin so it wouldn’t be bad wearing makeup.

Here is the table set up and it was such a pretty layout. They had white flowers and some of the products on display in the middle and then some tissues and wipes in clear acrylic cases. The best part was the tabletop was mirrored and you can kind of see it but I couldn’t get the right picture but you can kind of see it. If I ever get my dream place I want a mirrored dinning table and vanity because it just looks so sleek but I would be afraid of smashing it especially while there t the event. I kept putting my stuff really lightly just in case because I’m paranoid and a very clumsy person.

The best part at any event of course is the appetizers. I actually just had a snack though right before the event when I got to the venue at the mall unfortunately. Since I had my nephew with me he wanted french fries from McDonald’s so we ended up going there. There was quite a collection of food and we could take as many as we liked which was great but I went with some nachos and a peeta wrap I think it’s called. Also we got some pink lemonade which I haven’t had in a while so very yummy indeed. I forgot the name of the catering service but I really liked the food and such nicely presented food and the waiters were lovely.

The event started to pick up when the bloggers came and the event will be starting shortly. But first they had to do interviews and you now all that stuff. I got some vlog footage a little bit of that. I really love this picture I got of them and you should have seen how long it took before the event actually started because the photographers took so many pictures of everything. I guess that is how I am and took so many myself. 

This was the kit on display at the front and the one they used for the demo later on. It was also the one that everyone could look at and take pictures for because it was a press day. I couldn’t get a better shot because there was an actual line for it with everyone from magazines to reporters getting shots so I managed this and I find it quite good despite it was really quick.

I won’t be going into much detail about this as you might have already saw the separate post I just did on this here. These are the pictures from the event when I first saw it and I wanted to capture my excitement by the photo on top by taking a picture with the mirror inside. We could play with it there at the event but I choose not too as you know #bloggerproblems and wanted to take pictures for the unboxing and the individual review. So that’s it with that and I didn’t want to repeat myself.

Hosted by:Cheskie Ayson

Then finally the event actually started.It was hosted by the lovey Cheskie and she did a great job. You can atch most of the talk on the vlog so I’ll just touch about it on hre a give a short summary.

Speaker 1: Agoo Bengzon

The first speaker was Agoo, a beauty editor and she explained what the no makeup look was and how to use the Pond’s skincare regimine and how you can benefit from it. She gave some tips and taught how it can help.

The next speaker was a dermatologist and she taught us about proper skincare effects on our skin. She touched upon the previous speakers talk as well but added the benefits of how to take proper care of the skin. I learned a lot of helpful tips and she gave quite good advice to take care of our faces and keep them flawless. 

Makeup Artist: Jigs Mayuga

Next was the makeup portion and the actually workshop on how to achieve our own look. and the model of the evening was Tricia.

He did step by step and lead up all the way to applying the newly introduced no makeup lippie by Happy Skin. It is such a pretty color and you may have already saw it in my last post but don’t worry I will have the review up really soon on that.

The finished look

It was the perfect no makeup look and it did look like she was not done up all the way. it is now my go to look and glad I got to learn some tips and how-tos from this great makeup artist.

That was the event! I learned a lot, had a lovely time and got a lot of pictures as you could see. It was quite hard though multitasking because I was taking pictures, listening to the talk, on my phone instagraming, drinking and eating my snack, playing with the makeup goodies in the box and lastly trying my best to vlog parts of it. If that isn’t multitasking I don’t know what is. I had an amazing time and I hope I captured that. I was so lucky to be invited and be apart of such a big event. I didn’t expect to go as there was so many things I had to do and I didn’t know if it was possible to head into the city especially since I was babysitting my nephew but I’m glad they tagged along and my aunt happily came too and they had a fun day out while I was at the event. So enough sappiness from me but I hope you enjoyed this little recap blog post.

The fashion bloggers

Tricia Gosingtian of Tricia Will Go Places

I got my picture with her again! I love that she knows me by now and always asks how I am doing when we see each other. This is how I got invited to the event so thanks Tricia! Follow her fashion blog if you don’t since she just redid her blog and did it by herself. It looks amazing and I just love her sense of style and her travel diaries are wonderful or shall I say wanderlust. You can read about my first time meeting her here at her book signing and here is another picture I took with her as well.

Patricia Prieto of itsPadigam.com

I just learned about her blog from this event and really love it. She was so sweet and loved getting a picture with her. Follow her fashion blog because she has great posts and love her outfits.

Kryzze Uy of kryzuy.com

This is another one I learned about from the event and she has a great fashion blog as well. She has travel posts and makeup posts so a lot to choose from and go follow her too. Also hello to the guy who photobombed the picture. I guess he wanted in on it too!

Nicole Anderson of Nicoleanderson.com

I’ve know about Nicole because she did a talk with BDJ last year and followed her on her social medias so it was nice getting a picture and see her since last time I was just in the audience. I love her blog and her fashion pictures so go follow her too.

Laureen Uy of Breakmystyle.com

A lot of people probably know Laureen if you are from the Philippines. I think she is like the most well known. This is my first time meeting her and she is so nice. I love her outfit pictures and she is also a travel blogger like Tricia and everyone else so it is nice to see different places. Go follow her if you aren’t already.

That was everything. I hope you watch the vlog and see it in video format since I had a really fun time editing it together. I think that’s everything I wanted to say about it and I’m hoping to go to a few more of these in the future. Let me know if you went to something like this or some kind of beauty launch party because I’d love to know if you felt the same as me all hyper and giddy about everything. So until next event I attend!

Disclaimer: I was invited to this
event by Pond’s Philippines and given a kit to take home with me. I
was not compensated to attend the event and write this blog post or film
a video about it. I did this on my own as I was excited to
show you the products I received and the event itself. All thoughts and opinions expressed on
this post are my own. You can read more about my disclaimer here.

What is a technique you’d love to try at a beauty workshop?

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