Payday Wish List N’1

Pay Day Wish list N’1

Happy Wednesday! It’s hump day and it is also payday for some and for me as well so I thought I would do a wish list this week of things I want to get as I’ve been really good lately and have enough in my budget to treat myself. I have an assortment of things that I’ve been eying and I decided why not before we hit with the Christmas season and have to start shopping for gifts. I’ve also discovered the luxury of online shopping and it still thrills me paying online and getting it in the mail. It is like a tiny present you sent yourself and I’m still new to it so it still amazes me. It is so convenient especially with the traffic now because the “Ber Months” is when a lot of people here go out and are out shopping as well. I do still like seeing things in person and going to the mall so I don’t think online shopping will replace the regular type but for now I am having such a fun time browsing in bed with my pajamas and having it arrive on my doorstep (hopefully still not in my pajamas when I answer the door.) Let me start and show you what things I’d love to start shopping for on payday!

Hint Ladies Floral Shorts
The first two items are shorts and not just any but floral ones that are bright and colorful and nothing like autumn. I have accepted the fact and have come to terms that there is no autumn in the Philippines and I shouldn’t dress for the season. It is hard when all I want are nice sweaters, hot chocolate and leaves falling and turning different colors but sadly here it is just rainy or sunny and that is it. I think I may have to consider moving back to the US one of these days. So who cares if I want to buy colorful floral shorts in October because I can and I can wear them year round here because of hot hot and humid it is. Also look how cute they are and you cant beat the price. ZALORA has a pretty cool selection of shorts for women. Check them out here. I will just admire these while the rest of the world gets to cozy up in warm jumpers while I wait for it to get somewhat cold and start rainy to put on some layers but then again I wait for it to be sunny again or else I can’t take blog pictures. I’m never happy with anything but the pretty shorts make me happy so that’s good.

ZALORA Exposed Zipper Trapeze Bag
Okay I think I have enough black bags but they are such staples and I might have an addiction to these but they go ith everything and are so easy to style with outfits no matter what mood you are going for. I saw this one and just new I was could to have it. I have seen so many that look like it and I’ve seen it so much that I need to pick one up as well. It comes in white too which I was thinking about but I m on a black bag obsession and can’t break now. Also look at the shape of it and I think it will be just the right size for everything.

#PREVIEWXHAPPYSKIN Shut Up & Kiss Me Moisturizing Matte Lippie Set in Too Cool
You know how I just said I’ve come to terms with not having Autumn well I’m not entirely and who says you can’t wear a lip in these shades whenever. It is the perfect tones for this time of year and though I thought I got over it I still had to add something fall themed into this post. A red and a nude lip but it isn’t just for now but can be worn all the time. I think these two are so pretty and when they came out I thought I could resist but I need it especially this cute box it comes in and it comes in two variations but I liked this one better.

BYS Makeup Pro Glamourbox
I may have already just purchase this right before doing this post but why not include it. I am a sucker for makeup monthly box subscriptions and Glamourbox does it right. I saw so many Instagram posts on it and I knew once that paycheck came around I knew it had to be mine. I am sure I’ll be doing a unboxing of it so you’ll see exactly why I bought it in the first place. 

Models Own – Hotstuff and Sodapop Pink
This one might be another purchase I already did with the Glamourbox above. I saw they had a promo of buy one get one and it had a timer and it was going to expire and it was such a deal that I got two for the price of one and I panicked hit the add to cart button and it was mine. I have not tried any Models Own polishes and I’ve heard so many good things that it was just just faith that brought us together with that promo and I am so excited to get it in the mail now. Does your finger ever slip and buy things because of a good deal? This was my first time and it gave me such a rush that I want to do it again.

Olivia Carry-On Bag
family and I might be going on a little trip to Palawan which is an
island off of the Philippines and I hear it is beautiful and it will be
my first time going if we do end up going. My mom has family that moved
there quite some time ago and can you believe I have not met them yet.
It will be this little reunion and get together if we do go. So why not
get a new carry on bag to take with me? this I saw at the mall and on their Facebook store and it is the perfect print and color. It is again a floral print but not as bold and it is way more grown up than my actual one which has bows and hello kitty all over it. I need a more formal version of a carry on bag and I think this is perfect for me.

Collagen Eye Patch
Here starts my love for Etude House and I think I could do a whole entire post on what I want to get from there but I will start slow again before I rush into it all. I think it has become my favorite store lately and I always pop in for a browse whenever I see one. The interior is so pretty if you haven’t seen one but it just attracts you in with all the pink and just everything girly about it. I’ve been seeing the undereye masks and really want to try them and see how much they will help. Also don’t they look so cool on and I would feel so awesome for some reason.

I Need You Mask
I know there are more skincare stuffs I’d love to try from there as well but another is trying the masks again. I was convinced my a blogger friend I follow, Tellie, as she is always doing them and posts about them and it just makes me want to have a pamper session and wear them while watching TV at night or my nightly blogging session.

Floral File Box
The stationery starts and what I mean by it starts is I am creeping into stationery stores again
and it is that time of year to get new planners and diaries and all
those fun stuff with it. I found this store in my local mall and I resit
myself so many times or else I’ll buy out everything. To start it off I
thought just begin with something small for now and that is these cute
floral file boxes to put either my stuff in like beauty products and
random other things to organize my room a bit before and after I
redecorate it. I am in the process of that and picking out a bed which I
didn’t know would be so hard. I should of added a bed to this wish list
too but nevermind. I saw these and I knew they would be perfect with
the theme I have in my for the new stuff I plan to decorate it with. You
know me with pink and florals and that I’m a bit obsessed with them and
have multiple items of things and clothing with a floral print so I
knew they would be perfect.

Romantic Vintage Compact Camera Strap
bit random but I saw that you can change your strap on your DSLR and
I’ve been searching around for the perfect one and I might find
something close. Again it has another floral theme to it and it may not be pink as I wanted it to be but this is quite nice and I’d love to have it.
It might just add some life to my picture taking and who wouldn’t want a
cute strap to have on there camera instead of the one tht comes with

That were my picks of items I’d like to purchase once the money comes rolling in. I’d love to know what you are going to buy next and your thoughts on online shopping because at the moment I think it is the greatest thing invented. I am now waiting on so many parcels that I am as excited as a kid on Christmas for them. It is still new to me so I am that person who is still blown away from it. I hope you liked this chatty wishlist and I’m so excited for all of this and really miss doing these wish lists and I should start doing them again. Look forward to these and maybe I’ll film a haul when I get everything in and all the shopping I might do and have been doing so watch this space and my channel when I will be posting those.

What is something you want to buy next payday?

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  1. Fash Boulevard
    October 1, 2015 / 1:53 am

    oh my goodness, I want everything. lol. Fabulous finds! Love this post, hun. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest. xxFash Boulevard

  2. Jemma Lamble
    October 7, 2015 / 10:18 pm

    Great picks! I am dying to try some things from Etude House as my friend bought so many things back from her holidays and they look fab x

  3. Mecer Alex
    December 23, 2015 / 2:53 am

    I want everything. lol!Human hair wigs

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