Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress | Planning Style

Looking for the Perfect Wedding Dress – Planning Style

Happy Thursday! I am officially hoping to have an update kind of day for the stuff I am doing for my cousin’s wedding. We took it upon ourselves for the both of us to plan it and I wanted to show you our progress so far which is kind of slow right now. I’m still on the hunt for my cousin’s wedding dress and having a picky bride is an understatement. I don’t know what id going to happen with my wedding because we can’t choose on a dress for my cousin and it would probably be fifty times harder to find mine. I’ve been through so many dress shops with her that seeing white and tulle together are making me sick. I’m sure it will be all over shortly and I will miss it though. I’m glad I don’t have a bridezilla on my hands yet. So I decided to just research different style dresses that we can tell a dress shop what we are looking for.

To start off with my cousin has gone a tangent to try different country’s wedding dresses to see if there was a style she liked so we finally settled on Wedding Dresses UK and she has this image in her head that she wants to look like Kate Middleton. I don’t get it but give the bride what she wants and she won’t bite your hand off. Let me know next time to stop volunteering to help plan your relatives wedding because it is an adventure and I say that in the nicest way possible. Enough about this week’s theme (because I’m sure it will be different next week) I’ll show you what we choose while I plugged my laptop screen onto her TV we sat on the couch and ate cupcakes or well I did because she has a wedding diet and I don’t.

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First dress is of course the Kate Middleton inspired because she loved hers. It might not be ideal because of the weather but I like this one kind of removes itself and you don’t have to wear it at the reception. We actually both like that idea and would have never thought of something like that. She loves the train and the shape and I think we narrowed down the shape of the dress almost.

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The second is my pick and what I am looking for in a wedding dress. I love the lace detailing on top and imagine mine to look like. It is so feminine and my aesthetic but my cousin does relate a little bit. So of course it is only my suggestion but my cousin did love the train to this. It is classic and so elegant and I think that is what she was going for and will look very good on her.

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Lastly, the third is very simple but classic. This out of the three is a winner and she loves it that’s why I saved the best for last but the first is also a close contender as well. She loves the neckline and the sleeve top on it so it is covered but than again it isn’t. That was it and I think it is gorgeous as well and I would have never thought I would actually like it but it is growing on me. At least May likes it and is thinking to trying on a similar style. Hoping this is the start of finding the perfect dress for her.

That was our three picks so far and I think we are getting somewhere. I love the styles of these and there was so many to choose from at Millybridal. I can’t believe she planned the wedding almost a year and a half away but at least it will go fast and with the ay we make decisions the more time the better. On second thought maybe it was a good idea so we don’t stress as much.

Coming up later this week though I am doing a planning style post on bridesmaid dresses and if I thought wedding dresses were hard to choose than the bridesmaid dresses are even harder because we all have different tastes. I’ll show you samples I came up with and a glimpse of what I have in mind of what I want to wear. Let’s just hope my dress idea passes. So look forward to that because it going to be a fun one. Hope you enjoyed this planning post and let me know if you were already a bride or helped plan a relatives wedding if they were particular with what their dress looked like. I’d love to know or else I am declaring my cousin crazy.

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