Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

Last Minute Halloween Costume Inspiration

Happy Wednesday! I wanted to get into a little Halloween spirit on my blog today and since I just got back from my first Halloween party so I thought it was right to come home and write one. If you have been following my blog since the beginning than the first year I did Blogtober and wrote a few costume inspiration ideas and thought they were the coolest things. So now I am back and wanted to make another one because I did miss those and it is so fun and maybe some of you are in need of a last minute costume. Now here are two that could do and I was going to use them myself but changed at the last second as well. Hope you find them helpful and can do them yourself.

Good Girl Angel

First up is a good girl angel costume and I was thinking this for me since my dog’s name is angel and I thought it would be cute. All you need would be a white dress or if you want something casual than maybe a white top and bottom with some comfy sneakers could work too. Of course there is the wings and halo because it won’t be an angel costume with out them. I saw a few DIY options on Pinterest and I think a glue gun and feathers would be it. Also I imagine angels to have golden long hair so maybe getting a wig or some extensions and the 20 inch hair weave would be perfect to tie the whole look together. It depends but this is what I think it could be and such a cool idea especially since all white outfits are so on trend than a lot of people have them and adding a couple accessories can pull it all together.

Wednesday Addams

The next is Wednesday Addams and I love the movies and as a kid I really wanted to dress as her as a kid but my mom wouldn’t let me as it was an all black outfit and too scary so i put it off. I am now older and can dress up as whoever so it was the perfect time. It seems simple enough with a black dress with a collar. I’ve actually seen a lot around so it isn’t hard to find which I thought would be but surprisingly no. I think it would be easy to pair it with tights and any kind of style black shoe but wither boots maybe or even combat boots except that’s not my style but maybe you could pull it off. Then the trademark hair and to pull it off together it is the braids but if you don’t have long hair than extensions in a 22 inch hair weave is the right size to get. So that is everything with this outfit and I’m hoping maybe next year I will be having this as my costume but I had to put it off this year. If you ever were her let me know and what you did and how you put it together.

I hope you enjoyed this short costume inspiration. Let me know if I got any better at these costume guides and also I tried to add all the accessories as possible and even some hair extensions from UU hair extensions after they contacted me and I thought it would be fun to add since I was doing this anyways. I loved doing this and it brings back memories of me doing them back when I first started. You can still view them if you want and though they are cringe worthy here are a few that you can relive with me so here is the Pretty Princess one and they are still so popular which is quite interesting, then their is the Black Swan which I am quite proud of. As I said I just got back from a dress up dance class party and I wore one of three costumes since I am taking advantage of wearing multiples. I’ll be doing a separate post on it but it was so easy and fun to come up with.Also I am filming a mini lookbook with it so look out fr it on my channel. That’s it for now and hope I could start them up again next year.

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What is your last minute costume inspiration?

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  1. Samantha Brooks
    October 28, 2015 / 10:02 pm

    I love the cat shoes – they're adorable! I'd honestly wear them day to day haha. xSmall&Blonde♥

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