BYS Special Edition Glamourbox | Unboxing

BYS Special Edition Glamourbox – Unbox With Me

Happy Friday! It is an unboxing post today and this one is really exciting! (beware the word exciting will be used quite frequently in this blog post.) I got my BYS Special Edition Glamourbox in the mail and this is the first unboxing of the year. It’s been quite a while since I did an unboxing but that’s because I stopped my monthly subscription for a while and it was because I didn’t like them but I just thought I would spend my extra money on products on my wish list for now. I might get back onto it next year when subscriptions open up or the odd one comes out like this one that I can’t pass up. So let’s get this unboxing started or you can watch my video below!

As soon as you open it you are greeted with a card and I know a lot of boxes have those. It just has a short introduction from the glamourbox team and then on the back is a list of the products. It is filled with 6 full sized products and has a description and the price on it as well. So under all that tissue paper is what’s inside.

Here it is! It was really secure with the bubble wrap and you didn’t see it but the whole thing was as well making sure none of the products got broken. So good for them and A+ because everything got to my place okay and nothing happened. Also can I add the shipping was really quick and came in 2 days which for me that is pretty fast due to me living in the country and not the city. Enough about the boring packaging and let’s see the products because I know that’s what I would yell at the screen.

BYS Nail Enamel in Baby Bloom // Price: 199php // Size: 14ml

Paint on some gorgeous color with this bright and smooth nail lacquer to instantly glam up any look!

The first item is a nail polish and when I saw the color I literally did a happy dance inside. It was a perfect shade and has been my fave color at the moment to wear and have on my nails. When I got my nails done I choose a color similar to this and in the video you can see my chipped polish was a very close dupe which I am so happy to have found because I was totally going to miss that color. It is a pretty salmon and coral pink and is hopefully opaque. Don’t worry I will be posting swatches and maybe a nails of the day with this in the future.

BYS Blush Duo in Miss Pink // Price: 349php // Size: 5g 

Add a pop of pink to those cheeks with this versatile blush duo.

Next is a lovely blush duo. I am so happy to be getting more blush as I don’t have that many and tend to wear the same color. Now I can be more adventurous and try bolder colors as one is a bright berry and I’m hoping it isn’t too daunting because it looks extremely bright in the packaging. The lighter one also seems pretty bright but more of a flush pink blush shade which I like as well. From what I can tell they are matte and I’m not sure if they can be combined but I will definitely be excited to trying them out.

BYS Brow Definition Kit // Price: 399php // Size: 4g

Redefine your brow game with this BYS Brow Definition Kit, which contains an eyebrow wax to tidy and prime your brow hair, plus 3 brow powders you can mix and match to create the perfect brow color.

Yay for more brow products! Everyone and their grandmother are obsessed with brows and I do admit I have been a little bit as well. After the whole brow trend going round I am trying to pay more attention to mine but I have such full and thick ones I get scared but I’ve been to multiple workshops now that have taught me to try and do them a little bit better than what I was. It has three different colored shades and a wax which after reading the description I now know but in the video I am one confused duck. I’m thinking the third one down is my shade and maybe mix them together if not. I think I will enjoy learning to use this and try a different method because I have a pencil and brown eyeshadow so it is nice actually having a brow product now. Also it kind of reminds me of the Benefit one and maybe it is a similar dupe and if any of you tried it let me know if it is like this one.

BYS Contour Trio in Sweet // Price: 449php // Size: 8g

Serve that face with something sweet! This handy palette contains 3 universally flattering shades: one to color your cheeks, one for highlighting your best features, and one for contouring. This product won Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2015 Beauty Awards!

My own contour trio. I’ve heard this was a beauty lovers best friend and travel partner as all the products you need in one palette. I’m so excited to try it and the shades all look lovely and are matte. I have only tried a shimmer highlight and blush so these will be something new to experiment with. I may be biased but I think this is sort of my favorite next to the last item in the box. I’ve been seeing these around by different brands on beauty blogs and now I have something similar to rave about as well. Also if you do watch my unboxing video of this I say it reminds me of the Neapolitan ice cream and now after watching it again and writing this no wonder they named it sweet because they probably thought of the strawberry, vanilla and chocolate flavored ice cream when naming it. It all makes sense now.

BYS Matte Lipstick in Celebrity Status // Price: 299php // Size: 3.5g

Swipe this richly pigmented matte lipstick on those kissers for an instant lip pick-me-up!

A beauty box full of makeup isn’t complete without a lipstick. I got a matte lipstick and this is a pretty dark color. I don’t have anything like it in my collection and it is a color I get to try out. I feel like it will be perfect for the upcoming months especially the Christmas season. It is this red almost vampy shade that isn’t a true red I don’t think but I can’t describe it without swatching it. I haven’t opened it up to check but I will definitely be doing a lipstick review on this because you probably know by now how into those I get. I really like the packaging as it is like I said in my video because it is clear and you can see what color it is without opening it up. I don’t have many like that and I find it way more easier to spot out. I’m really looking forward to wearing this though and embracing darker lips especially this season.

BYS Nude 2 Eyeshadow Palette // Price: 1,199php // Size: 12g

Let your eyes do the talking with these timeless neutrals to take you from day to night. Beauty junkies and newbie will love these smooth, velvety and highly pigmented eye shadows encased in a gorgeous sleek palette.

The last item and for me the most exciting which in the video I don’t know how many times I said exciting but here I am still saying it because I am so excited. It is the Nude 2 eyeshadow palette. Take a moment to look at it. Please scroll up and just stare at it with me. You may not be too excited if you own any of the Naked Series by Urban Decay but I sure am as this is my first time having anything similar. The bow had either the Nude 1 or 2 and I got the 2 but I didn’t really care in which one I got. I was just so excited (there I go with the word excited again) to get one as this was something I knew I couldn’t pass up. I saw this in SM Department Store a while ago and made a mental note of it as I knew it was quite a similar dupe of the Naked Palette and I couldn’t justify paying the price, shipping and custom charges to get one but this one was quite in my budget and it did look kind of similar so I said I would get it next pay day but I haven’t gone back to that mall so I just put off purchasing it. It was a good thing too because this was a far better offer and good things happen to those who wait then. I am looking forward (see I didn’t say excited well now I did) to swatching it and reviewing it and just playing with this as it is the closest thing to having one of those Naked palettes at the moment because my tiny salary unfortunately can’t handle it right now. I’m still happy and it came at the perfect time because as I said in my September Favorites post that I was playing with looks with eyeshadows in my free time. It was literally fate that brought us together. (I can’t believe I just said that to a makeup product)

If you couldn’t tell I was really happy with this box and the price for me was totally worth it. It really is justifiable because the eyeshadow palette was 1,199php and I paid that for this entire box. Do you see the value? The overall price comes out to be 2,894php which is double times what I paid. For that price I got five other items as well and an eyeshadow palette that I am so excited for. If they have any left and you really liked this box than I suggest grabbing one yourself especially if you are a makeup lover like me or a newbie who needs almost a fulls face worth of makeup excluding the base. I’m over the moon happy and glad I got this.

That’s everything in this special edition Glamourbox. I hope you enjoyed my ramblings on about how much I loved or was excited to try these makeup items in the box. I will be having reviews up on maybe all of them once I fully play with them and give them a proper testing. Now I just need to take pictures of all these individually because you now #beautybloggerproblems. Let me know what item is your favorite and which do you think I should try first. Also you can watch the unboxing and see my reaction in real life in the video here and please subscribe if you drop by.

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Disclaimer: I bought this with my own money but I wanted to do an unboxing on my blog and Youtube channel because I really wanted to share with you what a great deal it was. I am not paid nor was I sent this box for free to do an unboxing post. Read more about my disclaimer here.

What makeup product dupe have you find to be similar to another?

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  3. Lianne
    October 9, 2015 / 7:00 pm

    This looks like a great box, some really fun and interesting products. Some beautiful colours in the eyeshadow palette too and a great selection, I love them so much! Li

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    I love this! Especially the packaging!Morgan | The Rad Wife

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    October 13, 2015 / 3:09 pm

    I love that soft pink polish..and the bow! haha

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