5 iPhone App Recommendations

5 iPhone App Recommendations

Happy Tuesday! I thought I could share some app recommendations to you. Also since the new one came out it would be fun to suggest some that you could download as that is how I discovered some of my fave apps and maybe so could you. I might not have the new iPhone 6s in that pretty rose gold color but I am still happy with my new phone and don’t regret getting the 6 just before the 6s came out (I did that too with the 4s) but it is still pretty and I love it. Now I will show you the apps I recommend and have been using since I had my iPhone 4s which seems kind of ancient now.

First is a photo editing app and if you’d like me to do a separate post on how I edit my Instagram pictures currently I can do that. But here is a little preview and one of the apps I use to get the final result of my pictures. It used to be called Line Camera and I got this after seeing it on the top charts. It is a great editing app, has lots of filters to choose from and has stickers and all kinds of cute stuff to add.

Lists. I love lists and making them espeically to do lists and then checking them off. This I heard about when I was about to get my iPhone for the first time and binge watched all those what’s on my iPhone tag videos on Youtube. Then I think Ingrid from Missglamorazzi did an unboxing of hers on a vlogmas video back then and she said she loved it and so I downloaded it too. I do not know how I still remember that but I guess the most random things stick in your mind that you don’t need. I pretty much can remember how I downloaded all these apps which is very strange. Enough about that, this is my fave list app and I have blog posts I need to do list, a blog post ideas list and all kinds of random lists like things to buy and what bills need to be paid. It is really good and the most exciting is when you tick something off it does this sound and I get addicted and love hearing that accomplished sound. I actually don’t use reminders on my iPhone and much prefer this one.

This has been my writing app I have used I think since my first iPhone when I was in my second year of college. I do use the notes app for when I need to quickly write something down to remember but an actually writing app I’ve used this one. It connects to my Dropbox as soon as I save something so it saves to all my devices. I also used it for the Nanowrimo last year on my iPad and I got so much done with this app when I was on the go and when I got home it was all on my laptop to transfer over to add to my word count. I like it for what it is and I do have the Microsoft Word and Apple Pages on my iPad but I got so used to this format better and use it more than the notes app. I’m not sure if this is still free as I got it when it was on promo but you can check and it is for the iPhone and iPad.

Converter +
This is the most handy app I have on my iPhone. I literally use it more than other apps and if you’re like me who grew up in the US and then moved to a country that uses the different system than you will understand my struggle. I do mostly use it to convert my money over so from US dollar to Philippine Peso but I read and watch so many British blogs and vlogs so I like to convert that over as well just because I’m curious. I’m sure this will be an excellent and very useful while traveling because you can figure what it converts over to so easily. It literally coverts so many things over and in fact I used it to help my cousin do his math homework to convert inches to miles and all those mathematical terms which was kind of cheating but it does help see if the answer is correct. Another favorite of mine on there is the sales calculator and if an item is for example 20% off you can figure out the price so easily. I didn’t know I could love an app as much as this one.

Happy Forest
This is a game I recommend and I stumbled upon this on my dad’s android tablet back when I didn’t have an iPad and only my laptop and phone. I really wasn’t into the Candy Crush or games like that unlike my dad who was obsessed. I think I downloaded it for him and I was so bored one day I started it and couldn’t stop. I only play it when I am waiting and don’t have access to the internet.

I thought this would be a fun series to do and I thought of it when I was planning out my blog posts for October. I had a few of these in my blog post ideas post I wrote and thought I could make a series once a week showing you five different things like this one was apps, some would be fashion related like pieces of clothing, food faves, lifestyle like books or TV shows and of course beauty products as well. So hope your excited for that and it was so fun to photograph in my batches that I took.

Those were all my apps and it is so funny how I remember exactly how and why I downloaded them. Please let me now I am not alone and aren’t that cray and can remember the most worthless things ever. Also look forward to more of these. I know it’s not an original idea but while I was doing blog planning I wanted to start a new series I could have as a backup when I lose my camera. So let me know your favorite app and maybe leave some suggestions as I’m always looking for fun apps free or paid as I have a gift card and would love to spend it wisely. See you again next Tuesday for another five series as this is what I’m calling it for now unless you have a nicer name than leave those too.

What was the first app you downloaded and will always have on your phone?

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  1. May Cho
    October 8, 2015 / 5:55 am

    What great picks! I don't actually have a list app though I love them, and ooh, Write is one of my all time favourite app, too!May | THE MAYDEN

  2. Ira Kharchenko
    October 8, 2015 / 1:53 pm

    Wonderful post! Have a nice day:)www.theprintedsea.blogspot.com

  3. rae lovefromberlin
    October 8, 2015 / 4:53 pm

    Great picks, thanks for the recommendations! Always love hearing about new apps.Rae | Love from Berlin

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