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Matching Flower & Wedding Dresses and Accessories – Planning Style

Happy Monday! Today is an exciting post because I’m sharing a project I’ve been working on for a while and can now share it. I wanted to start a series on my blog again because as you may know my cousin is close to getting married and she has made me her official/unofficial wedding planner because she knows it is my dream to become one and I’m not getting married anytime soon. So when Modadress contacted me if I wanted to do a post for them about wedding stuff I really wanted to because it is really coming handy for all the details we’ve been slaving away at.There are so many things to consider and the dress, the accessories and so many other small details I didn’t know went into this but its a fun tiring journey.

I am featuring a few dress options for her and also her little daughter who is also the flower girl. It is so fun going dress shopping and seeing May in so many pretty dresses makes me so happy for her. But what is even cuter is her daughter trying on flower girl dresses that look like mini wedding dresses. So we end up choosing matching dresses on the site because that is what her goal is to try and find mother daughter dresses which is the cutest thing.

To start off with they have some really cheap plus size wedding dresses uk and they have quite a good collection that my cousin got to choose from and I personally think they are so many nice choices as well.

A-line Straps Pleats Beading Plus Size Wedding Dress | link |

The first dress is really pretty and according to my cousin she likes the cut of it and this is her ideal gown she is looking for. I think it is gorgeous as well and I love the beading on it the most. May is a big fan of the sleeves and isn’t sure if she wants a sleeveless gown or not but having support is what she aims for. sHe wants the dress like this so she can feel like royalty as she says and the bigger the ball gown the better. I kind of a agree because who doesn’t want to be a princess on their special day.

Chiffon Beading Sweetheart Plus Size Wedding Dress | link |

The second one is a very simple one and I choose this one for her and she ended up liking it. I loved the simplicity and the way it drops down and I knew it wasn’t really her taste but she ended up falling in love with it and I’m glad I could help a little bit. I love how it just flows and I like the simple neckline. May isn’t sold on the idea of her dress but she liked it enough to be an option if one she is looking for doesn’t turn out.

Next is flower girl dresses you can find on

A-line Floor-length Spaghetti Straps Ruched Flower Girl Dress | link |

The first flower dress was May’s pick again and she just picked this one because it matched her image of a dress. I think it is so cute they both want matching white dresses and I’ve never seen that at a wedding so I think she had a good idea. This is just a ball gown cut again and has spaghetti straps and a very simple design. It just looks so cute and May really liked it and so did her daughter.

Beading A-line Floor-Length Spaghetti Straps Flower Girl Dress | link |

The second flower girl dress was a combined effort by the three of us and I mostly wanted it but we came to an agreement. I like the style of it and I just love the beading on it. It is another sort of princess ball gown dress but not as out there. I would actually like this as a wedding dress because of the shape of it. May does like this and would have picked it herself if she didn’t already know what her dress was going to look like.

Lastly we’ve been working on the accessories for the wedding and she wants to go all out and have gloves and tiara with her veil. I would love that too so we choose a pair of gloves and a jewelery set that both would look good for the wedding. May wanted gloves that were both satin and lace and she found the perfect ones. Then the necklace she choose is a set she was looking at and I kind of convinced her because it was really pretty.

party dresses

Those were my picks and a look into a few wedding details I’ve been doing. I’m not a professional so I still am not doing it all on my own but it is fun. I have two cousin’s going to get married soon and since I don’t have any siblings this is my only way of getting that chance. So if you’d like to see more I’ll be doing a few posts here and there of the journey. Let me know if you already got married and what your flower girl looked like or what you plan on having them wear as it is the second cutest thing of a wedding.

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What would you like your flower girl to wear at your wedding?

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