BDJ Box Beauty Social – Global Glam | Event Recap

BDJ Box Beauty Social – Global Glam // Event Recap

Happy Friday! This is my third Beauty Social post I’ve done and attended and I look forward to doing this every year and that time has come again.I really enjoy this event and it was the first beauty event I attended. I actually always took my cousin Lynn and we went together. It was nice having her around and we could go get makeovers together at the booths, learn new makeup techniques and just have a fun girl day together. Out first Beauty Social we took her son who was so young and about 6 months or so at the time, our second time he was almost a year old and this one he is almost two in a week. It is so crazy how you don’t notice time fly but it does. This year unfortunate she went back to UAE to work and I had to go alone but I actually took our first photo booth picture together with me as a remembrance of how we started. It’s kind of bittersweet but I told her all about it and sending her pictures. I might even show her this blog post. I didn’t go alone this year as my dad really wanted to go and see what it was also about and experience them as he has gone to one. I know he enjoyed himself and probably go more pictures of himself than me. It was a fun day and I can’t wait to show you it so let’s get on started and read more as I know this will be a long post with many pictures. See my event recap of the Global Glam Beauty Social by BDJ.

Here is the passport and this is your ticket in to the talks and also claiming your loot bag. Each year there is a different theme and inside is just a map of the events, a checklist of the booths and what you can do at them and contests you can enter as well. If you’d like to see my first Beauty Social you can read about it and see how it was like as I go into more detail here. Next is our second one which I recap as well and that was a year ago which is crazy. You can see the booths and talks I went to that one as well here.

Now we are to the booths and all the fun stuff they hold.


I’m not really doing a full review and
look over of the booths like I did in the past beauty social posts I’ve
done. I didn’t take as many pictures even though it might seem a lot it
isn’t like the other two and this time I did more vlogging but did
manage a couple of snaps during it. I did enjoy all the booths I went to though and got a lot of cool samples and learned a thing or two about them. 

Aren’t those Bioderma bottles so cute? The Bioderma Booth was the first booth I went to and it didn’t sway me because of the cute bottles (maybe a little) but I’ve heard so many great things about it from reading it in blogs and watching other youtubers feature them in their favorite videos so I really wanted to try the hype but it was only available in France and the Uk but now they are here in the Philippines. They told me what is best for me and gave me a handful of cute litle samples that I can’t wait to try. The next one was the Covergirl Booth which I’ve gone to in past beauty socials. They didn’t have makeovers I don’t think this year but they gave out free marshmallows, you can sign their wall with sticky notes and enter in their raffle to win a lipstick. After that I went to the Cure and K-Palette Booth which again I’ve been to the cure and think it is amazing. This time my dad got to try it and thought it was so cool. They also sold the product and some K-palette goodies which I have been loving recently at a discounted price. Then the FS Cosmetics Booth was next which they had a lot of their makeup on sale and I had a quick browse. I really love their gel liner and others and they had them discounted as well. The Max Factor Booth is next with a lot of their products and they didn’t have a seminar this year but they had discounts and other stuff though. The Morrison Booth was a photo challenge one and you take a picture there post it on social media and get samples. You can see mine on Instagram here. The Strip Booth was pretty fun because they offered a game which was fun but I didn’t win as I am terrible at them but I gave it a try. There were other booths and I went to each one but didn’t get a picture of it. You can see more on my vlog if you’re curious. Lastly I got my picture taken at the Canon Booth which I do every time but this time they ran out of photo paper so I didn’t get mine printed which is disappointing even though I got my picture done pretty early so I hope next time they bring a lot.


Like past BDJ Beauty Social when you per-register like I did you get to choose two of the selected talks and I choose my two. I usually always attend the Benefit one as i is my favorite brand but it wasn’t apart of the line up this year nor did they have a booth which was sad because I ind of made it a tradition of mine. It’s okay I still got to go the ones I picked.

Get The Look of Love with Revlon

The first talk I went to is by Revlon. This one was with a celebrity makeup artist, Eman De Leon, who does shows like Pino Big Brother and The Voice Philippines which is pretty cool. He taught us how to use their new product which was the Revlon. We learned two techniques for the day time and then two for the night time. It looks like an interesting product and can create pretty looks. He also answered some questions about techniques and stuff which I got a lot of and advice he gave. It was a fun talk and I actually filmed parts of it and included some into the vlog if you’d like to watch it too.

Be Like Candice with Max Factor

The next one I went to is by Max Factor and i wanted to attend this one because of my cousin Lynn. All of the Beauty Socials she has attended and I did it for her. It is her favorite brand and usually I don’t attend them with her as I pick my own but i kind of dedicated to going for her and it was quite fun. Bobby Carlos who is the makeup artist for Max Factor gave us a tutorial on how to get the supermodel look and I took a lot a way from the talk and learned so many new tips to help me with my makeup application. I caught some of it again if your look to watch clips of this talk as well. The last part was cool because he was giving away products he used during the demo if we listened to the talk and we had to raise out hands which on some I thought I as the fastest but I didn’t win. It was a fun game though and really exciting.

That was my recap of the BDJ Box Global Glam Beauty Social. I seriously can’t believe that was my third and as always I really enjoy myself and go home from the event feeling so excited and can’t wait to do the blog post. I usually do a blog post letting you know I go but this year I forgot. I
usually go to these and if you are reader please come up and say hi as
I’d love to meet a reader as I have not met one in person yet. It was a fun day and I do miss my cousin to go with but other than that I hung out with my dad, got a pretty cool loot bag and some great samples so it was a fun successful event as always.This year was a little more special as I vlogged a little bit of it. Thanks to BDJ for putting on the event and always doing an amazing job. I always enjoy and look forward to going to their events. If you like here is there website and follow them on their social media as they are always putting on fun events like this and having fun contests plus do beauty subscription boxes so a pretty fun company indeed. Until next Beauty Social but before that I will have a post of my loot bag as that is also something I love doing and also might be doing a video of it as well. Look out for that and hope you enjoyed this recap!

What is one makeup tip you learned and always remember now?

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  1. rae lovefromberlin
    September 19, 2015 / 12:20 am

    What a lovely event. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos as well – really gives a good sense of what the event was like!Rae | Love from Berlin

  2. Heather Nixon
    September 19, 2015 / 11:10 am

    It looks like it was a great event! xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  3. Rebecca
    September 19, 2015 / 3:36 pm

    I love the look of the event! Just watched your vlog and you look gorgeous, also you're so lovely and sweet! <3Rebecca Coco

  4. Gen-zel
    September 20, 2015 / 2:22 am

    Sayang I missed this! The event looks fantastic as always! Congrats to all bellas and BDJ Team who made this event a success! Hope to see you soon Jackie! Btw, your photos keep on improving! I'm planning to switch to Canon or a mirrorless cam, I'll check the camera you're using. Good job! šŸ™‚

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