August Highlights | Month in Pictures

August Highlights Month in Pictures

Happy ber and by ber I mean September and the ber months! I get that from my mom who has been reminding all of my family how it is already the ber months. Either she is excited for Christmas or just loves the ber months, who knows? So my highlights of the month were not as exciting as last month but still quite good. I show you the
moments I documented and see what I did this month. Let’s rewind
and take a look at my August! Here
are some of my highlights:

  • iPhone 6. I got the iPhone 6 and I am over the moon happy. I got a text at the end of July saying if I’d like to upgrade and recontract my plan with my local carrier and get the iPhone 6 for free I jumped at the chance. I ordered it on a Thursday and got it confirmed on a Friday and it was delivered the following Tuesday. I cannot tel you how excited I was and just counted down forever but technically it was only a few days. I did the same thing with my iPad Air and did a countdown on twitter so I had to do it again. I think on twitter you could tell how excited I was and with everything I get excited for. I think I’m just an excitable person and would definitely have that trait if I was a Sim. I’m loving it so far and glad I upgraded as my iPhone 4s sure needed to be retired.
  • Going out to dinner with my cousin. Right after my new phone came in the mail I went out to the mall to get a screen protector for it and of course I needed to browse a few cases for it because it was my obsession with my iPhone 4s so naturally I would do the same. I decided to have one of my closets my cousin to tag along with me and it has been the first time we have gone out together in ages so a good catch up and yummy food was a great way to send time with each other and just hang out outside of my house.
  • Doing some clothes shopping. If not buying a new phone was enough I went clothes shopping a little and picked up a few pieces. I am hoping to do a collective haul so that was one of the reasons for the sudden excuse to go shopping. I picked up this tee and I know it says fashion blogger and I haven’t been a very good one lately but I hope this tee will change that in the next month.
  • Getting a hang of editing. I just got Adobe Premiere Pro loaded on to my desktop which means a lot more editing to be done now. I am sort of getting the hang of it and it is so easy to edit compared to other ones I tried. I am actually half finished with one right now which I am hoping to finish before the weekend.
  • Putting up my first vlog. To go with editing I of course got my first vlog up. It was my first time vlogging in public and it was so exciting but nerve-wracking all at the same time. I talk more about that in my Where I Went and you can also watch it here.
  • Blogging quite a lot this month. I think I did a pretty good bunch of posts this month.That was a surprise as I felt like I was slacking a lot but actually it was quite the opposite. I guess I just didn’t realize it but I kept to it somewhat and it feels good. I’m hoping to keep it up next month at least but it is getting so much harder when it is raining and is gloomy half the time. I will try to get more up though.
  • Watching Disney movies again. Once you watch and read my August favorites post which is coming in the next day or two I hope (just finishing both of them up) this will make sense. I have been watching all kinds of movies and becoming a Disney kid all over again. I missed watching my fave movies from back than. I am also quite excited to start watching Halloween movies from Disney. But is it quite early? Even though it sounds so fun and makes me excited for fall.
  • Cooking Healthier. I’ve been making somewhat healthier choices and I am not saying I am perfect but slowly it is improving and I am not trying to go for things I find  will hurt all that much. I hate dieting and don;t think I will ever try one but reducing stuff and finding better alternatives sounds a lot better than just cutting it out and going on some crazy diet that will just make me want to eat more. So I’m quite proud of that.
  • Moving to a higher in level in Tap again. Even though I already accomplished this back when I was around 13 or something getting moved up again made me flash back to that time and I can’t believe how far I’ve gotten from forgetting a lot of the steps to actually becoming quite good now is amazing for me and deserves to be a highlight. I mean it is kind of like riding a bike and you don’t entirely forget but the confidence in whatever you’re doing goes away I feel like so once it is back you can ride a bike again like it is nothing and that’s how I feel about dancing again. I don’t know if that analogy made sense but in my head it did and I’m writing this at 4 in the morning so if it doesn’t I am sorry. All I know is I am back to being quite good in tap again and next stop is getting on pointe.

As for fashionxfairytale in the month of August, it did pretty good I guess. I blogged quite a lot it seems like even though sometimes it didn’t. I did keep a somewhat schedule and did accomplish at least 3 times a week. I’m hoping the weather gets better to go shoot some outfit posts and I am trying to make it a goal to shoot some this month. Also lay off the lipstick posts for once but if you like them than I can maybe squeeze one. So not that exciting but I quite liked last months post and hope you’ve been liking my pictures with the new camera. It is still a little bit getting used to but I’m slowly getting there. 

The month of August wasn’t as big of one like last month though and my highlights weren’t as exciting but I think it is pretty chill month. I don’t know what I am doing in September besides counting down until Christmas. Can you believe the other day I saw Christmas decorations in the store and couldn’t believe it. So that was my August and hope you liked my highlights and little snapshots of my month. Until next month!

What is your all time favorite Disney movie?

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