August Favorites 2015 | Beauty & Lifestyle

August Favorites 2015 – Beauty & Lifestyle

Happy Friday! It’s monthly favorites time again. It’s now September and I can’t believe where this year went. It seems a lot quicker than last year. I actually have quite a few beauty favorites this month, a fun movie and an amazing TV show I’m a big fan of and lastly I feature a food favorite which is a snack I can’t get enough of. So if you want to find out more read on or you can actually watch my video of it below instead.


Snoe Bedside Beso Balm Deep Lip Treatment

First favorite is a lip balm and it has been my savior since the weather is getting quite chilly in Manila and I love it this time of year because of the clothes you get to wear and the vibe of it getting closer to the holidays. Reasons I hate it is no sun for pictures and the lack of moisture makes my lips so chapped. So to solve that I’ve been reaching for is the Snoe Bedside Beso Balm which is a deep moisturizing lip treatment that says it protects, plumps and freshens breath. I think it means it is for bedtime and can help last for 8 hours but I use it whenever I need to. I was hesitant with the minty feeling and the way it left my lips at first but it actually is quite nice and I feel like without it it wouldn’t be the same. It’s a Philippine based product and hence the name since I’ve heard it being used before. I really like this lip balm and always look forward to using it.

Etude House Dear My Lipstick in PK009

On the subject of lips I have my favorite lip color of the month. I know it isn’t really a season appropriate color but I’ve been loving the winged liner and pink lip makeup look and it has been my go to look lately. So I was looking for something in my old BDJ boxes which I store some of my beauty products in and I found this again. I was wondering where it went and ever since finding it I’ve been wearing it whenever I go out. It also isn’t matte so it won’t my lips worse and stays on for quite a while during the day and the glossiness to it makes it a different look. I know it was featured in a favorites post at the beginning of the year but it’s good to revisit ones and after experimenting with different lip colors I’m glad to be back to wearing my favorite pink shade again. If you like to see the review I did of this you can read it here.

Benefit Cosmetics Roller Lash Mascara

For my last makeup favorite I have something that I’ve been literally in love with. If you read my Benefit samples goody bag first impressions I wrote here than you would see I didn’t try it yet but I wrote that about two weeks or so ago and didn’t get a chance because I couldn’t find s reason to use it yet. So one day I was supposed to film a few videos so it gave me a good enough reason to try it. In short I loved it and I understand the hype surrounding this. I thought it wouldn’t be great and I was just trying to tell myself not a lot of people are the same so if it doesn’t work on me than at least it is a sample. I was so wrong and I was so happy it did work with me. My lashes were so much more fuller and no clumps. That’s all I’m going to say for now because I plan on spilling everything about this in a review post so that will be up when I get the pictures done and fully see if the few times I used it was a fluke. Overall it’s amazing so far and I can’t get enough of it.


OMG Nail Lacquer in Champagne

The nail color I choose for the month is OMG nails in Champagne. It is the gorgeous light pink in a frost shade and is very iridescent in color and is the prettiest when in the light. I usually don’t go for finishes like this but my tip is I have a base color in the same shade and apply a coat of that and this on top and it gives the best results and it makes them look great together. I got this and forgot about it because I was on such a hot pink kick that I ignore all my other shades. I decided I was finally tired of it and decided to shop my stash and got this out of my collection and I guess it was a good decision because now I’m obsessed with this. 

Johnson’s Off Soft and Scented

To start with it’s kind of a random beauty favorite and that is the Johnson Off Soft and Scented. It’s apparently mosquito season since its been quite rainy and they all decide to come out and bite me. After my mom recommend I use this stuff to try and not get the disease those mosquitoes carry I apply it at night before bed because that is when it’s the worse. It actually works and I don’t get bite and those bite bumps I once had are fading which I’m glad. It actually smells good and not sticky which I was afraid of. I bought a large size and a travel size to take with me in case I’m out at my cousin which is worse there. It’s something random I feel but using it every night for the past month it’s been considered a favorite for me.

Pantene Silky Smooth Care Miracle Water

I have a hair product this month and with my hair being up in one of those ballet buns three times a week I needed something to make it stay done. I’m not a big fan of gel and hair spray as it’s just class and not a performance and I take it down right after anyways so I needed to find a product that makes it stay but also isn’t sticky and makes it gross. Here comes in the Pantene Miracle Water and it does the trick and keeping those pesky little baby hairs that like to stick up. It is water based so it doesn’t mix with my already oily hair. It’s also supposed to be perfect for the humidity and I definitely need that since the heat just hates my hair and makes it ten times more frizzy than what it’s supposed to be. This smoothness that and doesn’t just work for my dance classes but every time I go out I pump a dime size and run in into my day old curls to get them back to shape. I’m so glad I have a backup bottle of this after getting it in a goody bag from a beauty event I attended because it is great for me right now and that’s why I’ve been loving it.

Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Gold Edition

The last beauty product I’m going to be talking about in this favorites post is a skincare product that has been one of my best friends during a pamper night and that is the Skinfood Black Sugar Scrub Gold Edition. It’s been reintroduce to me and only after I found it again and also my cousin and I wanted to have a mini pamper session and do face masks together. This leaves my skin so smooth and soft and it just gets all that dirt and whatever on your face and strips it. Since it is a sugar mask I love the gritty feels on my face and it really scrubs it away. I have oily skin on the top of my face and the bottom half gets really dry so using this is perfect for both that so if you have oily/combination skin I think a sugar scrub is great for it. It also has small gold flecks in it and I think that’s why it is called the gold edition. I’ve been enjoying a lot of Asian skincare and makeup products lately and this brand is one of them. 


Disney Descendants // MOVIE

I have a movie favorite for August and it was the Descendants. I was recommended this movie by Shayne while we were texting one night and I made it my mission to watch it because she described it to be amazing to me. So I found time one Friday night and decided to watch it. Yes my Friday nights sound so awesome right? I love Disney movies and fairytales (hence my blog name) and I thought it was such a cute and amazing movie for me. I included the summary of it as well if you haven’t heard of it.

Ben, the teenaged son of King Beast and Queen Belle, invites the
exiled children of defeated villains to attend a prep school with the
heroes’ children.

After watching it I wanted to be a Disney princess and also dye my hair purple. It was my kind of movie and I would watch it over and over again. Also I loved the singing and dancing in it and it does remind me of High School Musical which I was all about back when it came out. I guess I need to watch both of these again soon. I totally recommend it and next on my Disney to-watch list is Inside Out which I hear is amazing as well. 

On the Wings of Love // TV SHOW

A different TV show favorite for the month and it is a Philippine Soap Opera called On the Wings of Love and it started in the beginning of August. I usually don’t watch this and after seeing the trailer everyday on TV it looked like something I would watch. So I got into it and I fell in love with the characters and since I related to the show and everything about it. It is the cutest thing and I’m now a big fan of the love team and want a guy just like the main character. If you are following me on twitter than you can tell how much of a lover I am of the show and look forward to it everyday and it definitely is a highlight and perfect way to end my evenings. Here is the summary of the show. I promised in my video that I would write it here so it makes more sense:

The romantic comedy centers around two different people ā€” Leah, a simple
girl with an American dream; and Clark, a boy living his American life ā€”
who are forced to marry in order to legally stay and continue working
in the United States.

Also here is the trailer for the show if the summary wasn’t good enough for you. It’s just so cute and I’m going to be watching it till the end. It’s actually on tonight and it’s also sad because it’s the last one before the weekend but it means they are usually pretty good ones. Okay that’s enough fangirling about this show.

Chunkee Cookie Cream Pie // Snack

I introduce food favorites in my video last month and made it a bonus on the video and not have it in the blog post but this month I’m being generous and adding my favorite snack. I do have another food favorite I included in the video so if you watched it you already know what that is. But here is the snack I’ve been loving in August and it isn’t the best thing probably but I am just a big fan of cookies and anything involving cookies is my favorite. I discovered these at the convenience store beside the dance studio and wanted a quick pick me up after class as I was drained. It was the perfect treat as only two come in the package and it’s quick and something sugary which is what I needed. Now after dance I would go over and buy one and they are pretty cheap but after doing my weekly food shop I found the whole package of them that come with like 12 or something so I now take one with me in case I need it. I’m actually eating one as I’m writing this post.

Those are all my favorites for the month of August. It’s quite a few this month and I was surprise to see how many there were and quite the variety as well. I hope you can watch the video of it here. I had quite a good ramble from it too so I suggest be ready for the length. Let me know if you have an international show you have watched and loved because now I m going to try and get more into them and it will help with understanding the language more. Maybe there are other dramas I should check out so leave your suggestions if you have any. Hope you enjoyed this month’s favorites post and maybe you can head over to the video of it.

What is on your to-watch list for September?

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  1. Jasmine Riel
    September 7, 2015 / 2:05 am

    Great post! The packaging alone on that Etude House lipstick is just gorgeous. Also, that skinfood scrub sounds amazing! I'm currently waiting on their black sugar strawberry scrub/mask and I'm super excited to try it

  2. Shayne ā™„
    September 11, 2015 / 8:05 pm

    jackieee im so happy you enjoyed the descendants and dont worry my friday nights are as awesome as yours too hihi! did you watch inside out? you'll love that as well ^^ and thanks for confirming the hyper surround roller lash – i wanna get those. but i have tons of mascara back ups here at home so maybe sometime in the future šŸ™‚

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