Wish list | iPhone 6 Cases

Wish list – iPhone 6 Cases

Happy Wednesday! It is a very happy one for me because I just got my iPhone 6 in the mail. When I got my first iPhone which was the 4s I was so excited that I did a wish list right away of what phone case I wanted to get for it. Now three years later (I can’t believe it has been 3 years) since I did that post you can look back on that here I wanted to do the same thing except with my new one. So here are a few I ended up picking.

Pink Retro Inky Hand-Drawn Bow Illustration Case | link |
If I had a choose this is the case I want. I am so tempted to order it because hot pink and bows so yes please. I don’t know yet but I’ve heard great things about this company and maybe next month. If you know me then you know anything bows is me and I have seriously been on a look out for a case with bows on it that would make me so happy and I could never find one and if I did I wasn’t really into the design. This one is perfect and I could see me just wearing this case out by having it on my phone and never taking it off. I think when I see this case it just screams me, do you agree?

Neon Pink + Blush Case | link |
The next case I would want is a combination of my favorite colors. It is simple which I think I would need a plain but still pretty case. I mean blush ink and hot pink together is what dreams are made up for me and I love the color block it has to it. I think I need to find one just like this and it will be my formal case as I call it when I need to go somewhere important and not have a Hello Kitty case on my phone like I have before and feel so awkward with it.

Skinny Dip Pink Liquid Glitter Case | link |
I’ve seen a few of these and I am in love with it. I mean it reminds me of a wallet I had as a kid that was transparent and had glitter just like this. So I think having a case like this will be so fun and who doesn’t like something fun and reminds you of your childhood. I think I will be so mesmerized by the case though.

Sweet Pink Heart Ultra Thin Case | link |
I have this case with my iPhone 4s so I saw they did one for the 6 so I think I would like it to remind me of my old phone. It is so cute anyways and I think it was the first one I bought for my iPhone and I mean just look at the heart and lace cutout I think that was what attracted it to me in the first place. I do hope I can find it again in store.

Mad For Makeup – Watercolor Painted Case | link |
Now for design cases that have different illustrations. I am so into finding a pretty sketched case and I saw this one on Wonderforests instagram and thought it was perfect for the makeup lover in me. There are so many other fun designs she made which I am in love with as well and also there is a transparent version so I can choose from. I think I am going to be getting me some design cases the most though as I think it just fits my personality best.

Clear Pearl and Lace Case | link |
I adore these transparent ones to see the color of the iPhone on the back. I have seen so many and think it is so pretty and there are so many designs to choose from. I picked this one because of the lace and the bow is my favorite thing. I would have a difficult time picking what kind of transparent design but I did see a few floral ones which are so amazing. 

Berry Purple Quilted Case | link |
Another case that I kind of similarly have except mine is hot pink. I think I like that it isn’t the same color as the one I have because I can’t really buy so many similar cases to the ones I already have as I’d love to try something new out. I have been into marsala/berry color and I never thought I would but it really is a nice color. Also this would be such a pretty case for the autumn time and I have a bag and leggings in the same color and I could see so many outfits it can match with.

Gold Glitter Case | link |
Here we go again with another glitter case and I did say I like a little glitter in my life and I think this gold glitter case would be so cool and perfect since I got the gold iPhone and I think I am on a good theme recently and have been obsessed with finding gold accents for my room and now with my phone case.

Those are a few cases I have picked out for myself and will report back which one I end up getting. I do have my eyes on the pink bow one the most though. I hope I gave you a few options as well if you are on a lookout for some. I’m so excited and will be playing with my new phone and setting it up and all that. Let me know some sites that sell some pretty cases because I go case happy and will buy many like my last one and also some app suggestions would be great. Hope you have a happy hum day everyone!

What case is currently on your phone?

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  1. Minau
    August 5, 2015 / 5:43 pm

    Great cases! My favourite one is the second on the first row!

  2. Erica Kato
    August 7, 2015 / 10:38 pm

    These cases are all great! Love the pink.xo | The Fashion Forecast

  3. Švambaryt ėė
    August 8, 2015 / 10:32 am

    Lovely post! My favorite is clear and lace case! :)Agne | Classyflow

  4. Rebecca
    August 8, 2015 / 5:59 pm

    My favourite is the Mad for Makeup case but they are all super super cute!!Rebecca Coco

  5. Love Glasses
    September 1, 2016 / 2:09 am

    These cases are all great!

  6. Love Glasses
    September 1, 2016 / 2:09 am

    These cases are all great!

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