Sunday Snapshot N’4

Sunday Snapshot N’4

Happy Sunday. I hope everyone is having a relaxing one doing what they love best and for me I love catching up on my bloglovin’ feed and writing this post. I had another chill week and speaking of chill it has been pretty cold lately due to the storm that is coming through and the almost fall weather made me excited to bundle up in layers and wear my winter dance wear to class I have saved for the occasion. Enough about chatting about the weather, here has been a snippet of my week through snapshots.

I started my Monday pretty productive this week. I got ready, had my lunch and I was off replying to emails, taking a few blog pictures for the week and just having a normal blog day. I always like starting my week like that and that’s when I feel like I get most of my work done. I’m hoping to maybe do a post and also a vlog of like a day in the life a blogger because they sound so fun. I also am working on my blogging routine and how I plan posts so here is a little sneak peek. I do have a notebook for my ideas and my own little blog planner to organize everything and I just find it more helpful. I’d love to know if you have your how to blog post up I’d love to read it.

To counteract that productivity I installed The Sims 4 on my desktop
computer. So you know what that means after being all busy getting what
needs to be done I got to play games. I have been obsessed with it and
playing it every evening almost all this week. Actually one night in
between the loading screens I was in the process of writing a few blog
posts which means I am kind of still getting things done. I love The
Sims 3 and was recently playing that for a while because I didn’t get a
chance to find The Sims 4 until now. It is so fun and my sims are
actually from the story I wrote and I made their house and it really
seems like I made them come to life to bring the story to life as well
and to help me write it better. I’ve also been loving building and
making a few houses and I’m still not the best and getting used to the
controls but I’ve been at it and my imagination has been thanking me so
much for doing this. Now if you don’t hear from me I am stuck in the
land of Sims and don’t plan to be leaving there any time soon.

Here’s a picture of me before tap class. If you didn’t know and I think if you regularly do than you already know I do ballet and tap three times a week. It has been my form of exercise and instead of working out I dance. Yeah I might see more results by going to the gym or a trainer but I like dance and I get a good work out even though. I have been seeing a little progress and it might not be much but it has pushed me to keep going and my body is getting used to it again. My goal is to go en pointe in the next year and I’ve been trying my hardest and the teacher has even said so makes it really reassuring. As for tap well I’m already the highest I can go and now I’m just doing level 5 again with the other girls in class to start off again but yesterday I was promoted to level 6 which I have passed all the levels in the past but the refresher has been really good. I’m starting to get good again and after stopping for so long I’m glad it is all coming back to me now. I really want to do maybe a separate post or maybe a video of either my dance history or what’s it like being a plus size tap dancer and ballerina as I would find it really interesting and I have a lot to share. Let me know and maybe I can do something like that.

Another part of my week consisted of cooking a little bit better for myself. I can cook a few things and can manage to feed myself but I’m no cook whatsoever. Since exercising I think what’s next is healthier food which I guess would be logical. I was a vegetarian for about 3 years and now I eat tuna so I don’t know what you call it now but I still don’t eat any meat besides tuna or shrimp or something like that. At Lynn’s house she made these tuna patties and passed the recipe to me and now I make them and they are the yummiest things and I could eat them everyday if I could. Now about once a week or so my regular dinner you would find at my house is two tuna patties, a side like the one above which is sweet potato strips and some veggies like tomato or cucumbers. I’m not entirely sure this is the healthiest but right now it is a start. I also love ketchup and can eat it with practically everything and yes I’m that person. I’ve also added cheese into a lot of things I’ve been cooking and I have been so obsessed with cheese lately and trying new kinds so watch out for my favorites blog post and video because things will get cheesy. I’m hoping maybe to do a few recipe post maybe first on the tuna patties if you’d like to see that and if you have any healthy lunch/dinner ideas please let me know and link your blog post if you have some.

This week I uploaded my first vlog. It was super scary but so exciting and I knew I had to vlog the day because when would I ever get the chance too and I wanted to document the day to remember it by. I’m writing a full blog post bout it tomorrow and show you a few pictures of the day and a little about that but if you want to watch it instead you can watch it here.

That’s been another snapshot of my week. I made an effort this week to take more pictures unlike last week I felt like I didn’t have enough or nothing exciting was going on. I also can’t believe next week is going to be the last full week of August. I wonder what I’ll get up too but you and me both shall find out in next week’s Sunday Snapshot. Hope you have an amazing week ahead of you and enjoy the rest of your Sunday.

What was your favorite hobby as a child?

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  1. Mlle Coconath
    August 24, 2015 / 8:28 am

    Great post! Cute pictures!xxMademoiselle Coconath

  2. Erica Kato
    August 24, 2015 / 2:29 pm

    Food looks yummy!xo | The Fashion Forecast

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