Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 401 & 402 | Review & Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 401 & 402 – Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday! It is the middle of the week and I think it’s time for a another installment of my Maybeline Colorshow lipstick reviews which sadly this is the last unless I make a mistake and go out and buy more which has become more tempting especially since I don’t have a pink lipstick shade in this. But for now this is it and I will miss it but I will have one more post compiling all of these so it can all be together and I can give you a summary of what I thought of each and everyone of them as a set. I saved the purple shades for last and no this isn’t my first time trying a purple lipstick or some sort of purple hue. Purple used to be my favorite color as a 10 to maybe early pre-teen so I loved the color so much I bought a lot of my things in that color a lot like what I do now with pink. So getting these I was so excited because with the autumn months coming I thought it would be quite perfect.

Description from (Website): Heat-proof colored lipsticks in the season’s trendiest shades. Get runway-ready lips with brilliant lipsticks straight from the backstage runways of New York Fashion Week.

It has the same packaging so I don’t think I will go into much detail this time around. The only difference is this time to colored plastic bit is purple to identify it is a purple colored lipstick shade.

| top: 402 & bottom: 401 |

The last two are in the purple series which I am glad to be getting a purple hue. I was hoping it wouldn’t be as bold as the Revlon I reviewed a while back here because that color is something I rare occasionally and I didn’t want it to be like that so I could at least some good use out of it. When I opened both of them I was so happy because they weren’t dark and the both looked like they has some pink in them. It all came down to the swatching but I knew I was going to like them at first glance. They have both pinkish and blue tone undertones to it and I like the coolness they both have to them.

401 Sweet Orchid

I prefer this shade more and how pretty the pink and purple it is together. I was hoping it to be less purple and I’m glad it is. This is also more opaque and it covers the lips more which I prefer. Also I don’t know if you can tell but up close there is a faint glitter to it which maybe I thought would bother me but when it hits the light i find myself staring at the swatch on my hand and zooming it in you can see it on my lips. It has somewhat of a berry color to it and I think this would be a great transitioning season color so like summer to fall if you really layer it on and in the spring months just a dab or swipe of color as well. I would say it is very nice and can see myself wearing this and I didn’t think that was possible to step back from my pink lip obsession. I was hoping this won’t be like the red and smudge all over becuase I love the color but I did over apply it in the swatches to really test it again and I lover did it and put lipstick underneath as well on accident and it smudged under there. I have tried it several times this week before putting this up and yeah it still has that slight transfer but I’m willing to overlook it for now and if I apply it properly I am good to go.

 402 Plum-tastic

This shade is a lot lighter and is a lot pinker for some reason but it is supposed to be called plum-tastic which you would think would be more purple. I feel like the one above should be call plum-tastic as it is a little more purple in shade. Besides that I like the lightness to it and for those days where you only want a slight bit of color. This one is not as smudgy as the red ones were but maybe because they aren’t so opaque. Since it is so much lighter I didn’t have that much problem as the other one but this one I feel like the color goes a lot quicker especially after eating. I mean I can’t blame it you can see how glossy it is. I feel like this can be a lip shine or a lip gloss almost and it reminds me of a Revlon lipstick I reviewed before but this one is more purple and the other one has blue tones in it. I can’t quite decide if I am a fan of these light lipsticks but it is nice to have. It is still moisturizing and looks good swatched or on the lips though.

Overall Experience

These are some pretty purple shades and I’m starting to embrace different colors especially after trying new shades. It’s
pretty has amazing color to it and is quite long lasting. The
texture and finish of this lipstick is quite shiny and one is opaque enough and one is just like a gloss over. The packaging is nice the price is
fairly good for a drugstore lipstick and it has a lot of color options.

My rating is: &
With 401 I like it much better and prefer the shade over 402. So I give it a little higher rating. As for 402 I didn’t like the glossy shine and not much coverage but if that is your thing than it would be a perfect lipstick for you. They both had their differences and different textures and stuff. Both do deserve this rating and how I thought of all of this.

After writing and reviewing this I did give my cousin 402 not because I didn’t like it but I am starting to collect so many lipsticks and it was sort of a going away present for her. She loves the shade and I’m sure she’ll get more use out of it than I would have. I’m happy I have 401 and will most likely use it as much as I can. I wanted to be honest and I did love both of them though.

That completes this series and I enjoyed writing each and every individual review of the lipsticks. I will have a whole guide up later next week to summarize and review them as a whole set so that’s the last of this. I hope you found this helpful and let me know what colored lipstick shade you have started getting into because mine are more nudes and purple shades at the moment.

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What purple tone lipstick do you like better?

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