Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 201 & 202 | Review & Swatches

Maybelline Colorshow Lipstick in 201 Downtown Red & 202 Red My Lip – Review & Swatches

Happy Saturday and hope you are having a good weekend so far. I was supposed to be doing this last Wednesday but life got in the way but it’s okay it is still here. So here I am doing part II of showing you the second batch of the Maybelline Colorshow lipsticks. This time I show you two red lips. Another first for me since you know I’m all about that pink lip but there is just something about red lipsticks and it is another popular thing I’ve been seeing so I guess I’m excited to try it too. So let me show you that red lip classic thing that you’d like, shall we? You know I had to bring Taylor Swift into this.

Description from (Website): Heat-proof colored lipsticks in the season’s trendiest shades. Get runway-ready lips with brilliant lipsticks straight from the backstage runways of New York Fashion Week.

The packaging is the same but the colored bit on this is they are both red because obviously the lipstick is red which makes total sense.I do love the classic red and black together and they make it look so good. If you haven’t read my last review on this I’ll give a short summary of the packaging of this and it comes in a shiny plastic tube and inside the bit where you turn it is metal so it is pretty good quality and the overall packaging of this is pretty good for me.

| top: 202 & bottom: 201 |

As you can see even if they are both red there are a few differences between the two and not only color but the feel if that makes sense. I like that they are different in tone and an be worn or different occasions. I do like the texture and the quite shine and that says something since I do like the matte finish lately but this has changed my mind. It isn’t too shiny which I was worried about but it wears off and it makes have another texture.

202 Red My Lips

The first red lipstick I tried from the to and tested it out was number 202. I don’t know why I choose it first but I randomly grabbed it and proceeded to use to review it first. I should have gone by numbers but I didn’t really notice that. Now my thoughts on this are I really like it and I like the orangey red tone to this. It is a more unique red for me and I think it looks so fiery and fierce to wear. I don’t know how often I would wear this but it is nice to have. Now a little downside is it smudges a little too much for my liking. As you can see it did leave a line underneath my lips because I somehow messed it up somehow and didn’t notice it taking swatches but it makes the review more to life I guess. Everything else I like about this but I’m hoping I can solve the smudge problem and if you have a way to fix it I’d love to know because look how pretty that color is.

201 Downtown Red

The second red lipstick is Downtown Red and I was hoping to like this and that it didn’t smudge that much and had a better finish. I was excited because as soon as I swatched the color it looked so pretty and I love seeing tones of red lipstick like that. This one I hoped didn’t smudge but it did but not as much because this seems to have a different finish I think or the texture is slightly not that satin. I do not want to be biased but I think I am liking this shade better and when I think of red I think of this more and is a gorgeous color and I’m hoping to make this my holiday color and also how perfect would this be around Christmas time.

Overall Experience

These were nice red lipsticks. It has a nice moisturizing effect on the lips. I like the
texture and finish of both as well. Only one downside which is still fairly good with me and I didn’t find it faulty and it can be overlooked if you like the color yourself because I’m sure there are other lipsticks that do the same. The packaging is nice for the price and
fairly good for a drugstore lipstick and it comes with a lot more color options to choose from if you aren’t into reds. So for me it
was an overall great experience to use besides the slight budging and sliding of the lips.

My rating is:   &
So for 202 I rate it a three because of the smudging it does. Maybe it would look good for an ombre effect and if I learn how to do that than it would come in handy. It has a pretty nice color and I’m liking the tone but as I said a downside is the texture making it slide off my lips so easily. As for 201 I liked it and the color was so pretty for me. It didn’t rub off as much and didn’t mark anything I touched my lips to. Both are pretty good lips for the price and if you can look past one smudging than it is worth it. 

That is it for my red lip review. I loved the experience of having a red lip and I don’t think I would really buy both of these on my own. I’m not much of a very bold lipstick color girl but it is time I get to experimenting a little and I think this is on the lightest of the bold color scale for me at least. If you haven’t saw I reviewed the first out of a few I got from my blogger friend Kim who sent these to me after I won her giveaway. Make sure to read the nude lipstick review to see how I liked that one and maybe a little different to these. I hope you enjoyed reading my thoughts on red lipstick and let me know what is your go to red lip shade because I might like to try more.

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What is your all time favorite red lip?

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  1. Jasmine Riel
    August 23, 2015 / 9:55 pm

    Oh, I think I like 201 much better too. I much more prefer blue-toned reds because, IMO, they look great on all skin tones and make your teeth look whiter. People always say to buy red lipstick based on your skin's undertones, but I never seem to follow that rule, haha.Love how detailed this post is!

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