July Highlights | Month in Pictures

July Highlights Month in Pictures

Happy August to you! It’s another one of my monthly highlights post where I look
back to recap my little adventures. I think July has been my favorite month so far besides my birthday
month. There’s many exciting things that happened that I
can’t wait to tell you all about them. I show you the
moments I documented and see what I did this month. Let’s rewind
and take a look at my July! Here
are some of my highlights:

  • Getting my new DSLR. I finally got it! I have been saving up all my money and I finally bought the camera I always wanted. It was so exciting and surreal when they handed it to me and all I thought was I did it. I wrote a super long and sappy post about it if you want to read that it’s called Blogging Dreams Come True. I’ve been practicing a lot with it and my blog posts lately have been with this camera.
  • River Park photography stroll. I think just going out and going on a photography stroll like I used to do back when I was studying photography in college. It actually is really relaxing and I really suggest it if you want to practice and just go on a stroll.
  • Ballet & Tap Class. i think this will always be a highlight but I think since I got pictures this month I could include it one more time. I just feel so good afterwards and I’m starting to get back in shape and get back to where I left off. In tap I am really getting more and more into it and thought i forgot it all but turns out you don’t forget stuff like that. In ballet I am building my strength up and hoping to get on pointe in a year or so. I got the balancing down a tad more now so that’s good. I might do a short of lifestyle post on this if you’d like because I thought it would be fun and I can explain more in detail so let me know if you want to see that.
  • Starting Youtube. This was another big thing that happened to me and it definitely deserves to be a highlight. I uploaded that here if you want to see my first video introducing myself and maybe if you were curious to what I sound like because I know I have when I watch other bloggers I follow. I’m so excited about this and hope to start filming more since I have so many ideas but so little time especially with trying to maintain my time with this blog but I’ll get my juggling act together somehow.
  • That’s Heart Meetup. I met Heart. I met her and saw her in real. If that is not a highlight than I don’t know what is. I had a privileged of winning VIP tickets to her meetup at Benefit by a mall that I live so close to and I was just so excited. So it was an experience and 40 of us got to have special time with her. I actually vlogged the day and and you can see how much I fangirled when I met her and that will be up as soon as I edit it. There will also a blog post up to show all the pictures I took of the day too.
  • Meeting a blogger friend in person. I met Shayne from Queen of All You See and invited her to come to the meetup with me. We always chat and comment on each others blog and we said we should meetup one day and I thought it was the perfect time. I was so nervous to ask her but it ended up being the best decision ever. We hung out and had lunch afterwards and just chatted the whole time. I also met up with Genzel from Genzel Kisses because she was invited to the VIP meetup as well and all three of us just talked and hung out for the afternoon. I am so thankful finding real life blogger friends and it is definitely one of my favorite things about blogging. Go follow them and hope we all could hang out again.
  • Blogging flat lays. I had to add more photography practice. I took bulk photos and after this post I am going to take even more for the month. Plus I think I am in love with my set up also the props are too cute. I am still on the lookout for more because you can never have enough. The marble background I got at the hardware store and it is a floor square and it is perfect and very blogger in so I decided to try it as well.
  • Babysitting. So since Lynn is living I got to take care of her son and he will be living with me. He is almost 2 and even though I still call him a baby he is a full blown toddler. It is just so cute holding conversations with hm and him discovering his little voice. We spent the day at the amusement park at the mall and we rode on rides and I vlogged a part of it because it was so cute. 
  • Airport Departure. I went to the airport to drop my cousin Lynn off since she is heading to the UAE. It is a bitter sweet highlight but she is off to work there. If you didn’t know Lynn was a silent partner to fashionxfairytale. She took my outfit pictures, went to beauty events with me and was there for me. I consider her my best friend and I really enjoyed spending the past few weeks with her before she left. I also took her family pictures a few days before her flight and I loved the way it turned out.

As for fashionxfairytale in the month of July, it was another pretty big one. I tried but haven’t paid much attention to my blog as I liked this month but I got distracted and just everything got out of control. I sat down on Sunday though to get my butt back in gear and have planned and wrote down all the posts that need to go up in my planner and have days planned and scheduled when to do what so like film and edit on some days and write and take pictures on the others. I think for August I want to get more into fashion and personal style posts like I used to but my camera died and I need to get back into those with the new one and figure it out. I had a mood where I didn’t want to do anything but outfit posts and put beauty posts behind but lately its the opposite so I hope I can find a mix of both in the next couple of months and find a happy medium.

That has been my July and there are no words to describe how much I loved this month. I new something special was going to happen and I had a feeling but this was just wow. I can’t believe the things that happened and feel so lucky and over the moon right now. Let me know what youtuber or famous person you would love to meet. I know I have a lot more I’d love to and I hope to go to one of those conventions someday to meet all my fave people I watch. I hope next month is just as exciting but I don’t think it can top this one but you never know. Hope everyone had an amazing July as well and until next month’s highlights!

What famous person would you love to met and fangirl over?

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  1. Shayne ♥
    August 6, 2015 / 4:54 pm

    is the heart video up? 🙂 am excited to see that… and speaking of which i havent send you the photos soz :S do you still need them? thank you for the invite i had loads of fun meeting you, kim, and heart! its sort of my first blogging event so this was extra special for me <3do you know if theres any other YT conventions this year? maybe we can meet elle or zoella!

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