Benefit Cosmetics Goody Bag | First Impressions

Benefit Cosmetics Goody Bag – First Impressions

Happy Saturday! As promised to show inside another goody bag from an event, the Heart VIP Meetup to be exact and like what I do with any event I go to that comes with one of these fun bags I show you the contents. But this one I am going to give you a mini review and a first impression of what I think of whatever is in it. So Benefit gave the attendees a few of their cute small samples that I’ve gotten a few before but I just love trying these and some of them are perfect for travel. So here are my thoughts on each one and what my I like. 

Firstly is the Stay Flawless 15-hour Primer which can I just say how cute this is. I mean when I first saw it I squealed with delight at how cute it is so that was my initial reaction. I don’t know if the full size is like this but I do love how it is like a twist up concealer or lipstick. I did try it on my cheek and so far it does work and primes but I haven’t gone the full 15 hour like it says because I don’t wear makeup for that long of a period. What matters is it does the priming and gives my foundation a smooth finish and that’s all I care about. I wouldn’t make this a priority thing to purchase at the moment but if I am in need of a primer later on I might go for this one.

The next is the the POREfessional Face Primer and this is one of the three I’ve tried so far due to receiving a few samples just like this in a previous BDJ Box which you can read here and here. So what I think of this is it does wonders especially on my nose as this is where I have the biggest pores at. Since it is so small I only use it on my nose anyways. I think I would buy a full size but I haven’t tried it on my whole face yet to see the real magic I hear it does. It is another primer and I do see the difference in the two. I think if there is a pretty good deal in getting a full size in this since I see sometimes the stores do have them I will purchase it but if not it is on my really want to buy list as of now but I do like it.

The third thing I got was a foundation sample so this is the Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow! Foundation in Ivory and I’m a tad bit sad this isn’t my shade but it won’t go to waste because I could give it to my cousin. It is really tiny so it will be for one use as I did already try one of these but in my color. I got this in a beauty box in my exact shade and tried it in store and it is defiently my shade. I love this foundation and a lot don’t really work on m skin but this surprisingly did and it is quite pricey but if it works for me than I don’t mind. I love the finish it leaves and makes me look flawless which is what everyone I think looks for. This is going on my to buy immediately wish list and the first thing I get from there. I liked it that much.

After that the last two are mascaras and the first one is the classic They’re Real Mascara and I’ve tried this as well but I still love it and always like having a travel size of it. I actually have a few travel size ones I’ve gotten and admit I haven’t bought a full size yet and it has saved me so much. I do love the formula and once I do run out I’m convinced to actually get it. It gives my lashes so much curl and volume and I don’t i it is my lashes already doing that but it does make them look so good that it does look like I have fake ashes. So it worked for me and I found it amazing and it’s easy to remover with my eye makeup remover so no fuss for me. Until i use up all my current ones and the sample sizes I wont get this but when I do it will be a mascara I will purchase.

Lastly is the one I am so excited for and it is the Roller Lash Mascara and after all the hype surrounding it I am now finally trying it. I didn’t get a chance to try it when it first came out but now I will. I actually haven’t gotten around to trying it but I am waiting for a special day to test it and see how I like it. I really am hoping it lives up to all the amazing comments it has gotten and it works for me as well. The packaging is very similar to the sample to the They’re Real but I am a little sad it doesn’t have that fancy cap like the full size but it can be over looked as it is a sample. So wish me luck in trying this and I’ll let you know later on my actual thoughts on this and if I would go out and buy it.

What I love about Benefit’s samples is I can try out the products without forking my money out to afford them especially here in the Philippines where it is almost triple the price of what I can buy I for in the US. I am planning on doing a full review on some of these and I think I will be doing the mascaras first after I really try them. I’m also planning on getting a full size of the foundation in my actual color after trying  similar sample in a previous BDJ Box and also when I went there for makeover since I had a voucher. I’m already making a mental wish list and it is always so dangerous for my wallet. 

That’s everything and it was a nice little surprise at the end to get. I really didn’t know we were getting these until they handed it to me. Meeting Heart was a surprise enough but this was a ice little bonus to it all. Overall I am a big fan of all of Benefit’s products that I’ve tried so far and hoping to get a thing or two from there come payday. Let me know which product from above you have tried or want to as well and also your favorite product from them. If you’d like I did a whole recap post of meeting Heart on Monday and a vlog on my Youtube channel if you want to watch the day.

What was your first Benefit product you tried?

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  1. Samantha Brooks
    August 29, 2015 / 7:31 pm

    These sample products are adorable & – like you said – are the perfect way to test out a product before splashing out on the full size… xSmall&Blonde ♥

  2. India-Robyn
    August 31, 2015 / 9:07 am

    Benefit have the best samples ever! Gorgeous goody | A friendly beauty and lifestyle blog

  3. Makeup Monster
    August 31, 2015 / 7:15 pm

    This sounds fantastic and lovely to find your blog!

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