Another Sunday Snapshot

Another Sunday Snapshot

Happy Sunday! I’ve had another delightful week and wanted to write a little about the week I had. I also wanted to bring back my lifestyle Sunday catchup posts especially now that I have two nice cameras which is one my new iPhone 6 and two my DSLR. So here is what happened in the land of Jackie this past week.

To start off with my Monday morning got a whole lot better when the postman came round and delivered my iPhone 6. I ordered it on Thursday and got my phone recontracted finally. I was in need of a new phone because I was still stuck on the iPhone 4s and also it was on the old iOS 6 so it looked really old. I was going to wait for the new iPhone to come out later this year but I saw a deal to get a free iPhone 6 and since I had been with the company long enough it was possible. Now I am so in love with my new phone and went out to buy a lot of new cases if you couldn’t tell the obsession is real and I’ll be collecting those cases.

Cheat day is one of those things that make me the happiest or is it potatoes. Whatever it may be I went out with my dad and cousin because we rarely hang out ad he really wanted Shakey’s and it was a good time. I was so amazed by the quality of my camera and the clarity of the screen is just heart-eye emoji. The food was amazing, I spent time with my camera and I ohhed and ahhed over my new iPhone now that was a great day. Also I would give anything to eat some of those mojos again.

Next my week led to an impulse shopping spree. I’ve been meaning to pick up some new clothes and apparently this week I was feeling spendy. I went to Forever 21 as I always do to see what they had and I wasn’t going to even pick anything up but I was perusing the racks and I didn’t notice this at first but I was looking at tops to use for dance class and I saw this one. I pulled it out and read it to find out it said fashion blogger so I immediately had to try it on and buy it and the best part is they had the last one in my size so a match made in heaven. I really wanted a top that said something about blogging and glad I found one and I am totally excited for the outfit I’m planning on styling with this top. So expect a haul on my channel soon of the stuff I purchased. Speaking of YouTube it has taken over my life by watching it and also editing a few videos I filmed the past week as well. I’m currently finishing up editing my first vlog of meeting Heart which is so exciting and I’ll let you know when that is up.

That’s what happened in my world this past week. I had a pretty decent week and I’m glad to be doing this again. I’ve promised myself to Instagram a picture a day this month since getting my iPhone and it’s been going good and I actually love the camera so much that I don’t mind taking snapshots here or there no matter what I’m doing that day. So if you like you can totally follow me on Instagram to see ahead of what I’ve been up to before I put this up. Hope you enjoyed a glimpse of my somewhat eventful week and let me know what’s been keeping you busy. See you again in the next snapshot post!

What was your impulse buy this week?

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  1. Kiss & Make-up
    August 10, 2015 / 4:21 pm

    Cheat days are the best! I don't really have 1 particular cheat day in the week though. I just let the opportunity arise and the situation present itself, lol šŸ™‚

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