June Highlights | Month in Pictures

June Highlights Month in Pictures

Happy July to you! It is one of my favorite lifestyle type blog posts to
do. It means doing my monthly highlights I started and look
back on my month to recap my little adventures. I
wanted to show you the snapshots I took from Instagram and also a few
shots from my camera.  My June didnt feel as exciting as other months but still a few events worth to share. I show you the
moments I documented and see what I got up to this month. Let’s rewind
and take a look at my June! Here
are some of my highlights:

  • Getting my certificate in Fashion Styling. I am officially a certified Fashion Stylist. This was definitely a highlight because it is so exciting for me ad I had so much fun taking classes, making new friends and just developing a talent which I brought out. If you want to know what I took and where I wrote a post about that here which I announce I was going to Fashion School. If you ever in need of a fashion stylist or need help styling call me!
  • Starting Ballet and Tap again. Out of all my highlights this is my fave. I started ballet and tap at 3 years old and went on and I was thinking of going pro but I moved countries. I started back up when I was 20 and went on and doing it but Uni got in my way and I stopped once again but now here we are starting again. I love it as an exercise and it just fun and I will always love dance. The downside is  I got home from my first class I was so sore but over the weeks it got better.
  • City Days. So since starting ballet, the studio is in the middle of the city surrounded by buildings. Its in Makati which is where everything is at and I live an hour away but it takes longer because of Manila traffic. If you are from the Philippines you know what I mean when I say I hate the traffic. I get to go there about 2-3 times a week for dance class. It kind of makes me miss living in the US. 
  • Championship game. Like last month my cousin won that championship and went on to play another one and again he won. It isn’t professional or anything it is just a neighborhood league. On both occasions they were undefeated so I guess my cousin’s team is pretty good. His son dresses up in a matching uniform and I call him the little mascot and he poses with the trophy. I can’t tell you how many pictures I took of him running in his jersey. 
  • Spending Father’s Day with daddy. We all know father’s day was this month and had a nice day. I sent him this picture and since he is obsessed with social media saw it and loved it. We ended up giving him special cupcakes we bought at the local bakery and he went picture crazy and posted all over his facebook how nice it was.
  • Celebrating my mom’s birthday. To celebrate her birthday we spent it at my cousins new place and had a birthday/housewarming and I got to spend all evening eating food and cake. My cousin invited a lot of his friends over and we just ended up hanging out and I got to spend a lot of time with my nephew who is at the stage where he is learning to talk which is the cutest thing ever. 
  • Selfies with my dog. I was sitting on the porch and had my phone with me. I have two dogs which one is a Bichon Frise you might have seen on my blog a few times and another one who is a dalmatian mix we adopted when he was a puppy. I am a total dog lover and I am that person who will say hi to a dog but not to a person. He thinks he is a lap dog so he got up and sat on my lap one afternoon and we ended up taking so many pictures. We have so many in different poses and even him kissing me.
  • Blog evenings. My favorite thing to do lately in the evenings is go up to my room and just blog on my bed with my laptop and watch anything and everything on Youtube. I sometimes just watch a whole lot of videos and it is just nice to have some background noise and it helps me write and focus. If you ask me this is the perfect way I could spend my evenings. 
  • Beauty Review Month. To coincide with my blog evenings I really enjoyed doing beauty review week which turned into month and was not even planned but I saw I had a lot in my drafts folder and since there was just no way to take any new pictures it would be the perfect time to do so. I lost the inspiration to write any kind of beauty post so this helped me get back into it and turned out I rekindled my love for it. You can see all those posts here if you want.

As for fashionxfairytale in the month of June, it was a pretty big thing since fxf turned 4! I have been blogging for four years which just seems crazy and I am so grateful for the journey. The one accomplishment I am really proud of this month is I make enough to have this as a part time job and I’m really happy about that. Thank you so much for the support and reading and I just love that I have found a few friends as well. I am planning on getting a new camera so I hope to that soon because I’m really excited to say I might be start YouTube videos and already have a launch date and wrote down so many ideas. So that is exciting and hope you will be too.

I have a special giveaway if you’d like to enter because the prize is a MAC lipstick and a few other beauty products as well so you could go to fashionxfairytale 4th Blog Birthday Giveaway!

That was my June and quite fun one. I said I wanted to try something new and I feel like I did with doing ballet and tap again and also I did beauty review month. Those I feel like were new things and I’m glad I made the effort. As for July I am doing a writing challenge to finish a novel I have been writing so I hope to report back how that goes. So that was my month and I hope you liked reading about it!  

What are you most proud of accomplishing so far this year?

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