How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Homecoming Dress

How to Find the Perfect Plus Size Homecoming Dress

Happy Wednesday! I am currently writing this as it is so stormy and rainy thanks to the typhoon and now my dance class was canceled because of it. So I am left with staying in and just cuddling in bed all day and since my Wednesday ritual of watching Pretty Little Liars in the afternoon as a mid day pick me up is not on I need to find other ways to pass my time. I thought blogging was just the thing so here I am. I did one of these previously and it went down well and I enjoyed just picking out dresses and it reminds me of what I used to do online when I first started using the internet. I would just look for pretty dresses until I discovered everything else online at least.

I got contacted again to do another one except a homecoming dress edition. I actually don’t think schools here in the Philippines have a homecoming but I may be wrong since I didn’t go here but when I did live in the US and went to high school there I actually never went to mine and now I kind of regret it and feel like I missed out but I was so shy and stuff so it put me off. If I could go back and do it I know I would have loved picking out a dress though. I chose a neutral theme this time for homecoming dresses since last time I went all out with some bold and bright colors. Also I consider light pink still a neutral color. So here is my guide to how to find the perfect plus size homecoming dresses.

White Homecoming Dresses

To start off with I choose a white theme because I just love the crispness and fresh look of a white dress. I have been on a white colored theme lately and really want to try a white outfit. As for the styles of dresses I just love this tutu short cocktail dress. The tulle and ball gown design just makes me feel like a princess and all I want to do is twirl around. Any whimsical dress just passes with me in my book.

Black Homecoming Dresses

The next series of dresses is some black dresses. I think a black homecoming dress is just so elegant and could be used not just for on occasion but many. I dont think you can go wrong with a little black dress but a little pumped up as well. I think I choose a more chic style for the black ones as when I think of a formal black dress I think of something not as filled with tulle and just a more simpler cut if that makes any sense. I think my favorite of the four would be the second one and maybe the last one.  

Pink Homecoming Dresses

The last color scheme I choose was a pink. Of course I had to choose it and last time I focused on hot pink which is my favorite color but my second favorite would be blush pink. This is another whimsical kind of dress with the tulle and the tutu style skirt just like the white set. I think I would be so conflicted with what to chose if I had to go to homecoming now if I would go with pink or white.

This actually came at a good time because the story I am writing for
Camp Nano has characters who are going to go to homecoming the next
chapter or two and I guess it was like a coincidence or something. All
the dresses I picked for the three characters all match their
personalities and surprisingly the colors I choose were also for the characters. I really enjoy picking these dresses and I never would have thought I would be able to do something like this ans when I was 10 or 11 this was just something fun I would do because that’s all my dad let me do was just search for hello kitty pictures and find dresses I thought looked so beautiful. If you would have told me back then that I would be doing this I would have said you were crazy but here i am doing what I used to love for a reson now. I hoped you liked this and enjoyed my dress choices. I know not everyone has a homecoming to attend but it does give you pretty dresses to look at and maybe for some other occasion. Let me know if you went to homecoming and what your dress was like or what it would look like if you didn’t go? 

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What would your perfect dress look like?

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    October 21, 2015 / 5:17 am

    Beautiful dresses! I love

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    December 10, 2015 / 1:45 am

    I love all these beautiful dresses, especially the second one!short prom dresses online

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