Products I Regret Buying

Products I Regret Buying

Happy Tuesday! I wanted to continue my series of cleaning out my drafts folder so here I am again. This I guess is pretty old because the pictures are from my old camera and I haven’t figured out my background or props yet. I decided to just go with it and publish this so here is the Products I Regret Buying.

So I seen that some bloggers write posts about products they didn’t love and didn’t do much for them and I have accumulated some products I didn’t really have a connection with also so I thought I could tell you about ones I didn’t quite like. I hate negativity and try to avoid it as much as possible but sometimes you really need to have some to balance things out. I’m not saying I hated the brand but the product didn’t do much for me and if my impression was good with the brand then I will buy something else of theirs but not the ones I already know didn’t work for me.

Neutrogena Deep Clean Daily Facial Scrub

First was the Neutrogena Daily Facial Scrub, I really wanted to try a new face scrub and they had this one which was on offer and had a good deal so I picked it up. I used it when I was off from school in case I reacted to it and when I put it on it stung my face a little and I thought it was normal so I left it on a little longer but I couldn’t take the sting and washed it off. I didn’t break out or develop redness but I was scared to use it again because I might react badly. I’m not sure if the product is actually like that or what but it didn’t feel right with me so I took it off before I hurt myself.

Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner

I picked this up at the same time as the facial scrub and you couldn’t just buy the facial scrub without trying the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner and I convinced myself to get it. I have not tried many toners and don’t really use them but I wanted to make a difference with my skincare so I popped this in. I thought it was not going to sting but as soon as I applied it on my face it hurt and I got scared and stopped. I am not sure if it is supposed to be like that but I didn’t try it again after that. Let me know if toner is supposed to do that and I might try again.

Garnier Brightening Oil-Control Scrub

To continue with the facial scrub theme I apparently decided to try another scrub again and I picked this Garnier Brightening Oil-Control Scrub up and I used it quite a few times and I thought it was going great until I started getting red and thought this might be the suspect. I love the beads in this though and if I didn’t get anything from this I would sure have liked this. It smells quite nice too and made my skin nice and soft but the redness was the only thing to put me off.

Garnier Light Moisturizer

I got this because of the Garnier sale a few months back and thought I would like to try a new moisturizer since I guess I was just in the mood too so the Garnier Light Moisturizer was the one to be picked. It turns out this was quite oily on me and with me having already oily skin in this hot humidity weather it didn’t mix well with me. I like the thickness of it and I am sure it would have done its job but the oiliness just got to me.

As for the others like the Aussie Hair Insurance Leave-In Conditioner I quite liked this but it started making my hair oilier than normal. It didn’t really do much for my hair but the smell was absolutely amazing. I wouldn’t repurchase this but I am willing to try it again. Next is the Dove Intense Heat Protector which did nothing but soak my hair and made it smoke when I tried curling it. I don’t really now if my bottle was broken but I didn’t like the texture and the smell so for me this was a no. The last product I didn’t quite like that I picked it was the Beauty Formulas Cleansing Nose Pore Strips that I saw in the beauty aisle at the grocery store. I thought this would be cool to do it at night with my cousin to have one of those beauty nights in. This doesn’t stick well admit didn’t do much for me. I might try another brand as I think this would be good to help clear my pores especially on my nose. 

So that was all the products I didn’t really enjoy and kind of regret getting in the first place but I think that is fun with the trial and error. The products wither were to early or had side effects I didn’t like about it. The ones with pictures were going to be for reviews so I added them in but never did so at least I got them in as well.  If you would like any full reviews on these I might try and do them.

That was quite different from me today. Some of these products have been sitting in my beauty cabinet for a while feeling unloved since I haven’t used them and some were not really good for me. I might try them again and see if I get a different result because I believe in second chances and they might be not that bad after all. Let me know how you like post like these and if you didn’t really like some things you purchased.

What did you regret buying in your beauty collection?

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  1. Anika H
    June 30, 2015 / 8:35 pm

    Great post, love the honesty – I'm quite surprised at some of these brands actually!Anika |

    June 30, 2015 / 10:30 pm

    Great review.Nice to read genuine reviews about personal experiences with products.

  3. Monic Sutter
    June 30, 2015 / 11:36 pm

    Crazy to think how some people rave about a product so you get it and its the worst right ! Sometimes my skin is too sensitive stuff for those products but sometimes they work too MSimply Sutter

  4. Sylvia Said
    July 1, 2015 / 12:02 am

    Skin care products are just so hard to shop for because you never know if your skin will love it or if it will wreak havoc on your face! If I really want to branch out especially with skin care I usually go to a higher end store and try a couple of samples before I purchase anything. I don't mess around with skin care hahaxxxShe Will Be

  5. Beauty by Tellie
    July 1, 2015 / 3:10 pm

    I'm a Garnier hater (unfounded, I admit) so I feel validated reading this post.

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