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May Favorites 2015 Beauty & Lifestyle

Happy June! Is it already half way through the year? Has it been 6 months since January? It is a tad bit late this month because my camera doesn’t seem to want to cooperate and it has been so gloomy and grey out lately. I’m so sad that the summer sun is starting to say bye so it makes it harder for me to take any photos. I did manage to take and edit them so here I am with products I was loving in May.


The beauty favorites this month is just some discoveries of old favorite products. I didn’t get anything new so I had an excuse to just fall in
love with stuff I owned already. Some might have already appeared in a
favorites post in the past but it was nice to rediscover and I fell bad
for shoving them in the corner when I truly really loved these.

TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray

I have gotten my straightening iron back which my cousin had borrowed for a few months now and since it is back I could straighten my hair again. I promised not to do it often and with it being gone so long it was nice so I wouldn’t be tempted but here it is again. This is the only heat protector I could find here and the price is a little up there but I think the TRESemmé Keratin Smooth Heat Protection Spray is so worth it and I feel it does help and protect my hair. I used to have this back when I lived in the US and straightened my very curly hair every day which helped but some days I got lazy and stopped using it and it damaged my hair real good. Now after getting it cut and managing it I brought it back to life but I swear not to hurt it as much as I did in my very early teen years. So when I do style my hair with heat I make sure to use one. I also discovered to curl my hair with a straightening iron and the curls are so pretty and made me forget about my curling iron.

 Caronia Nail Polish in Chassé

My fave nail polish of the month is the Caronia Nail Polish in Chassé and I know I have been on a hot pink kind of mood but than I jumped suddenly. Just like me waking up wanting hot pink nails all the time it suddenly changed and I was obsessed with cobalt blue nails which is so strange. I featured this before and it is just amazing with the pigmentation and color also the formulation is outstanding for such an affordable nail polish. I did a review of this and the other polishes in this collection in this post here.

The Body Shop Body Butter in Strawberry

As for my fave body product of the month it would have to be this lovely body butter I pulled out of my beauty stash. I missed using The Body Shop Strawberry Body Butter and after a dry spell from shaving my legs so much I needed some extra moisture. I had to maintain them since I was wearing all kinds of summer dresses so it was one of those beauty problems. I apply it at night and rub it in until it sinks in and since it is quite heavy it settles over night and I wake up with soft skin. It is so lovely and I feel like butter afterwards (pun intended.) I did a mini review on this for all my thoughts here.

Travel Makeup Brush Kit

I included this Travel Makeup Brush Kit because it has been a nice mini travel kit and with me going on a lot of trips or being on the go lately it has done the trick. I don’t own a travel brush kit and I guess I should invest in one so leave your suggestions. I use to take my current makeup brushes but they are so hard to take with me with the long handles. I actually got this free when I purchased a lipstick and nail polish and it has come in handy multiple times. Also big surprise I thought it would be terrible it actually isn’t and quite soft.


I have quite a few lifestyle favorites this month and I really wanted to
share them and I love this chatty post for me to geek out on things I
love so this month includes TV shows (as always because by now you
should know I’m obsessed) and next is movies, books and lastly music. I
do love a good ramble on what I’ve been loving on Twitter if you follow
me then by the amount of times I tweeted about these you probably
already could guess them.

Revenge // TV SHOW

When season 4 started I got so busy and ended up forgetting to watch it and I kept putting it off until I found time and that time was the start of May right before the series finale. I fell in love with the show and watched I think right before season 2 was going to come out so I binge watched season 1 in a couple of days. I love the storyline and the characters. My favorite though definitely was Daniel Grayson and i think Josh Bowman played him so well and can I mention that I am in love with this man. I actually didn’t know he had a British accent until I watch an interview but don’t hate me and to be honest I like his voice better in Revenge. It feels so weird when I just enjoy listening to a British accent but his American accent just makes me melt. Of course I really loved Emily and Daniel together and they will be my fave couple on the show no matter what. I think its cute that they are actually dating in real life but makes me a little jealous that I can’t have him myself. I’m sad it is over but I really enjoyed the whole show and the storyline was really unique and will now be classified in my list of fave TV shows forever.      

Olly Murs ft. Demi Lovato – UP // MUSIC

I heard this on the radio so many times while on my road trip and I ended up singing along every time it came on. I had no idea who sang it but I did recognize Demi so that was a clue until I finally looked it up and now have become obsessed with it. I’m listening to it as I write this too and I am one of those people who plays a song over and over until they get tired of it so that’s what I am currently doing. I am also writing a lot at the moment and this song is kind of the theme to it and its been helping my writers block to start and finish the piece I’m currently trying to write.

Floral Straw & Cup Tumbler // RANDOM FAVE

I had to include this as it is by far my fave purchase of the month. I took it on my road trip with me and it hasn’t left my side since. I have been drinking so much water because of it and how cute is it. I drink so much water without this and can easily drink 10 or more glasses but I definitely think it is so much funner to drink out of. I picked it up mainly for the design as it was ink and had a floral print and I had one before but the straw broke on it so this was a pretty replacement. It is my sippy cup and it will be handy when I start dancing again and going to the studio.

I hoped you enjoyed another monthly ramble of me blabbing on about fun things I love. It has become one of my fave things to write and I look forward to almost typing to a bunch of friends of things I recommend. Can’t wait till next month for more products and things I discover and feature so see you then. Let me know what show has got you smitten and I’m curious what motivates you to drink more water. See you with another chatty favorites post next month!

What have you rediscovered in May beauty or lifestyle wise?

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  1. Rebecca
    June 11, 2015 / 11:16 am

    Aww your cup tumblr it's so cute, I've been looking for a similar one! I've been binge watching revenge recently haha!Rebecca Coco

  2. Laura.
    June 11, 2015 / 4:08 pm

    I looove Tresemme's stuff so much. Your cup is so cute too!Anything & Everything | Bloglovin'

  3. Shayne ♥
    June 11, 2015 / 6:07 pm

    k i feel more like your soul sister now. i also have really curly hair aaand i use the same heat protection spray when i flat iron 🙂 its a really good product, it also help straighten my hair faster. and as for twitter, just followed you! 😉

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