Fashion Finds | Everyday Bags

Fashion Finds – Everyday Bags

Happy Saturday! I’m sharing another fashion finds for you today and the theme I have come up with is some everyday bags. And since I’ve been wanting to get another one because I don’t have enough already and I may clearly have an addiction. So the other week I was contacted by if I wanted to write about their affordable bags they offer in various styles. I thought since I was already lusting over bags to buy once pay day comes and do a wish list I instead decided to share my picks on fashion finds. Now here are my six bag choices that I would love to have as an everyday bag.

Chain Metallic PU Leather Tote Bag | here |

This is my favorite bag out of all the ones I choose so I decided to put it first. I’m really tempted to buy this one because look how pretty it is. I have been wanting a new black everyday bag to have some variety and not use my current one every single time I go out. I love the gold detailing and the handle because sometimes I am just to lazy to wear the strap and I just need to hold it. It comes with a lot of color options but I feel the black one is just classic and can look good with any style I choose to pair it with. I am definitely in love with this bag and really want to buy it myself.  

Candy Color Hasp Tote Bag | here |

I’ve been wanting a white bag and I’ve never owned one before. I feel this size is perfect and it is just so simple but I could pair it with any of my outfits. Whenever I am planning what I want to wear I always tell myself I think this would be so cute with a white bag but I never actually go out to buy one but I’m hoping this will now push me. I love the style and it actually comes in a few different color options but I saw the white one and I thought it as perfect for me but my second favorite would be the lilac colored one. 

Candy Color Bowknot Tote Bag | here |

A bag with a bow? Can you tell I love bows yet? I automatically had to include this because anything with a bow I will just drool over. I picked this in a hot pink color because it is my favorite color and who says you only have to have neutral colored bags. I do love having pops of colors if you see my what I wear posts and you can tell I am not shy with color. I love the size and the handle on this and it comes in a lot of other colors as well if you aren’t feeling the pink like I do.

Checked Solid Color Zipper Tote Bag | here |

I just love this style of bag. I saw a bag like this before I think at Forever 21 and was going to get it but I put it off since I already bought a few other bags a few days before so it was a tad bit overboard but I’m glad to see another style similar and instead of black I love this color. If you didn’t know I have been obsessed with the color of the year which is marsala and I usually go for my pinks but somehow ever since fashion school I just fell in love with this shade. I would love to use this in the autumn and winter and I think it would just look lovely with all kinds of darker colored outfit and matching nail polish.

PU Leather Solid Color Crossbody Bag | here |

I saw this and thought I needed a basic tan bag as I don’t own one anymore. I used to have a few and I have seen so may outfit with tan accessories and it made me love it and want to try it for myself. I just want to have a light ink dress with this bag and some tan flats on a nice summer day. I love the basic structure and this just seems like the perfect go everywhere kind of bag that you can just pick up and go.

Lace Solid Color Chain Crossbody Bag | here |

I’ve been needing a dressed up mini crossbody bag and when I saw this I new it would be it. I adore the pretty lace detailing on the front and that’s so me and whimsical so it had to be featured. It comes in so many pastel colors and I just love bags like this. They just seem so girly and could go with  pretty pastel and flowy dress for both spring and summer. I think it can even be used as a nice formal bag or a date night so any occasion like that I would love to style it with that.

That was this week’s fashion finds and hope you enjoyed the bags I featured. I loved putting this together and making the collage a little different for once and add some color and little things in it. Also go check out the lovely bags and other nice things on Zaful as they have so many other affordable things to choose from. Let me know if you are wanting a new everyday bag and what style you like.

If you’d like to leave suggestions of what theme I should do next week since I would love to start doing this regularly again like I did when I first started blogging but now it seems like I ran out of ideas so please let me know what you’d like to see.

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What everyday bag are you lusting after designer or not?

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  1. Samantha Brooks
    June 28, 2015 / 8:59 pm

    These bags are lovely! Very tempted to treat myself to a new bag now.. Surely you can never have too many?!xSmall&Blonde ♥

  2. Rebecca
    July 1, 2015 / 12:13 am

    Oh gosh I'm lusting over all of these bags, they're all so gorgeous!! :DRebecca Coco

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