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Happy Wednesday everyone! I’ve been loving doing wish lists lately and since not doing them for a while I think it all rushed back. When I got asked by dresslink to make a wish list of some items I know I would like I totally wanted to because I thought that would be a great idea. I also wanted to create a gift guide almost since it is my cousin’s birthday and it gives me ideas of things we both liked and could use. So here are a few of my choices

Dreamer On Air Colorful Balloon Necklace | link |
For the first item I choose was this pretty whimsical necklace that I would love to own. When I saw this I just swooned with how delicate and dreamy it was. The colors are amazing and the pastel shades just tie it in and can match so many outfits and I have so many things I can pair it with. It is just a lovely piece of jewelry and totally matches my aesthetic. 

Crystal Bowknot Earrings | link |
If you really know me you may know I have this bow addiction and may need to head to rehab for it. So bow earrings are a thing of mine and I just love having any bow jewelery. These were a must pick and I just love them to pieces.

Retro Vintage Oversized Sunglasses
| link |
As you know I have been obsessed with my sunglasses lately and so I had to add these. I love the sort of cat eye shape as I found it flattering on me. Since I have a tortoise brown print I wanted some lack ones because it matches everything and are just the perfect accessory.

Colorful Lady Lovely Purse Wallet | link |
I’ve been in need of a new wallet as mine is getting pretty old and this one just caught my eye and I just adore the color and it has a bow. I don’t like having a huge wallet and this is about the size of mine. As long as I can fit my cards, cash and some change then that for me is the essentials. 

Stylish Lady’s Messenger Bag | link |
To match the wallet I think this is such a cute mini bag and I have been on the lookout for a new one and one in a pink color as I think it would match a lot of my outfits. It has a kind of fashion vibe ad I really like that. I also love the gold detailing of it and just the size of it seems perfect for me. 

Women Synthetic Leather Purse | link |
The next bag is something like the style I wanted in a bag and I wanted a white one. I think they are so classic and just can again match with a lot of my outfits. I can find so many uses for this. Also there is this pretty silver heart print that is subtle and you might not notice far away but up close it is a nice touch.

Travel Wash Bag Cosmetic Toiletry Organizer | link |
With all my traveling lately I need a travel organizer and it is so useful. I haven’t found one anywhere and it would go great with my toiletry bag as well. Also I need somewhere to store my jewelery as I don’t know how many times I have lost a bracelet or earring 

Bat Sleeve O-Neck Loose Casual T-Shirt | link |

For the only clothing element I choose this not for me but a birthday present for my cousin. She has been loving tops like this and her favorite color is royal blue and I thought it would be a lovely gift. I was planning on also getting a matching one in a different color and see how both of us style them since we are so different.

That is my sort of wish list and also gift guide post and I really like novelty/trinket items like this to get. I personally like these kinds of things to get and bits and bobs are definitely my thing I look for. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know what item out of all of these as your favorite.

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What small gift would be your ideal item to receive?

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