The Perfect Summer Shades

The Perfect Summer Shades

Happy Monday! This is my first post back after my week long summer road trip. All of lasts weeks if you didn’t noticed was schedule but now I am back to my normal blogging routine and it feels so much fun to be writing again. Having that week off was quite nice and now I have more ideas and feel inspired as I felt I was feeling a little burnout from blogging so much. I’m feeling much better and a nice vacation of sitting and reading by the pool did the trick. So speaking of pool days and road trips I took my favorite sunnies everywhere with me and they were perfect blocking the sun and looked cute at the same time and now my favorite summer accessory I cant leave the house without. Now since I’ve been obsessed with mine and I even featured it in my April Monthly Favorites so when EyeglassDiscounter came to me to check out their discounted sunglasses they offered I agreed because who doesn’t love some affordable and good looking sunglasses? I know I can’t so I choose a few from simple ones to some funky ones that are just fun to wear.

Tortoise (61mm) Sunglasses
For the first pair I choose from the EyeglassDiscounter were these ones that look a tad bit like mine and I love the simple tortoise frames as I’ve always been attracted to that style but maybe because my mom had them when I was growing up and I guess I just adapted her style a little when it comes to sunglasses.

Wayfarer Style Black Sunglasses

I choose this one because can you believe that I have never owned a plain pair of black wayfarer style sunglasses. I love these because the frame is black and the lens is grey and not black for some reason.

Boston Matte Black Round Sunglasses

I’ve seen that these are quite popular lately and I don’t know if I would suite the round frames but they are quite stylish. I choose just plain ones because they are already out there I guess.

Wayfarer Style Pink Sunglasses

Now pink is my favorite color so I choose this because girly sunglasses are also such a fun thing to wear for me too. I also love the mirrored type of lens as I never had any like this either as I only had the plain kind of lens and not so much a king of polarized ones.

Heart-shaped w/ Mirror Coated Lenses Sunglasses
As for the first funky pair as I call it I choose this heart-shaped ones. I just think they are so cute and I would not normally wear them everyday but they are just such a cute pair and I’ve seen them be popular for summer so why not? I love the mirrored ombre effect as well on these sunglasses too which they make the heart frame even cooler.

Aviator Style Sunglasses 
I’m not sure if this is a unique pair but I guess aviators are a little bit. I have a pair because my cousin gave it to me when he got home from Dubai as a present. I have a brown lens pair but I think a light grey one was nice and I guess it is unisex and looks good on both genders.

Turquoise Sunglasses
I don’t know why but I love this pair. I think funky colors are fun and the frame of these sunglasses are so cool. It is just a basic pair and the color just pops.

Blue/Pink Matte Oversized Sunglasses 
A multicolored pair of sunglasses are something I have never had since I was little with those cheap ones that had characters on it. These remind me of that and everything about that makes the pair.

Those were all my picks for finding the perfect summer sunglasses and my kind of style I like. You can see all the sunglasses I choose from EyeglassDiscounter. I’ve really loved my sunglasses and think they are my perfect summer accessory and as you can see in my outfit posts they have been my favorite thing to pull together an outfit. I just started getting into them myself and I hope to find more that I
like. It’s actually quite hard since I’m so picky maybe that’s why I
had so many to choose from. I hope you liked my picks and let me know if you have a thing for sunglasses too.

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What is your favorite style for sunglasses?

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  1. Minau
    May 19, 2015 / 5:16 pm

    Great sunnies!

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