Sleek Contour Kit | Review & Swatches

Sleek Contour Kit – Review & Swatches

Happy Friday! It has been a while since I did a beauty review and that wasn’t about lipsticks. I have a lot in my drafts as I like to stock up and I seen this in there and thought how much I’ve been loving it. It’s a perfect time to start using some of my drafted posts as my camera doesn’t seem to work these days so I’m glad I have these to work with. I know I have a lot of lipstick reviews up at the moment and I really like doing those but I think I should mix it up a bit. So here I am reviewing my favorite bronzing and highlighting palette the Sleek Contour Kit in medium.It has been in my monthly favorites and always has a place in m makeup bag so here are my full thoughts on this lovely contour kit.

This is my first Sleek product and also first bronzing and highlighter. I got this from one of my good friends who came to visit me last year and she said she loved it and thought I would need one and a few other bits which have been so fun to play with. I wanted some makeup bits we didn’t have here in the Philippines and she came through and this palette as in the bunch. At the time I really didn’t know how to use it and didn’t get contour  whole lot but now that I learned this is so fun to practice with. I read about some reviews about it and heard so many great things an I can see why and I agree. On the website I saw that it was not tested on animals which is quite lovely, the ingredients of it and how to use it. It’s also pretty big weighing at 14 g and I have not even made a dent on it even though I have used it quite a lot trying to perfect my contour techniques.

Description (From Sleek Website): This iconic duo compact is an essential tool for achieving a beautifully sculpted and defined appearance.

Includes a silky, matte, easy to blend contour powder and an illuminating highlighter for a natural glow.

Can be used together or individually.

As for the packaging I actually love this black square palette and the sleekness. It does get a little dirty and you can see my fingerprints on it now that I’ve started using it. I do have pictures when it was brand new but they’re on my old camera and the quality is horrendous. I like that the product doesn’t get anywhere and all over the place so that’s nice. Also the large mirror inside is really helpful and I love using it the most when doing my makeup on the go for touch ups. I haven’t hit pan yet but when I do I will be so sad as I love it so much.

The texture is so nice. The pigmentation is amazing and so blendable. I hardly used this palette on my own but when I went to makeup class the teacher taught me how to use it and everything and it made me learn what was good and bad and a lot of things concerning bronzer and contouring. If it wasn’t for that than this would still be collecting dust in my makeup collection.

The bronzer is just as beautiful and is not an orange mess as I saw with some other bronzing palettes. It doesn’t go to dark for me and I am actually pretty good now on one side and the other is a work in progress. It has no shimmer and is matte which I like as I seen some that are so bad with glitter in them and is shiny texture. My makeup teacher really liked this and though he is a MAC guy he was quite fond of how nice this was so I think that’s pretty cool. The highlight portion is so pretty and gives such a pretty
glow and makes it look pretty. I always loved that glow and this
highlight does it beautifully. It has kind of a pearl finish and on it’s own around m cheeks make them catch the light in pictures and I find than so nice. I know I like it and they pass for me. 

Overall Experience

This is such a nice duo as the colors are just the right shades for me. As I said have never used any of their products but I heard great things and this was lovely just the same. I really like the effect it gives and how it applies. I am liking how it can be buffed in good and just a a dabble in both gives amazing color. it has nice packaging and I cant get over how lovely it looks and it doesn’t get too dirty and can be easily cleaned. The texture is great and so is the pigmentation. Overall a nice contour kit and really great quality for the price and the amount it comes with.     

My rating is: ♥♥♥
I give it the whole rating as for me no negatives to say. It’s just so easy to use and I love the subtle color and highlight it gives. It is a great beginner palette and can totally work with and blend out.I don’t see any fault with it and so far as I’ve been using it every time I do my makeup I see nothing wrong. I am not a pro at contouring so I might just notice anything but for my basic knowledge with this makeup technique it passes in my books. I would totally recommend this as a first bronzing palette and would totally repurchase this. It is affordable and does the job well. I don’t know if this is drug store or on the high end side but it is fairly good price and for now something I will always have in my stash and later on I can experiment with more. If you’d try some other palette like this then let me know what you like and use no matter high end or drugstore.

That was my review for this contour kit and for my first bronzer palette I think this was so a great choice and really easy to learn with.I really want to try some other Sleek products especially their blushes as I have seen them and think they look so pretty and if it as nice as this then I will be loving that. Let me know what Sleek product you love and recommend as I would love to look for some new things to try. I honestly love this and cannot praise it enough with the time I used it. I hope you liked my review and let me know if you like this and if you would try it.

What is your favorite bronzing powder?

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  1. Juvy
    May 22, 2015 / 10:12 pm

    I love Sleek! They really have a lot of great eyeshadow palettes, blushes and bronzers, and lipsticks! You should try the other types they offer too. 🙂

  2. Heather Nixon
    May 23, 2015 / 9:00 am

    I definitely want to try this contouring kit xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  3. Writing Monique
    May 24, 2015 / 11:14 am

    I adore products of Sleek, this palette sounds incredible as well! Great review!WritingMonique

  4. Elisa Z
    May 27, 2015 / 4:00 pm

    I have actually never used Sleek before, but your review is making me buy this kit. ZEKALIN

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