Pool Party Mermaid | What I Wore

Pool Party Mermaid What I Wore

Happy Tuesday! To continue my summer road trip outfits I didn’t take any more besides the going outfit and my pool outfit as you see here. I didn’t know if I would be comfortable posting this but I started doing outfit posts because I wanted to document them and why not do one showing you what I wore to the pool. I decided to just do it as I think they turned out pretty cool and sort of different for once. Plus how can you resist this pretty background.

As for my outfit if it is considered that a least. First off, I wore my swimsuit from Cabana that is a couple years old and is a little big for me now but I didn’t go swimwear shopping yet and maybe wait until summer is over to get a discounted one and find one I really like. Anyways since it is such a tropical country you can get away with having a swimsuit anytime unless the rainy season hits anyways. I bought this coverup dress a while back and I was still living in the US so it is pretty old but very timeless swimwear. It is this lovely towel material and can dry you off after you get out which is so awesome and looks so cute. It is sad it got a little stretched out now but it is still wearable. As for accessories I really wanted a floppy sun hat but sadly I don’t own one but maybe I should look into getting one. I just have my sunglasses which came in handy as the sun was blinding that day and of course I have a matching color bow with both my coverup and swimsuit and some flip flops.

| coverup: Cypress Swim, swimsuit: Cabana, flip-flops: American Eagle,
sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Bargain Fair |

That was my pool day outfit. I love my voluminous beachy curls I had. I had it tied in a bun and let it down and this is what came from that but it turned out pretty. I think it is so weird that all my swim stuff is this turquoise blue
when my favorite color is hot pink. When I bought the coverup they
didn’t have the pink one in my size so I got the blue and the swimsuit
it was the same so an all blue swimwear to match the water.I may not have the perfect body and I really struggled writing this as I was nervous to post this. I was worried about my arms and then I thought why should I? I am fine with my body and some days I am so accepting and then I have those days when I see all my flaws but it’s normal. I’m hoping to start ballet up again to maybe get in better shape. I see others with different kinds of body types posting their swimwear so I give my look too. I think we need to just accept who we are inside and out. Let me know what you think and if you like my turquoise outfit. Also the pool party was so fun and I had so much fun taking pictures underwater and hanging out with family. Hope you enjoyed and let me know your fave swimming activity.

What is your favorite coverup with your swimsuit?

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  1. Kim Mendoza
    May 20, 2015 / 11:35 pm

    I love this color on you, Jackie. Very fresh, very summer-y. šŸ™‚

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