Life Lately with Jackie

Life Lately with Jackie

Happy Sunday! I rarely post on Sundays anymore but today I wanted to do a little random chatty post on here for once. I guess this would be good to get rid of the writers block I have been experiencing lately. It isn’t that bad but now that I said that I am totally going to get a severe case now. I have been a little uninspired from blogging lately and I can’t seem to write some types of posts.

Also my camera is about to die and I can’t take any blog pictures and
every time I force myself to take pictures with the camera I always get
so mad at it and it ruins my mood to blog when I love it so much. I
really need a new camera and I already have my eye on a few that I’ve
been researching. I really want a DSLR and also one of those baby or
compact DSLR that I have seen.

Another reason is maybe it’s because I am
almost blogging full time that’s why it has made it seem like I am the
way I am. Since I am transitioning on what to do after university I have
been back home and just focusing on blogging at the time being. I’ve
been making some income now which is nice but living at home has helped.
I love that I can just focus on my blog at the moment but I am not
really calling myself a full time blogger but hopefully in the future I

Besides my blogging woes I have had quite a relaxed week. I have been catching up with various TV shows and I’m sure you’ll here all about that in my monthly favorites. I also plan on buying The Sims 4 so that will be even worse as I will have no life after that. I also don’t have writer’s block in my creative writing stuff. I started writing a new story after I finished the one in Camp Nano I accomplished in April. Those events really help and I have been in love with writing fun little stories. Maybe it’s because I am reading a lot more books lately so writing one has always been fun. I don’t see how I can write fiction so easily lately and cannot get a blog post done. Sometimes it is the opposite though but right now I am enjoying writing books.

I am going to go out of the house though on Tuesday as I am going up to Lynn’s house for a fiesta and it is this huge neighborhood block party with food and family so I am looking forward to that. I’m hoping to do an outfit post but let’s hope my camera is friendly and wants to work with me.

Other than that I think it’s been pretty boring on my end. I hope you liked this chatty Sunday post and let me know what you’ve been up to. If you have any recommendations for TV shows, movies, books and music I’d love new things to discover. I think that this chatty post is what I need though!

What gets you inspired to blog when you are all fizzled out?

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  1. Tegan Seymour
    May 18, 2015 / 6:31 am

    Haha omg Sims 4 will just steal away your life!!Tegan xx – Permanent Procrastination

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