FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner | Review & Swatches

FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner Review & Swatches

Happy Thursday my beauty friends! I have another beauty review and this one is of makeup that I have been experimenting with so I decided to give my review of it finally. So today I am talking about the FS Cosmetics Long-Wear Gel Eyeliner in brown. This is my first gel liner and I love that have a nice brown color instrad of the harsh black to try first. I’ve got this in a monthly subscription which was quite a nice item as I
don’t think I would have bought it for myself as I didn’t know how to
use it since this is my first time trying a gel liner. If you’d like you can read the Unboxing of the September BDJ Box in case you missed that in which this was one of the items inside. Now here are my full thoughts and how much I am liking this.

FS if you didn’t know stands for Fanny Serrano who is a well known local makeup artist I hear who does makeup for the local celebrities according to my aunt. He collaborated with Fashion 21 Cosmetics which is another local drugstore brand in stores which has some wonderful products because I’ve read some nice things with a lot of their products from the FS line that works really well according to the local Philippine beauty bloggers I follow. It was fun learning that information and researching the products they have and now I have a huge wish list of things I’d like to pick up. They are so affordable and a of variety which I didn’t know about.

Description (From FS Cosmetics Website): Deep, long-lasting, gel-based eyeliner gives strong definition to the eyes. It glides smoothly for easy application and it doesn’t smudge.

Shades: Black and Brown
Made in Taiwan
Ingredients: Isododecane, Cycolopentasiloxane, Trimethylsiloxysilicate, Talc, Cera Alba, Synthetic Wax, Microcyrstaline wax, Polyethylene, Triglyceride, Tocopheryl Acetate, Butylated Hydroxytoluene, Magnesium Stearate

Made in Taiwan.

This gel eyeliner is in a frosted glass pot with black screw-lid top. It is 5ml which is a good amount and it seems compact and can fit perfectly in a makeup bag. Each pot comes with a protection seal which I have left on and reuse to prevent it from drying out even more. It doesn’t feel cheap and I can’t compare it to others as this is the only one I own so I’m not sure with that comparison. It isn’t anything special but I quite like the simplicity of the packaging and can say it is quite sturdy so far and the lid secures it well so it doesn’t dry out.

For my first dip in with a gel liner, this is quite nice. It is soft and when you dip the brush in if you aren’t careful it can sink in the pot deep down but I was so scared that I lightly dabbed it on the first time I used it. I got a pretty good amount and coated the brush. It is like a cream or mousse texture when you dip in and I really like that. As I apply it the brush glides on effortlessly without dragging on the lids but I am super cautious as I didn’t know how to use it the first time I put it on.

The application is easy and you can experiment with different thickness or in my case I accidentally messed up and decided to pile it on with my first use and each time it got better don’t worry.  tried to wing it out and then a simple line as well and they both work nicely and the matte brown color gives a nice everyday shade which I am all about. The color payoff of this is amazing considering its price tag. It is a gorgeous reddish brown matte color and with every dip it still is the same and not drying or anything and is still creamy! It isn’t streaky or uneven at all and is not like any of my other eyeliners. At first I was quite scared and wanted to run miles away from it but I am very very impressed and would rather have it stay now and the fear is gone.

As for the wear and longevity of this gel liner it last quite long and can last all day. I have quite oily eyelids and I was afraid I would smudge it or my hooded eyelids would get in my way but so far no budge when it dries. Right when you apply it make sure to smudged it right away so when it sets it will not budge that much. It did seem like it took a few minutes to dry up so I decided to let it sit for a while longer to make sure.

The brush it comes with is quite tiny but so cute for me. It is an angled liner brush and it is quite slim and light to give some soft strokes. For once it is actually usable because brushes that come with the product are very difficult to use and just bad quality for me but this is surprisingly not. It is rather nice with the bristles being pretty soft that it doesn’t
feel rough or fall off but still it can withstand to create the lines
with.When I first used it to be honest it was a tad hard for me to hold though and I have
such large fingers that it was difficult to grab on for the precision but it was just the handles fault and it is nice for doing the crevices and detailing though. Nothing that your own brush can’t fix which I tried with too and it has the longer handle and the application was a little quicker but the small one can fix my errors. So having the little brush wasn’t so bad after all.

Overall Experience

This is a great gel liner especially if this is your first time trying one like me. It was really easy to work with and not too expensive to play with and experiment. I know if I was using a MAC or a higher end gel liner I wouldn’t want to experiment with as much and then I wouldn’t be able to learn. It is easy to use once I got a hang of it and can be smudged or a dramatic line. The color is perfect for me as I like softer looks and use a black liquid liner if I want a bold cat eye. I would recommend this and the brown shade to anyone who is beginning to use one like myself and the quality is quite nice for a drugstore product. The price is really great as others I have saw are too expensive and that’s what probably put me off from purchasing one in the first place. I’m glad I know own this and it is a handy product to have in my makeup collection.

My rating is: ā™„ā™„ā™„ā™„
I have this as four heart rating because though it was nice I still don’t feel like it deserves the hole rating. I don’t know what it is but since I don’t have it to compare it too so my judgement is based off of this alone. It was reasonable, the texture was creamy and the pigmentation is good so those were the good traits it has. I can’t think of any cons to this right now but I do have to keep using it. Overall it is quite a good first gel eyeliner.


  • Make sure to apply a brown eyeshadow on top of the gel liner to set it in place.
  • Store your gel liner pot upside down so the top can stay creamy.

You can get it for 225.00php (approx $5.00) each in either the shade black or brown and are available at Watsons and SM Department Stores.

That was my review of my first gel liner and I was quite impressed and really liked playing with this and it made me comfortable to use this kind of eyeliner for once.Let me know what was your first dabble in gel liners and what your experience was. Mine was pretty positive and maybe next time I can repurchase this or try a new one to compare it with.Hope you enjoyed this review and let me know how this sounds for you.

What was the brand of your first gel liner?

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  1. Rachel S.
    May 28, 2015 / 9:05 pm

    I am a big fan of gel liners, they can sometimes be quite difficult to work with so finding one that is easy and lasts all day is amazing! Love the brown color :)RachelShuchatMakeup

  2. Conny
    May 28, 2015 / 9:49 pm

    I genuinely cannot remember the brand of my first gel eyeliner! I haven't used them in so long as they always tend to smudge, so I stick to waterproof liqiued eyeliners which I also find way easier to apply! šŸ™‚ xxFloralchaos

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