Floral Queen | What I Wore

Floral Queen – What I Wore

Happy Wednesday! Another outfit post and if you hadn’t noticed already I’ve been floral obsessed. If you back track through my outfit pictures then you would see a pattern well a floral pattern to be exact. If you look into my closet you can find several items in there which have florals and I didn’t notice that until last week. So I’m dedicating the title of this post and also declaring myself the floral queen.

This has to be my favorite outfit and I couldn’t decide when to wear it as I was saving it for a special occasion and I wanted the pictures to look amazing so I wouldn’t waste the outfit. My top is this lace crop top that is perfect for the summer and I paired that with high wasited floral leggings. For once I’m not in a floral top almost it is the bottoms that is floral. Well the top kind of is too but not that noticeable. I have so many other ways to style this lace top and also have a how to style this type of top planned which I am excited for as it is the perfect item to were for me at the moment. I then wore it with black ballet flats and my everyday black bag I carry with me. I really wanted to wear this with a floral crown but couldn’t find one so a floral bow was used instead and I styled my hair with halo braids a little boho chic to match. Lastly my favorite sunnies I have been wearing everywhere as they’re my new fave pair. The jewelery is mostly a pearl theme with my bow pearl necklace and also my stone marble heart pendent, pearl bracelet and mint green pearl studded earrings. Since I hear it is festival season I styled it to be somewhat like that and I would so wear this to a music festival if I ever had the chance to go to one.      

| top: SM Woman +, leggings: Forever 21, necklace: gift & Forever 21 {similar}, earrings: Claire’s sunglasses: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21, lipstick: Collection Satin Bow |

My favorite outfit I think this year and I just want to wear this every where now. It is just so me and I think an outfit to describe me. I had a lovely day shopping with my cousin and aunt and picking up some late birthday gifts for myself. Also let me know what pattern you have most in your closet and when you go to the store what do you get drawn too. For me it is florals and please tell me I’m not the only one who wears it all the time. Hope you enjoyed this outfit post and hopefully the next one doesn’t involve florals but I can’t promise anything.

What pattern or print are you obsessed with wearing?

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  1. Juvy
    May 18, 2015 / 11:08 pm

    I love your outfit here! I've seen a lot of printed pants at H&M and I want to buy them all. Hihi.

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