Finding the Perfect Vintage Dress for a Bride

Finding the Perfect Vintage Dress for a Bride

Happy Monday! My cousin is planning her wedding and as one of her bridesmaid we spent all afternoon while I was at her apartment picking dresses for her big day. So the other day when I was asked by WeddingShe about picking wedding dresses I thought this would be perfect for my cousin choosing her favorite dresses for her big day. She has a more vintage aesthetic while I’m whimsical but we both actually both agreed on some styles. It was perfect to have vintage style wedding of weddingshe to choose from.

So I had her guest post for me as she’s the bride in the family and I’m far from getting married but it was fun for both of us to look at and it got me thinking for when I do one day. I’ll pass it to Lynn for what she thinks about the dresses and I think this was so fun to have her do a post on my blog for once since she is always the one taking my outfit pictures and going to events with me so I thought it was right to pull her in to write for once. Off to you!

Hi. I’m not really sure what to write but Jackie wants me to write for her blog. I’m not really good but I agreed. I love my cousin so I’ll write for her. She showed me these beautiful dresses as I’m planning a bigger wedding in a year or so. I really love old looking dresses and I didn’t know they had name for it and I think Jackie says it’s called vintage. I’m very conservative and want a traditional gown. I picked two that I liked.

Ball Gown Sweetheart Tea-Length Ruched & Flower Wedding Dress | link |
First I like this one as I don’t want big dress. I like the short kind of dress. I like semi ball gown shape for the dress. I like simple and this shape is so pretty. I like the very white shade too. 

A-line Halter Asymmetry-Length Chapel Ruched Flower Wedding Dresses | link |
The second one is my dream wedding dress. I want a short in front and long in back dress. When I saw this I loved it. I’m not sure about the upper part though. It is nice and I like color of the dress too.

Thanks for doing this and I hope you liked the styles she choose. I really love the first one myself but not as my main dress. I’m hoping to convince her to do more posts if she would like but I think she would be better as a mommy blogger as she is an amazing mother and I have taken some awesome mother and son outfits for her. Let me know if you liked having my cousin on for today.Hope you liked and thanks for reading. 

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What would your wedding dress look like?

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