April Highlights | Month in Pictures

April Highlights Month in Pictures

Happy May !st! For me that means I get to do my monthly highlights I started and look back on my month to recap my little adventures. It is the end of April and the end of my birthday month but what a month it has been for me. I celebrated my 22nd birthday and did a lot of fun things in between so I wanted to show you the snapshots I took from Instagram and also a few shots from my camera.  Now that my summer is just starting and I have so much more planned I cant wait to document that and see what else this new month brings but let’s rewind and take a look at my April! Here
are some of my highlights:

  • Spending Easter with my family. I got to have a nice Sunday with my family. We didn’t celebrate as much but I did have a bunny theme. I got y bunny iPhone case and had a matching bunny wallpaper as well. I got my Hello Kitty Easter egg and some Easter eggs with candy as it isn’t complete without a little chocolate.
  • Going to the movies. It isn’t often I o to the movies so this was such a treat. I went with my cousin Jonathan who is I think 8 years older than me and is also the husband of Lynn who takes most of my outfit pictures and goes to beauty events and such with me. We decided while we were there we saw Fast and Furious 7 was out decided out of the blue to go see it. I enjoyed it quite a lot and a great movie! It was a boy kind of movie and the first out of th series I seen but I actually am surprised how much I liked it but I do love cars.
  • A nice stroll by the bay. So after picking up my cousins at the bus station it is close to the Manila bay so we stopped by and had lunch by there and of course the fashion blogger found the perfect place to take outfit pictures so before going home we had a nice stroll by the bay and all of us taking in the sights and taking pictures. If you want to see the outfit post it is here.
  • My favorite outfit post of the month. I really wanted this as a highlight because I really liked this outfit and I am discovering that I do like the girly black and white outfit and I just love my hair and makeup and also the location so that adds to the factor of how much I like it as a whole.
  • Turning 22! *Cue Taylor Swift’s song* That has been my motto all month lately and it isn’t getting old.A highlight was getting my birthday balloons. Its a tradition and I couldn’t have a birthday without them. I got a Hello Kitty one,  Castle one with Disney Princesses on it and another heart one with yet again more Disney Princesses. They are currently sat on my desk beside me and they make me smile every time I see them.
  • Surprise Birthday Party! I came home to a surprise birthday party for me when I got home in the evening filled with more balloons, cake and yummy food. My family was so sweet for doing that for me and I loved the gesture! I wrote a huge post and posted a lot of these pictures in that if you want to read that you can do so here.
  • Birthday Cupcakes at Vanilla Cupcake. I went with my dad to the Vanilla Cupcake Bakery to buy me a birthday cupcake and that was before I knew I had a cake waiting for me at home. I just wanted a little treat since I didn’t know what my plans were at the time.
  • Baked some homemade cookies. I have a serious addiction to cookies and buy so any. It is my guilty pleasure plus my favorite dessert of all time. I have been watching so many vlogs that have people baking cookies in it and I needed to as well. So the result I made my own and they were quite good for my first time baking them. Hope to make more soon though!
  • Having a pool day. After my actually birthday I got to go to a pool resort out of town where there are tons of swimming resorts. I went with my cousin and his friends and family and it was amazing. We had so much fun and it was such a hot day. We had a picnic and spent the day swimming and also playing in the kiddie pool with my god son and he loved it and his reaction was funner to watch. I hope to go more for the rest of the summer. You can see my outfit of that day here.

As for fashionxfairytale in the month of April, I focused on my blog a little but I didn’t have as many posts as last month which at first I was being hard on myself for but i realized I am only behind a little and I shouldn’t put too much pressure on myself and it will make me loose motivation so I let it slide plus it was my birthday week so I gave myself a little break but still blogged if you get it. I do hope to go full time one day and get income out of blogging and that will be my overall goal in the end and it is starting so it makes me happy. Another thing I am hoping is start Youtube soon and I made my channel and just need to get the courage and get my new camera. I have so many ideas and I’m toying with vlogging a little so here’s to hoping that I can start this year. Not much happened but I am planning on getting a mobile deign template but let me know if you like seeing my normal template on mobile or perfect the mobile deign instead. I’d love to know and just to clarify I don’t want to change my current design as I am head over heels with it but I heard it is better to have a mobile design rather than the desktop. Please let me know about that one!

Those were my highlights and an incredibly birthday month for me. As I am writing this I am actually scheduling next weeks blog posts as I am going on a summer road trip and will be away so I am spending my last day writing all my blog posts and wake up early to pack as I haven’t even thought what to pack. I’m hoping I get it all done. I also think all the posts after this will be scheduled as I am away and will be on social media but when I go away I like the break so I haven’t decided. I am looking forward to doing another travel lookbook series again though. I think my May is off to a great start! Hope you enjoyed my babble for the month!

 Happy May!

What was your favorite April moment?

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