April Favorites 2015 | Beauty & Lifestyle

April Favorites 2015 – Beauty & Lifestyle

Happy Monday! I cant believe April is over. My birthday month is gone and over with already. It is that time though for monthly favorites and I have been consistent three month’s in a row and once I’ve said that I will not keep up with this and next month will fail. It always happens like that but we’ll see and good for me if I actually manage to get one done. I did not notice until I was editing the pictures for this post was April Favorites had sort of a pink theme and a lot of the products were pink. I mean I shouldn’t be surprised since half the things I own are the color pink and I’m so attracted to pink things that none of this should shock me. if you see my room, my iPhone, iPad and laptop including all my wallpapers on each device is in some sort of shade of pink. I do love my pink!

So here are a few different beauty & lifestyle products I’ve been loving so far in April.


Pixy Eyeshadow Duo in 02 Sorreal Brown

Since it was my birthday month I wanted to be a little fancier than normal and wear some eyeshadow which I hardy wear a lot of. I love the pink and brown together and it creates such a nice look and perfect for me. I also love the packaging. I’m not sure if I featured this in a monthly favorites before but I just love this duo and it is so perfect for me as it can be perfect to blend with my fingers if I am in a rush and can still create a nice look.

Collection Volume Sensation Lipstick in Satin Bow

I bought this in the beginning of the month after I’ve been lusting over this lipstick for quite some time and I finally gave in while passing by it that day. Ive had it in wish lists and swatched it so many times and then it was finally mine.It is a lovely nude pink on my and very moisturizing.

K-Palette 1 Day Magic liquid Eyeliner

Its my first time featuring eyeliner in a favorites I think. I’m also surprised by how much makeup has popped into my favorites this month but I was feeling sassy since I had a reason to celebrate and wear a little more than I usually do.I a getting used to it and practicing my flick and getting a cat eye is slowly possible for me and I really love the look.

Orly Nail Polish in Swizzle Stick

Another nail polish in my favorites but every month I like to have a new color to obsess over and this month it was hot pink and maybe it was due to being nice and summery out. One day I just woke up and wanted hot pink nails and since my bottle I had been using was all dried up and hardly any left I knew I needed a new one especially in the brand Orly as it has been doing wonderfully on my nails and the formula suits me which is amazing. I just think is the perfect color for summer.

Beach Hut Clear Spray Sunblock

If you missed my swimming outfit I posted towards the end of the month I went to the pool with cousins for y second part of my birthday celebration. I did not inherit my mothers tannable skin and got my dad’s burn to a crisp skin so when I get sunburned I gt red and sun burns are a sort of pain I hate and they feel so painful to me so I hate getting them. I got so many that now that I’m older and take care of my skin I apply a generous amount of sunscreen all over so if I do get burnt its not so bad. I like spray sunscreens and I received this in a BDJ Box and I was looking everywhere for another one I thought I had but was out of luck until I was just browsing my blog (I know I might be a little weird stocking my own blog posts) but it helped me remember I had a brand new bottle and it saved me. If not I would have no sunscreen I would have burned and I would be complaining until now. So glad I found it and now whenever I head out since the sun is way too hot I have applied this to m arms and whatever is exposed when ever I go out to protect myself. This definitely is a fave and a lifesaver all in one.

Forever 21 Tortoise Cat Eye Sunglasses

If you’ve seen all my outfits in the month of April than you would have seen these sunglasses pop up in every one of them. Can you say obsessed? I just recently started using them in outfit posts as before i thought they looked better when you saw my face but these have been a fun accessory and add a little mystery to my outfit I feel and I may be wrong about that but let me know. It is my perfect summer accessory and they are so easy to see as some sunglasses I get so tired of and take off but these are so nice and perfect fit I guess.

The Vampire Diaires

This month’ TV show I was obsessed with was The Vampire Diaries. I just caught up with the latest season after being quite obsessed and catching up with other TV Shows aka Grey’s Anatomy for the past few months that I put the shows I used to watch regular behind just so I can get my doctor fix I suppose. Now I am back to having my dose of vampire hotness and seeing them again has made TVD my fave TV show of the month.

That was a pretty chatty monthly favorites post for this month. I feel like I enjoy writing these because of how nice it is to write like I’m just typing to a friend. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I enjoyed writing this and if you were curious it is currently 4am as I write this sentence and I feel like I can go on and just chat and type away forever but I won’t. Until next months chatty favorites post everyone!

What is your favorite summer accessory and nail polish shade?

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  1. Heather Nixon
    May 4, 2015 / 5:20 pm

    The Orly shade looks gorgeous for summer xHeather | Of Beauty & Nothingness x

  2. India-Robyn
    May 4, 2015 / 6:01 pm

    Great Post – Super pretty pictures too!ā¤ The Jewel Beauty Blog ā¤ || Fleur Fatale Review

  3. Rebecca
    May 4, 2015 / 10:23 pm

    I love Vampire Diaries but I need to catch up on the latest season! Also I loveeee Doctor Who :DRebecca Coco

  4. Hannah
    May 5, 2015 / 7:39 pm

    Such pretty photographs! I love your sunnies also…my favourite polish shade has to be red….it's such a classic and can be worn all year round!Dimples Diaries // Sustainable Fashion & Lifestyle Blogx

  5. Stephanie Louise
    May 6, 2015 / 8:42 pm

    Great picks! The Vampire Diaries is getting so exciting at the moment, don't want it to end!xo Stephbeauty-andtheblonde.blogspot.co.uk

  6. Shayne ā™„
    May 16, 2015 / 8:54 am

    oh wow the K-Palette eyeliner tube that you got is SO CUTE. i've never seen this packaging here we either have the medium pink one, or the basic black tube. its my HG liner <3 and you're going to flip on the TVD's season finale, i almost cried :3 missed youre blog btw!

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