FXF Travels :: Northern Getaway | Travel Diary {Day 5}

FXF Travels :: Northern Getaway – Travel Diary {Day 5}

Clark, Pampanga

For the second to last installment of my Northern Getaway Travel Diary series, I bring you day 5 which had to be the second best day out of the whole trip. My favorite day will be revealed in the last part as I’m saving the best for last and maybe because the last day was the absolute best.

 So here is the photo diary of day 5 of my Northern Getaway!

Day 5

To start the day off we left the house around 11am though our goal time was about 10am we still made it out of there after a quick breakfast and getting ready. We had this day planned for one reason being I need to go to Forever 21 to pick up a some clothes for swimming and the beach as I didn’t pack any with me. We spent half our time looking for clothes for me and I got a few things I was happy with and I didn’t get too many for it to be a separate haul post but you will see my purchases in next week’s outfit post. We made it out of there after 2 and it was time for us to once again and explore to find a place we could have a new adventure.

If you didn’t know we packed a picnic for that day. My cousin Lynn kindly packed us a picnic so we could go to a park and eat and just hang out. It was schedule to be a fun day and spur of the moment picnics is just needed on a vacation. We drove to this picnic ground that was perfect and it was out in the mountains making it even more fun and the fresh air was quite needed as I live in the city. We were supposed to go back to the place I did my travel diary before but we figured it was t expensive and we already went there so this was much more exciting. The picnic ground was surrounded by trees, had a dinosaur amusement park beside it and some fun activities we could do. We unloaded picked our own “Nipa Hut” or in our language Bahay Kubo which cost us 200php and an entrance fee of 20php a piece. So it was roughly around 50cents a pice plus the $5 to rent our own hut. Hot that bad and we didn’t get charged for bringing in food or anything. It came with a table inside to place the food and it had electricity so we had a light bulb and outlet if we needed to charge. It was decent size and we could all fit in to the small one. There were other choices like a bigger one, one with a room and an outside area and an open gazebo too. We choose what ever one we liked and the one we picked overlooked the whole park. We then set up the food and with me being me I had to take a picture of the food. I know it’s very non-picnic type food but in a Filipinos sense it technically can’t count for one. We got some fried rice, fried chicken and fried shrimp for the hearty meal. Then we got some creamy carbonara with some bread which we brought a lot of spreads for it like cheese spread, coconut jam and some peanut butter. And finally a picnic isn’t a picnic without a lot of bags of chips and snacks and of course some root beer for a beverage. We then all ate since it was almost 3pm and we hadn’t had lunch yet.

After our picnic it was time to explore the park. There was actually so many things to do and see. Also on that day there was a field trip as it was a Friday so a little crowded with students but not too bad. We explored the playground, you could rent bicycles for an hour for 50php which is only about a little more than a dollar and then horseback riding which was a little more about 100php for 30 minutes which wasn’t bad but none of us did it. The little boy in the picture above was so good at riding horses at such a young age and he is so good at it so I had to get a picture. I found the tires quite entertaining and if you couldn’t tell by the pictures I had a grand old time being a little kid again. When I was a id I was so scared but with age I have become quite the adventure and at first you can see I was timid and a little scared but then I got the hang of it and when I actually tried to swing for the first time I’m glad I got a picture as you can really see how excited and happy I was. I then turned into a family photographer and my cousin and her family had a mini photoshoot throughout the park and I was their photographer. I didnt know how fun it was to shoot like this and I enjoyed doing a little shoot for them to rember the day. I got some pretty good shots and I cant believe if it wasnt for them I wouldnt know how entertaining it is to shoot for a family. It was a little hard with a 16 month old running around but I think I’m getting a hang of taking his pictures as I got some great shots with all of them.

So that was day 5 and we just hung out for a few hours there, took outfit picture and ate too many snacks before heading home. I thought it was such a fun family picnic day and I actually never had one until know and hope to do more in the future with more of my family and one day my own. I took so many pictures that day and went through 2 batteries but it was amazing to capture these small moments. Hope you liked this part of my travel diary and tomorrows will be the outfit post to accompany this to show you the details of what I wore.

What were you too scared of going on at the park?

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