Suesh 6-Piece Custom Eyeshadow Palette | First Impression & Swatches

Suesh 6-Piece Custom Eyeshadow Palette – First Impression With Swatches

Today I am so excited to show you my first ever custom eyeshadow palette I created from Suesh. If you my have not known (even though I’ve been babbling on about it since I started) I’m taking Fashion Styling and one of the classes is Makeup Techniques so I need to start building my makeup kit so this is the first thing I started with. I went to Suesh in recommendation by the teacher and my classmates as it has all kinds of beauty products for makeup artists. (A store for makeup artist *swoon*) So when I went the lovely lady assisted me with my palette. I got to choose the palette I wanted it to be in. There are a few options and different numbers but I ended up with the 6 because I wanted to start small and with some basics before I expounded.

I’ve always wanted to create my own so with all the options they had I found it difficult as I was so overwhelmed by all the pretty colors. They have a lot of neutral options in different shades and combinations but they also had a lot of colors too but I wasn’t quite ready yet but one day I might get a full colored one to mess around with. Good thing the girl who helped me offered me the best selling shades and offered advice on which ones so that I can create a good palette. I choose a few on my own because of course I would but I also took her recommendation on the others. I was quite impressed with the final results and she popped it into the magnetic palette and there they were all nice and pretty seated in their new home.

Shades I Choose:

White E205

Blush Pink E110

Shimmer Gold E039

Shimmer Brown E128

Matte Brown E026

Matte Black  E029

All the eyeshadows are 3.5g which is quite a good size. They seem to hold a lot of product and fit into they’re holder perfectly. The shades I choose are all something I would use and I think they would be great for creating some amazing eye looks both for everyday and evening looks.

For the actually 6 palette holder it is 750php which is quite reasonable and it is pretty sturdy and not some cheap plastic case. It is a matte finish and hope it doesn’t get dirty easily but I love how professional it looks. I did have a hard time opening it at first but I wasn’t used to it and it has loosened up since then so now way more easy to open and access. The shadows were a little difficult to pop out when I needed to look at the back for the numbers so I can write this up which I guess is good because they won’t fall. When I snapped it back to the magnet though I ended up chipping one I just don’t remember which but maybe the black I just have to deal with that now.

Now the eyeshadows are 95php per piece for 3.5g and  I think that is really good considering MAC eyeshadows run far more expensive here and with the price of buying one eyeshadow from there you can get a whole palette from this place. I mean you might be paying for the quality but these have sufficed for now and it is just my starter so I’m sure if I get more into this I’ll be collecting more from a lot of other brands.

Here are the swatches of all the eyeshaodws from the palette. The white is a little pale and needs the build up more but this was only intended for highlighting and the lady recommended this one said it gives a nice shimmer. The pink eyeshadow is so pretty in the palette and when I first swatched it I was disappointed but when I added it over a primer the quality was much better. I love the shimmer and tiny glitter it has in it and it is definitely a pretty color to use I just need to learn how to incorporate it into everyday makeup. The gold was surprising. I really was impressed and loved the shade and is one of my favorites. I’m hoping to create same pretty looks with this one.

The shimmer brown was far from what I expected and was expecting  pretty light brown with glitters but when swatched it was more red toned. I do like this still though even if it wasn’t what I was expecting. The matte brown was supposed to be a great shade and very versatile the lady said as it can be eyeshadow, used for filling in brows and contour and I really thought that was so interesting so I choose it. When swatched it is light than expected and I think this would be perfect for my brows I just have to see how it works for contouring and tried as an all over the lid color. Lastly the black was picked for smoking up the eyes. I gt it because I knew we would be learning how to create a smoky eye and it looked very black which turned out it was as black as I thought but smudges nicely and I’m sure I will find so many ways to use this.

I swatched these with no primer so the results varied when I used them in class. I tried all 6 of them with a primer on my hand and it definitely made a difference in the quality. I think they would be amazing shadows if you use a primer beforehand but if not than they are quite weak. I did use them on my eyes with a primer and they are much more brighter. Other than that small flaw I actually like the quality of the ones I piked out.

Overall Experience

Overall, I’m really liking these and I think it is a great first starter custom palette. The quality is good and just what you paid for. It is quite reasonable and you get pretty good amount of stuff for what you paid for. If your planning on getting a custom palette and don’t want to splurge on a MAC one just yet than this would be perfect especially if you’re just beginning to use makeup.

I hope you enjoyed this first impression of my Suesh eyeshadow palette. It’s been a really nice addition to my makeup collection and I hope to be posting soon some looks I create with this palette but I just need to practice a little bit more and make it nice looking for pictures. Let me know if you want to see more first impressions or reviews of some of the local brands here as I have plenty I want to do and venture into some more locally made brands as well. Have a wonderful day everyone!

 What shades would you choose to add to your custom palette?

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    February 16, 2015 / 7:50 pm

    These look great! I love your blog template

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    February 17, 2015 / 3:16 pm

    It is and so useful and thanks!xo Jackie

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