Stationary Haul | What I Bought

Stationary Haul – What I Bought

Hello and Happy Thursday! Today I’m going to show you some pretty stationary bits I’ve picked up over the past coupe of months and sort of a do a collective haul and chat about my love for stationary. I’ve been enjoying these lifestyle Thursday kind of posts so I hope to be doing more and sharing you more lifestyle bits.

So lets see what stationary items I bought in my latest What I Bought…

This was bought quite some time ago when I started fashion school and I took these pictures for a previous haul but I decided not to do that since I was adding more and more to my stationary collection I instead just combined all the bits and bobs I bought into one huge blog post. So all together I have 4 separate batches of photos I shot and edited just for this one post. Even if I had this stuff for a while I still wanted to share with you all my stationary buys.

Eiffel Tower Paris Love Notebook and Crystal Pen Set

This has got to be my favorite notebook and buy in this haul. I was looking for a notebook when I started fashion school and I searched high and low to try and find the perfect one that I would love to pieces and be proud to use but also I want it to express me and my style. I was about to give up and I was going to until I saw this at a little boutique in the mall. (It’s always those little boutiques hiding in the corner of a mall where they have some good things.) I turned around and found it displayed and knew I had to have it no matter the price and it was pretty up there for a notebook but it was worth it because look how pretty that is. I also love the pen it comes with and I have seen those all over the internet and wanted one so bad but now I do and it is in my favorite color. Everything about this purchase was perfect and I don’t regret any bit of this. I am planning on going back to pick up a second one as a cheeky gift to myself.

Desk Organizer

With all my talk about redoing my desk and trying to get it organized this month as I tried to make it a goal to accomplish for February. I bought this desk organizer to store whatever bits and bobs I have. I think I am going to add some sticky notes, some pens, and other small things that could be placed here instead of lying all over my desk. I do love the cute pink and white polka-dot bottom against the clear acrylic as it matches my theme.

Cutey Cupcake Girly Notebook

I saw this at the bookstore and fell in love with the girly cuteness of the cover. I bought this to put in story ideas and write some excerpts for my novel and short stories I am writing and I thought it would be great in case I get a sudden urge to write and don’t have my laptop or iPad. I can try writing it down and get my thoughts and words out. I also think it would be nice to go a more traditional route by writing down something in a notebook to get back that feeling I used to get when I was younger when I tried to write a chapter book in my school notebooks. I hope this will remind me of that.

Pens & Colored Pens

I have bought so many colored pens it is not even funny. I have a whole collection now and I just bought some ore after taking a picture of these ones. I probably have all the colors of the rainbow now but it is just so pretty to use in my diary and I’ve always loved colored pens and if you remember those glittery gel pens when we were younger than I think my obsession was born from that after my mom bought me the 100 piece Lisa Frank gel pen set for Christmas one year, she probably regretted that when they got every where. I just can’t help but find a cute pen and it is a must to even write things down.

Hallmark Desk Calender

When I went to the bookstore with Lynn, I wasn’t expecting to buy anything and I was successful at that until the very end when we were trying to pick out a birthday card for her husband. I was going through the cards looking with her making fun of them and I saw this desk calendar on the bottom and it was saying my name. I ended up getting it and I knew it was the middle of January already but I just wanted it after seeing it in other peoples stationary hauls. It is so pretty and I know I’m going to get good use out of it and I know it would look great when I redo my desk space.

Belle De Jour Power Planner 2015

A stationary haul isn’t complete without a diary so here is mine. I got this custom diary at the BDJ Fair last October 2014. That might seem like a long time but in reality it had to be shipped to me since I ordered a custom one and got it a little over 2 weeks later in November but I was already so ready to use it and luckily you can with this planner as it can be used as some many different ways and it was so versatile. There were a lot of styles and planners to choose one but I just got the regular one but with a custom cover with my name printed on it. Don’t you just love seeing your name on your things? Something personalized is just so special.

I like the simplicity of it and inside it’s really useful. There are so many things in this planner and I can just go on and on about it and how nice it is to use. I might do a full review on it and show you more pages and the little extra things it has. I don’t regret my purchase of this diary and though it isn’t the prettiest and not like the ones I’ve seen but I do like how much I am using it and it is lovely quality.

The latest additions I bought a week ago were these simple trinkets I picked up in this cute local bookstore down where I live. I go there quite often and just love browsing everything and end up picking some things up and it happens quite often if I am in there too long. I also got these cute mini clothespin things so I can hand Polaroids up in my room but I picked that up in another store besides the bookstore.

Clips Whiteboard

I waned a whiteboard and I was going to end up getting a bigger one that’s half a cork board but decided against that and got both separately. I wasn’t always going to write on it so this mini one is good enough for now and I can write little messages on it everyday or something to inspire me.

Stationary Binder Clips

Not much of an exciting one but I threw them in even though. I didn’t buy these for actually using as binding clips but I saw a life hack that these can hold charger cables on desks so I thought it would be a great way to keep on my desk so they wouldn’t fall off so I got these. Instead of plain old black ones I picked up these cute printed ones to be pretty to look at.

Stanley Planner

This was my favorite recent purchase. So I already have a diary and it was starting to fill up with m personal life stuff and everything I had to organize was leaving no room to add more blog stuff. So when I saw this it was perfect and it could be used as writing everything blog related down. Plus it is the perfect size to take anywhere with me.

It is so simple but it can get all my blog planning done. I like it because you can fill in your own dates and customize how it can be organized instead of being on a fixed schedule like my diary. It has a monthly overview so I use that to plan what kind of posts or ideas I have to post in that certain month. Next, there is a weekly agenda and that is where I add in posts so I know which day they are going up and fill in some notes about when and if I’ve finished it. Last section is the notes where there are a lot of lined sheets to fill in. This is where I add post ideas, to do lists for my blog, and my favorite an area where I make a list of what things I want to buy. I am now manually adding what products I want to get and it is real helpful when I am reading a blog and someone mentions a product they love and recommend and it catches my eye. Now I don’t need to find that blog post I read I can just have it right there if I see it in stores. Its really useful and has gotten me really organized and up to date with y blog stuff and I thank this little planner for helping me out. Don’t worry I am doing a “Blogging Routine” post soon so you can see in it and find out a little behind the scenes of how I blog if you are interested.

This is everything I usually have on my desk and carry with me in my bag. It’s the essentials that help me keep organized and having a few colorful pens and a pretty notebook to write in can do wonders to keep you inspired.

I’m now just getting obsessed with stuff like this but with it becoming more popular I have found some pretty stuff. I do love notebooks and I’m always a sucker to find a pretty designed one ever since I was in school so I think that’s stuck but getting a diary again now that I’m out of school has been quite useful and I didn’t even realized. My blog planner and other bits have probably been from all the posts I read of my fave bloggers and they’re love for stationary. That’s my stationary haul and I’m hoping I didn’t make you go out and buy any new stationary bits yourself.

What is your favorite piece of stationary?

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  1. Bash Harry
    February 28, 2015 / 3:30 pm

    Great haul! I love buying stationary for school and stuff. I tend to run out of paper and pens quickly so I always by extra hahahaxx Bash | Bash Says Hey | bloglovin'

    • Jackie
      March 17, 2015 / 5:53 pm

      Thanks and buying school stuff is always fun and buying extra is always a must for me too!xo Jackie

  2. * Helen *
    February 28, 2015 / 7:57 pm

    Gorgeous haul, beautiful stationary!!! <3* Electric Sunrise – Fashion and Lifestyle Blog *x

    • Jackie
      March 17, 2015 / 5:54 pm

      Thanks and I love them as well!

  3. Holl JC
    February 28, 2015 / 8:10 pm

    Everything you brought is just so so pretty

    • Jackie
      March 17, 2015 / 5:55 pm

      Thanks and that's what I was going for!xo Jackie

  4. Charlee Greenhalgh
    March 1, 2015 / 5:37 pm

    Wow such cute stationary, I really love the Eiffel tower notebook, I have a similar crystal pen from work they are so cute šŸ™‚ The desk organiser looks perfect šŸ™‚ and I love the polka dot bottom :)Charlee XO | CharmedCharlee

    • Jackie
      March 17, 2015 / 5:56 pm

      Thanks Charlee and it is my all time favorite notebook and didnt know the pen was so common until I found one. xo Jackie

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