Sunday Summaries | December 7, 2014

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Sunday Summaries December 7, 2014

Welcome to another edition of Sunday Summaries!

I have been loving Blogmas and I can’t believe the first week is finished! I had 4 of this weeks blog posts scheduled so I have had no worries and been enjoying not having the hassle plus they actually worked which is so amazing for me because usually it hates me and wont post unless I tell it to.

So my week has been busy I guess. Last Sunday I picked up my cousin Lynn and her family from the bus station and her little baby is walking. The last time I saw him which was probably a month ago is now walking and I should stop calling him a baby since he is now 15 months old. I just really missed them and that mean Lynn is back to take my outfit pictures so expect a lot of them because I took quite a lot so I’ll tell you about that.

To update you with school stuff I have been extra busy with that this week. I have a lot of editorial shoots to do and one group editorial so that has been fun yet stressful to work on. I had makeup class on Wednesday and we are learning basic eye looks. I almost perfected my base and can now apply y foundation a lot better and blend it well which I am quite proud of myself. I can also contour now! I mean I am not that great at it yet but I can kind of do one side perfectly and the other not so much but it is a start an week after week I can see a slight improvement in myself to doing my makeup. Also our requirement in class is to take selfies so I can’t complain as we all look so great in our makeup that we take about a million alone and together in class.

For my shoots I had to come up with an editorial and I did that and got to take a couple outfit pictures in the process and this styling class has been helping a lot and it is so nice that I am being more adventurous with my style. I got that done at the last minute but before that we also had a group editorial to shoot. So my group and I met at a mall in the city and so we found this amazing vintage furniture store and had our models and everything. It turned out a amazing and I am doing a post about it plus an outfit post with it so look out for that coming soon. I’m getting so much closer to my group and love doing projects with them as we are all so creative and amazing. Lastly, Saturday has become one of my favorite days of the week because I get to hang out with my friends from class. After our first course we head out to lunch and I tried my first veggie burger and it was amazing. I missed eating burgers since I turned vegetarian and now found a place that makes yummy ones! Also yesterday we did a spur of the moment outfit shoot and all of us have the same background for our outfit picture and of course a group shot. It was amazing and I really enjoyed it. It is so nice having friends who do and think the same as you and I finally found that. Can you imagine all 8 of you posing for outfit pictures individually and not be weird ? It’s beyond words and I love it so much!

As for my Sunday while I write this it is very dark outside because of the storm. If you didn’t hear about the huge storm coming to the Philippines it is pretty scary but so far our area isn’t affected because we are in Manila and so not much is happening for us up here. It might change I hear so I am preparing for that and hope the power doesn’t go out for 5 days again or Blogmas will be ruined. I hope nothing happens and it just passes through. So I am comfy in my pajamas while writing some blog posts and doing some planning for this week. I usually do most blog stuff on Sunday’s for some reason and its just so relaxing. I am catching up on some TV shows as well and my Youtube subscriptions while in bed drinking some hot chocolate which is definitely the best. Now I have my evening sorted and have a few more things to do so that’s it I have to update you with.

I hope you enjoy this weeks Blogmas and there are a lot more coming. I am going to go finish my Sunday and spend it with my cousins so see you back here tomorrow for Blogmas day 8!

What do you like doing with friends?

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