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Preppy Peplum What I Wore

Welcome to day 12 of Blogmas and it is another outfit post and as I said I have a lot more coming and can’t wait.

If yesterday’s post was about my makeup I did in makeup class then today I’m showing you what I wore when I went to go buy the makeup that was required for class.That seemed like a long sentence to type. So as I said here is the outfit I wore when I needed to go on a “small class trip” to the MAC Store to buy makeup that is required for class. Our teacher was there to help us and recommend products while all of us just went shopping for makeup. Now that was what I call a cool class trip.

As for my outfit details, my top is so pretty and my first peplum top I own. It is floral and a pretty color which has been my favorite color to wear and I have many tops of this color now and you probably could tell by my outfit posts. I just paired that with jeans and my favorite sandals. It was a very simple outfit but I love that and the top just made me feel like a princess flowed while I walk which was the best part. I just have a few accessories like my pink Eiffel Tower charm bracelet which one is light pink and hot neon pink which is my usual arm candy and my dangle pearl earrings. Of course I have a matching bow that is slightly bigger and also the same shade as my top. It was all very pretty together and did I mention my lipstick also matched pulling everything together.

| top: Forver21, jeans: Forever21, bag: Forever21, bracelet: Kamiseta, bow: Forever21, shoes: Montego Bay Club, lipstick: Rimmel Kate Moss 101 |

I hope you enjoyed the different filter and edit I did with this batch of pictures. When I uploaded them to the computer they were very yellow and not flattering but I fixed them and I actually love how they turned out.

Now that was Blogmas day 12 and stay tuned for Blogmas tomorrow for another post. Hope you enjoyed this outfit post and liked my style for the day. See you again tomorrow!

What do you think about peplum tops?

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