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November Favorites 2014

I’m sharing my monthly favorites for day two of Blogmas!

Is it already December? I can’t believe it is the Christmas month already so happy December everyone! I am doing my November favorites today to show you the products that were worth mentioning that I used a lot and loved in November, it makes sense I guess. I did one of these last month after a long absence but after my excessive spending and shopping I got some new products to try and learned to love.

Now let’s see what I loved in November:

Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Sebum

The first thing I loved all of last month was my Bifesta Cleansing Lotion in Sebum and it is amazing. I have been taking makeup class every Wednesday so that means we are applying heavy makeup for it which of course is understandable. I use makeup wipes and this and it complete removes me makeup with a few drops on to a cotton ball and a few swipes through my face. It has definitely helped me and this is my first makeup remover I have tried and I guess I’m pretty impressed with it.

Schick Intuition Naturals Razor

The next thing is something I was sort of embarrassed to share this on my blog but I mean a lot of girls use it too so I added the Schick Intuition Naturals Razor to my faves. I like the soap thing attached to it but sorry I don’t have any clue what its called but it lathers up my skin and has made it really smooth which I am so in love with and my skin has been okay with it since it is focused towards sensitive skin. I am definitely ready for part dress this holiday season!

Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Conditioner Set

My hair has been in amazing shape lately and I have been loving how soft and flowy it has been and I figured it was because of the Human Nature Natural Shampoo and Human Nature Natural Conditioner I have been using. They are natural and chemical free so I feel like it has helped my hair a lot and it is actually not that frizzy as before and I could style it easier because there is no chemicals or additives to weigh it down anymore. I love the scents as well and how long it lasts on my hair. It is a definite favorite form now on and I’m making it my regular shampoo with how great it is leaving my hair.

Collection Colour Match Foundation in 04 Natural

Since makeup class started for me I have been of course more into makeup so I have been trying foundation to use but I had bought this a while back for a photo shoot and never really used it. I picked up the color which I thought would look best and picked this one up. I tried it for the second time and actually like the coverage so the Collection Colour Match Foundation in 04 Natural quickly became a favorite of mine to use for that class until I pick up a high end foundation. But this is definitely the best drugstore one I have tried so far.

Dashé Foundation Brush

Of course to go along with that foundation I use a foundation brush so my Dashé Foundation Brush has been perfect for applying it. I use this and then to blend it in a stippling brush as well. I never used a foundation brush since I started makeup class so this has given me more insight to use it more often.

Clolo Wet Flannel Makeup Wipes

To get rid of all that makeup after class and after everyday I have been using the Clolo Wet Flannel Makeup Wipes before the Bifesta to remove it. They work pretty well and I use only 2 on my face because I have the makeup remover to take it complete off right before I wash my face with facial wash. They are really a life savor and make the process quicker especially when I’m tired and get home from that makeup class around 10:30 at night.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream

This is new and has been introduce in my new skincare routine. I use it either before i apply my makeup and base or right after I wash my face at night. I have been wanting to try a moisturizer and so the Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream has come in handy when I got it from my BDJ box last month. I love it and has been making a difference after a few uses.

Models Own Colour Lip-Stix

Another makeup product for my favorites will end in a lippie I have been obsessed with. I found they sell these in my local department store and thought to try this one as the shade was pretty out of all the other ones. I don’t know which one it is as it didn’t say but the Models Own Colour Lip-Stix has become my signature color and I have been using it for an everyday color. I love the medium pink on me and most o my lippies I have noticed are a medium pink but I love them.

Dial Coconut Water Body Wash

And lastly is the Dial Coconut Water Body Wash that absolutely smells amazing and has been my body wash for the whole month of November. I love how hydrating it is and the thick consistency really lathers up. I have been using it non-stop and look how full it is still but maybe because of the gel like consistency is why it seems so compact in there. It is definitely my favorite body wash right now and surely be sad when it is gone so I am definitely picking up another one of these.

If I Stay Book and Movie

The If I Stay Franchise has got me head over heels from the whole thing. I read the book a couple months before it came out in theaters since it was one of the top recommended books on Goodreads. I ended up reading it in one sitting and spent the rest of my night cuddled in bed bawling my eyes out. It was such a good book and the thing is I didn’t have any idea what it was about. I just loved the book and it is definitely one of my faves now. The movie was something I just recently watched but seeing it was a whole other experience. Yes, I am the tries to read the book before the movie comes out kind of person but when I did read the book I didn’t know they were making a movie for it so I guess that seems fair. I actually enjoyed the movie and it did keep to the book which is always good but I liked seeing it on the screen with this book. I did read the book again for the second time after watching the movie too. It was definitely one of my faves in November and truly a great movie and book.

That was all my November favorites and hope you find something you like if you haven’t tried any of these. That’s also it for day two of Blogmas. I actually have been enjoying so far and this is the first time I actually have been doing it all at once and by that I mean I took the pictures this afternoon and edited them before dinner and after that I uploaded them on to my laptop and have been writing this post without it being a draft. I feel so accomplished but of course not everyday is going to be like this as I have a couple lined up so more Blogmas is coming up. Hope to catch you back here for tomorrow for day 3 of Blogmas!

What book has caught your eye that should be made into a movie?

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