Merry Christmas from FashionxFairytale 2014

Merry Christmas from FashionxFairytale 2014

It is officially Christmas making it day 25 of blogmas and the last day sadly. I hope everyone is doing great and had an amazing day wherever you are at. I wanted to spend this last day and tell you about my Christmas Eve and Christmas. So grab your snugly blanket, a warm beverage and sit back and read all about what I did on those days!

I actually headed up 4 hours way form where I live to Pampanga and spent my holidays with my cousin Lynn and her family. This is my first time in a New Years I was the one to leave my parents and spend Christmas away from them but I am spending New Years with them so its okay. I wanted to do something different and fun this year so I traveled for my holidays which was quite fun.
I went to Christmas mass with my cousin and her whole family and then when we got home around 12 midnight it was officially Christmas so we brought out our Christmas Eve dinner and had an array of food and I might do a separate post about that and maybe a Sunday Summary. Here is the cake me and my cousin, Lynn did an we added these fun candies that her sister in law made to made it more fun. I enjoyed it and had an awesome Chrsitmas Eve with her and the rest of her family.

On Christmas day I woke up to my god son playing with his toys he got and got to go to his relatives and got gifts and money from them and as a Filipino tradition got red envelops filled with cash which is really good for his parents as he is only 1 but when he is older he will appreciate it a lot more. He came running into me and climbed into bed and it was the cutest thing. I am also supposed to give him a gift s I am his god mother but I was doing something special for him for New Years so he had to wait but he didn’t understand that so it was pay but I can’t do that when he is older. I enjoyed watching him enjoy Christmas as last year he was only 3 months and now he is old enough to understand more as he is 15 months which is crazy. We spent the day having a fun day going to Lynn’s sister in laws house about a 45 minute rive from where we are staying and had a lot of food as it was a fiesta and in their area they celebrate even more and have all these activities which was so fun. I did love that and we then spent the evening hanging out with Lynn’s best friends from high school and had a McDonald’s for dinner as a treat to us and also there was still a lot of left overs for dinner. That was my Christmas Eve and Christmas and I just wanted to write it and if you read it all and wanted to hear about it thanks for doing that. I just wanted to document it for myself for the future.

That is officially it for Blogmas and I actually finished again this year. I’m sad that this will be over and I will miss doing this as I love doing it and hope next year i will continue as it seems to become a tradition of mine. It is bittersweet though as I did love doing this but I don’t think I can blog everyday but I give props to you if you do and it did inspire me to blog more often than I do so that is good. Thank you for reading all my Blogmas posts and I will be doing a roundup post of all my posts this month towards the end of the month if you miss any of them. I hope you had a great Christmas and got amazing presents and ate good food and spent your day with family and friends. See you next year but I might have a few posts left this year like a what I wore and the roundup. I am officially going off though after those to spend my holidays without the internet and focus on other things and to just have a cleanse. It was fun and thanks for sticking with fashionxfairytale.

Have a Merry Christmas from me to you!

What are you doing for Christmas this 2014?

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