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Ketchup & Mustard What I Wore

This is day 19 of Blogmas and I bring to you an outfit post again since I am trying to finish the all up because I don’t want to post outfits of this year next year so I am pumping them out while they are still here so I can have new outfit posts worn next year.

This one is very different and usually the different ones I wear for my styling class and this weeks assignment was: Contrasting Colors – Red and Yellow. So we were assigned to wear red and yellow without making it look so ugly I guess and this is what I came up with. I choose a red top and yellow skirt which I thought would be great together. I did this at the park on the swings to be different and this is not an actual outfit post as this was for an editorial we were doing which I just truned into an outfit post for this blog.

My top is something I had hiding in my closet and wear it mostly on holidays and Christmas time so I pulled it out for this assignment. I borrowed my aunts skirt and it actually isn’t short and this shape and I just changed it up and made it into a short of skater skirt as I liked the shape better. As for shoes I choose a grey to make it neutral and paired it with a gold chain and pearl bracelets. Now the bow is supposed to be red but I was doing two shoots at once and forgot to switch it so don’t mind that. I just matched it with my red clutch and I was good. It was a very girly outfit which I liked it all styled together.

| top: Michelle, skirt: Designed, clutch: Parker, necklace: Forever 21, bracelet: Forever 21, shoes: Brash  |

That was this styling class outfit and I do like the color combination and would wear it but I just don’t know wear to. I enjoyed playing with contrasting colors and may do it again sometime.

I hope you enjoyed today’s blogmas and tomorrow’s involves fashion and is Christmas related again so come back tomorrow to find out what it is I have planned.

What contrasting color combination do you like wearing?

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  1. Life's a shoe
    January 6, 2015 / 10:22 am

    cute outfit!lifeisashoe

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