Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder | Review & Swatches

Heroine Make Smooth Cover Powder Review & Swatches

Today is Day 8 of Blogmas and I m sharing my favorite pressed powder today.

I absolutely love this and it has recently been in my favorites post and has been one of my go to powders as well. I got this from my July Heroine Make Exclusive Elite BDJ Box (wow that was a long title) and I have used it since then. It is a mineral-in cover powder and I have it in the shade 02 Natural Beige. It works as a setting powder over my foundation or I also use it as a powder foundation and it has enough pigmentation to cover up and makes it look like you have something on as well which I like. It is also mineral so the texture is different but it is also compact product.

You can get it many Watson branches and I believe a few local department stores for 695php which I feel is a great price for a powder but I know there are some cheaper and more expensive so it is up to you to decide.

The downside is that it comes it doesn’t have English translation and so it is all written in Japanese on the back. I did search what it says and according to their website:

  • Smoothes out pores and controls sebum shine up to 125%
  • Light and fine.  
  • Can be used as Light foundation or touch up for BB creams.
  • SPF30 PA++ with chamomile extract

I apply this with a big fluffy brush as its the only one I have instead
of the puff it comes with. I feel like even if the puff is very cute it is
not really useful as it applies to much product and cakes it on to my
face so having a fluffy brush or probably any brush works better with it. I just swirl it around a few times and tap it lightly on the side and apply it in circular motions around m face trying to make it even and blend it in as much as I can.

The formula is amazing and it is nice and buttery I guess that’s what
you call it. The texture is quite nice and not too fine which I like
and it isn’t chalky or anything. I had a few powders that were this
gritty texture but this is nice and glides on smoothly and blends in
well. I can’t describe but it is quite soft and very light so it can be built up or just a few swipes gives a light coverage and leaves me with a little color and almost flawless appearance if my skin is cooperating that day. It doesn’t stick to any dry patches which I was afraid of at first
but it doesn’t show up whatsoever. I also have oily skin and really
wanted it to take the oily away and it does and leaves a nice finish
which is sort of matte but depends what you use it over. I just like
that it takes the shine away and that is what is important.

The packaging is nice. I like the sparkly black compact and comes with a
fairly large mirror with a puff inside. I do love the sparkles on it
and the text has faded on it yet even though I throw it in my pretty
packed makeup bag. It isn’t very cute for a Japanese product but a
little grown up which some might like and has the sparkles to bring it a
bit more fun. It is fairly large for a compact and you’d think it would
have a separate puff side but it doesn’t which it is really annoying
sometimes when I am in a rush. As for the outer packaging it comes in is
basic and is in Japanese so again I can’t read that so you might have a
problem with it. I do like it though and it is pretty sturdy and
doesn’t feel like cheap plastic which is nice.

It matches my skin tone perfectly and is a nice honey warm tone color which blends in seamlessly on to my bare face or over a BB cream and foundation. I have used it with both the Heroine Make BB Cream which I reviewed a while back which you can find here and in the swatches I have it swatched on my wrist over the BB cream since the photos were taken together. With or without a base under it works well. The swatch on my finger you can see how much pigmentation it has and does wonders when I am super lazy and just need it to cover some imperfections. It has great coverage and doesn’t cake on even if I have foundation and doesn’t ruin the color which is quite great.

Overall Experience

Overall I like it and to summarize it up. It leaves a really soft and powdery finish if used alone which I don’t mind and it isn’t really noticeable unless up really close. It evens out my skin as well which is what I wanted it to do and like with my powders. My skin looks bright and healthy after using it and I love the way it feels afterward.
It doesn’t dry me out too much but the oils in my face stop that and it doesn’t leave me cakey unless I don’t apply it right. As for touch ups with this powder I would have to say you wont need to retouch on normal to dry skin as it will stay in place but if you have oily skin like me then I recommend to touch up after 4-5 hours after to remain that matte effect again. Yet it can last at least 4 hours without retouch and sometimes I didn’t have to at all if I was not getting sweaty or outdoors. I read it has presence of light-reflecting properties in it so I like the way it photographs and leaves a flawless finish on me which is always what we aim for I know. The price is good and easy to find for e so a good bonus. So I will repurchase this and I recommend it to every skin type but it only comes in two shades which is light and natural and both have yellowish undertones so that might be a downside for you. Other than that I love this powder and it is a great powder to use.

My rating is: ♥♥♥
It is supposed to be 4 1/2 stars but I don’t know how to do the half a heart so let’s just pretend for now. I didn’t give it a full 5 star because I don’t think it is quite perfect yet for me. Don’t get me wrong I do love it and everything and will repurchase but I don’t know why it isn’t a full 5 but it may change in the future.

You can find Heroine Make now in the Philippines. I’m not sure where to find internationally but I am sure you can find it somewhere.

I hope you enjoyed another beauty product review and I have been loving doing more reviews lately and trying my best to do more. I still wanted to focus more on my fashion and style posts but I like throwing these in there and have a lot more to do. I hope your liking Blogmas and I will see you again for tomorrow with another exciting post from me!

What is your favorite pressed powder?

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