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Pearl & Diamond Accessories Fashion Finds

Here we are at day 6 of Blogmas and today I am showing you a fashion finds of the accessories I used in my 1920’s Style post from yesterday.

I am just going in to depth with this as what I was wearing with the outfit. I picked up these pieces not only for the outfit but for also outfits I can use with again. I did stick with a classic vibe but some pieces have some modern touches which I loved about that.

The first piece is a statement necklace I picked up since it looked like a modern pearl necklace. I know they aren’t pearls but opals but I found it more interesting and a twist from the classic. The second is the bow chain necklace encrusted with pearls. This was one of my favorites as you may know I am obsessed with bows and this just called to me. The bracelets were of course a set of faux pearl bracelets and I really liked stacking them. I am sure I can find some other way as well in styling them for another outfit. The other bracelet however was very pretty with the chain and pearl mixed together. I felt it was classic and very modern and chic. I’m hoping to wear this one more often as it is so pretty. The earrings are these pearl chains that dangle and looked so elegant for the outfit. They are definitely a special occasion earrings with how pretty and dainty they are. Lastly, the diamond encrusted head piece was something i thought would go well and was a new look for a head piece choice back then but it would be lovelyy for our time but maybe not everyday. Of course the silk gloves are perfect for that special occasion or just nowadays used for costume parties.

They are all definitely pretty fashion finds and I love getting into more accessories lately. I hope you liked seeing the details up close and more in depth as this fashion fins was really themed as well. I hope you have been enjoying all of this weeks Blogmas post so far. As we get closer to Christmas I will be doing some themed holiday posts. See you back here tomorrow for Blogmas day 7!

What would you wear with a pearl necklace?

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