Fallen Hearts | What I Wore

Fallen Hearts What I Wore

Welcome to day 16 of Blogmas featuring another outfit post I wore to the park to shoot for a fashion styling project. 

This outfit is my attempt at embracing fall/autumn when technically we don’t experience this season in the Philippines. It does get gloomy and rainy but the humidity is still in the air making it a little awkward to be bundled up. I do miss dressing in layers when I lived in the US and my fluffy jackets, sweaters and my boots were my wardrobe this time of year but I was living in Southern California so it hardly got too cold for extreme layered clothes. Now this is the most extreme I get to wear when it has a cool chill in the air. This was also a Pinterest inspired outfit post and one of my firsts. I saw an outfit similar to this and decided to recreate it as I had the clothes for it. I had no clue the outfits I would be pinning would lead me into finding inspiration and trying it for myself.

So as you see I went for all black from my top, to my leggings all the way down to my black wedges I love wearing. The only pop of color I added was the red bag and bow and also the gray heart print cardigan I paired with it. I also added this pretty necklace as well as I thought adding white would make it more monochrome.

| top: Asos, cardigan: Forever 21, leggings: Michelle, clutch: Parker, necklace: Forever 21, bow: Forever 21, shoes: Dexter |

That is my outfit and I really like this style as you probably won’t see it that often on my blog but I might try it a lot more often at times but the girly and pink will always be there as well. And that is it for today’s blogmas post and I will see you tomorrow for a Christmas related post.

What outfit have you worn that was inspired by something you saw?

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