Colour Collection Lip Perfection Lipstick in Bella | Review & Swatches

Colour Collection Lip Perfection in Bella*

Here is day 4 of Blogmas and I am sharing a pretty lipstick that will be perfect for the holidays!

If you couldn’t tell by now I have been recently obsessed with any kind of lip products. I am building my lipstick collection ad I thought I would share some of them with you and first I have the Colour Collection Lip Perfection in the shade Bella which is a darker pink and has red undertones. This is the first lipstick I have which isn’t a nice light or medium pink so it is definitely bold for me to have this darker pink shade but I have been embracing it.

There were three shades in this set which were Crema, Bella and Amore that were available. Each 4g tube costs P399 which I think is fairly reasonable for a lipstick but the packaging does make it look even more.

Description from Sample Room:

A treatment lipstick infused with Argan Oil for ultimate lip perfection.

Argan oil is pressed from the nut of the fruit of the Argan Tree, which
is only found in Morocco. The argan tree lives to be about 150 to 200
years old and does not start producing the fruit until it is 30 to 50
years old. Because the tree is found only in a limited area, the oil
itself is quite rare.

  • Liquid Gold from Morocco – one of the most expensive oils in the world

  • Contains a wealth of nutrients and antioxidants:

Vitamin E (2x more than Olive Oil) – fights off damaging effects of free radicals

Vitamin F – essential fatty acids for skin elasticity

Squalene – powerful antioxidant that maintains skin’s moisture

The packaging is absolutely gorgeous and very high end if I do say so. I like that it is white instead f many lipsticks I have which are black. The white and gold make it more sophisticated all most. The tube is a thick plastic with a gold inner bullet which I love and I really want one of those gold YSL lippies but a girl can dream. It is fairly big as well so it can either be a negative or a positive for your handbag but I think it is an acceptable size for me and I don’t mind. For me it is great packaging for this lipstick.

If you want to see the ingredients here it is off of the box.

The swatch is a more reddish pink and even swatched it looks so pretty. What surprise me was the pigmentation and this was only a once over swipe when I applied it. It is such a gorgeous shade and perfect for the holidays right? The color payoff is amazing an lasted quite some time on my lips. I even ate and drank with this and the color was still there but of course a little faded. I still haven’t come across a lipstick that doesn’t come off all day but I’m sure they are out there and I hope to find one someday. It is not really my color after wearing it though and looking at it in the mirror. It might be suited for those older or if you have the skin tone but as for me I didn’t like the shade of it when it was on my lips.

I got this off of Sample Room which is a site here in the Philippines where you can try before you buy. You earn points for reviewing the products and then you just purchase these sometimes full size, sometimes sample size products using those points. It is a really cool way of trying new things and you only need to pay a small amount for shipping which is just amazing. If you want to find out more about them you can check out their website.

Overall Experience

I loved this and the packaging is gorgeous but the color isn’t as loved as I feel like it suits people much older. I do like the formula and may try this in other shades but for my it isn’t a great color on me.

My rating is: ♥♥♥
It lost a heart due to me not liking the shade but other than that a fantastic lipstick.

If you couldn’t tell I have been trying many different lip colors right now and it is just so fun to experiment with. I didn’t have many in the first place but now that I’m starting to collect them and know more about different colors I am bossed with trying different ones on so get ready for more lipstick reviews. The price is great as well and is a decent lipstick to pick up.

Again hope you enjoyed today’s Blogmas post and tomorrow is extra special and quite fun for me. I hope you are liking them so far and also liked this lipstick review.

*I was sent this product. I am to write in Sample Room of the product I’ve received but writing this review on my blog is optional and I choose to share it here. Although I received the product for free, this is not a sponsored post.

What is your go to lipstick at the moment?

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